Nightmare Monster

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Last Updated: 2022-08-03 Current Version: 1.1.2
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The most popular genre for games on mobile phones is considered to be Tower Defense. Exactly to this genre our new strategy game Nightmare Monster can be attributed, although here the role of the castle that the player has to defend is a room with a bed, door and of course - guns! As you progress through the game, you will discover new characters with their own pleasant bonus features!
The game begins with the fact that the player have to choose one of the empty rooms and quickly take a free bed! Keep in mind that you are not alone, so it is not a fact that you will be able to take a room with the most advantageous location, do not hesitate and do not waste your time! The territory of each of the rooms consists of a certain number of hexes or cells on which you can build defensive weapons. In the role of defensive towers - self-firing crossbows, the lower the level of the crossbow - the closer it shoots, and the weaker its damage. Visually, these crossbows look very funny and unexpected, as it should be in a dream: for example, at first the crossbows are loaded with a portion of ice cream, the first improvement will change the ice cream to a pencil, then go: a screwdriver, a fork, a microphone, etc. The door and bed can also be improved by paying a certain amount of dollars received every second in a dream. Upgrading the bed will increase our earnings, while upgrading the door will not allow the monster to break it very quickly and enter the room.
Let's talk a little about our main enemies - monsters! Of course, it is not without Huggy Waggi here - he will be the first one we have to fight with. At the next level, it will be replaced by Mom Long Legs, then Lizard Man and the last one will be a huge scary Spider! It is worth noting that all the monsters are very well balanced, some are stronger, some are faster, etc. A distinctive feature of our Tower Defense game is that we can play both defensive and attacking sides!
Just imagine what it would be like to try on the role of one of the monsters and break into someone's nightmare, it's still a pleasure, believe me! The development system in our game is that by earning coins and diamonds you unlock new characters, you will always have an incentive to play further!
To summarize, I would like to say - no matter how difficult Nightmare Monster may seem at first glance - it is a pleasure to play : excellent game balance, addictive gameplay, unforgettable characters - all this is collected in one place! Download the game faster and plunge into this world of nightmares!
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