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Last Updated: 2022-01-12 Current Version: 1.0.0
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Are you tired of playing the same old “ordinary” mobile games? Download MGCM now to play a game that goes beyond any “ordinary” mobile game.

Do you believe in unlimited possibilities?

This is a world full of possibilities and stories of magical girls.

“Please, we need you to work with the magical girls to defeat the demons.”

The words the mysterious girl named Kanzaki spoke, caused me to lose my memories.

So many mysteries, yet I can only recall that last thing that Kanzaki said.

So, let’s get started! A new story full of “possibilities”, full of despair and hope.

[Stop the Collapse!]
Enter a world full of magical girls! As the protagonist of this story, you must guide and fight alongside the 12 magical girls you befriend on your journey. Strengthen your bonds and help the girls reach their potential as you explore infinite possibilities.
Combine your skills with unique strategies using the special skills of each girl to achieve victory!

The theme song and the in-game interlude are sung by the popular idol group ""GOTOTHEBEDS"" of WACK Music Company and are led by Watanabe Junnosuke!
In addition, the songs above and the in-game BGM are produced by the SCRAMBLES team led by Matsukuma Minta!
Rock & Pop music help accelerate the world of “MGCM”!

[Other Features]
・For battles, the “Automatic Battle Function” and the “Weekly Skip Function” will make your daily gaming experience fast and easy!
・Play the ground-breaking single-player mission ""Demon Babel"" and encounter strong enemies as you climb to the top!
・Discuss the best strategy for “Huge Devil Slaying [Purakufape]” with others and aim for the highest score!
・Prove your greatness by utilizing the best strategy in the PvP mode “Survivor”.
・Take advantage of the Super-long named Idle-Expedition quest ”Unbelievable Discovery in the Outworld” and get amazing rewards, easily.
・Challenge yourself with the difficult “Fantasy Realm” feature. Use everything you have learned to become the strongest!

[Recommended Configuration]
Android: Min Memory 2GB, Recommended 6GB or more. Android version 6.0 or greater.
It is recommended to download the app using Wi-Fi.

The following permissions are required by the game:

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