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Last Updated: 2022-11-26
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My problem is the bug that you have that keeps taking the money back after I win a game if I go back to the lobby instead of starting a new game. I uninstalled because everytime I exit the game, it causes my system UI to stop functioning on all my devices that I play it on


Too biased, biased to old players as well as biased to players coming from a "certain country". Like in a game, 5 minutes already passed and their near second goal yet i still get small numbers and no six, no sense. Why not make it exclusive for "them" if you want that "country's citizens" to only have the right to enjoy.


Worst Game...don't deserve even a single star...😬😠😵🤐 opponent is getting dice six many times like 20and above and I am getting dice six only 10 to 12 times them how can I play and win... There should be equality then only the game will be interesting.... When opponent is rolling dice he getting high numbers and when I am rolling dice I am getting low Very worst game

Ludo dream is a modern version of the royal dice game called Pacheesi. You will find classic Ludo rules and ancient royal designs in the game, roll the dice to move your soldiers, reach the finish line and become the King of Ludo.
With Ludo Dream, you can play ludo on your mobile phone, recall the classic and beautiful ludo game, make friends all over the world, and play Ludo Dream with your family and friends.

Features in Ludo Dream:
Play against the computer to get the Game Points and get the corresponding Game Titles.
Play with new players all over the world and let them be your partner
Play with Computer and Local User without any internet connection
It will give you feelings and visual effects of classic look and royal gameplay.

Ancient Emperors used to play Ludo game once, and now you can play that game with your family and friends, although the game of rolling dice may seem so simple at first, but this game gets more interesting and challenging as time goes on. Your entire family will have fun with this Game and you will be unknowingly playing for hours and hours. Try to defeat your opponent and compete for the highest score on the rankings.
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