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It's a good game but it still need some improvements. For example: 1. There is no option of Team up Mode in VIP Rooms. 2. During the game if you mute opponents then you won't listen to them but they can still listen your conversation. 3. There is no private chat option in the game. 4. Numbers distribution in the game is not balance. Sometimes you get the same numbers repeatedly 3 to 5 times and very often you don't get specific number in 20 to 25 turns. This is very strange. 5. To be continued.


Very annoying game. It should be fun but the programming of the game is very wrong. It favours one player as soon as the game starts. Every player should be given equal opportunity to win. From the beginning of the game you can tell if you are losing or not. Imagine being the first person to take all your games home with your opponent's game still complete outside and you still lose the game, it very frustrating I almost smashed my phone one time. Please rectify this issue as soon as possible.


Game is good but needs some improvements. 1. Undo should be finished. 2. In chat room, if someone is on mic and he is not seeing on screen or sometimes busy somewhere else, on mic indication should be provided that he is off screen. 3. Chat and message fonts are too small, it is harmful to eyes. Make the fonts large or provide option to select font size small, medium or large. 4. In ludo game play when dice is rolled, on star squares opponent's token is invisible, make it visible please.

Yalla Ludo, an app with voice chat, allows you to play Ludo or Domino with your friends online.

Real-time voice chat
Talk with players via voice chat at any time, meet new friends and enjoy the game!

Various game modes
Ludo includes two modes: 1 ON 1 mode, 4-Player mode. Each mode has four gameplays: Classic, Master, Quick and Magic.
Domino: Drew Game and All Five.

Play with friends easily
Private rooms and local rooms enable you to play with buddies either online or offline. Come and have fun in games together!

Group Voice Chat for Gamers
The chat room allows you to meet more gamers from all over the world and exchange ideas about games with each other. You can also invite friends or anyone else to play Ludo & Domino by this group chat. Let’s enjoy the happy time in Yalla Ludo!

We will continue to give our best shot to provide you with more fun games which will enrich your daily life.
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