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I like the interface, the colors are nice, the randomness of the cards are A1..awesome! The "all in, pre flop" idiots, make it so frustrating, that after a dozen or so log ins/plays, I'm no longer interested..should have a pre flop limit.


HORRIBLE POKER APP, the algorithm is terrible very unrealistic. Full of bingo players constantly going all in every hand with rubbish and of course they win. Who ever goes all in first wins the hand majority of the time it's horrible. The app lay out is great but the game play and majority of the players make this poker app really bad. I would not bother downloading this app,horrible app.


They give your win to someone else a lot .If you're honest and you give them an honest review they don't let you win anymore . And there are so many that all they do is go in go all in and go all in and go all in it makes it absolutely no fun at all So far a bunch of craziness but I like it. Damn this one might just be my favorite. People are crazy on all in. I have now played it for a while I hate it you don't even know how many chips you have

PPPoker is one of the world's largest private club-based online poker platform, and boasts a global community of poker lovers!

Launched in 2016, PPPoker strives to offer the best poker experience to millions of real players from over 100 countries worldwide.

In PPPoker, you can create and play in your private Club against friends and family in the most unique and personalised online poker experience. Play across a variety of popular poker variations such as NLH, PLO & OFC, and do battle at the tables anytime you want.

【Diverse Poker Experiences】Expand your Club’s community and qualify for PPPoker Live Events.

【Exciting Poker Variants】Play games such as NLH, PLO, OFC, Short Deck and more!

【Dynamic Poker Community】Share and discuss poker hands in our online Forum and at events.

【Global Tournaments】 Compete in tournaments against players across the world!

【Multi-table action】Play up to three-tables at once with ease

Our motto is "For Poker Lovers, By Poker Lovers" - here at PPPoker we strive to provide a safe and fair gaming platform for all poker enthusiasts:

【Top-Rated Application Shielding】

The advanced built-in DDOS protection detects and identifies all kinds of threats automatically while blocking sophisticated attacks to ensure the server is secure and reliable at all times. We aim to provide a secure and steady gaming platform, which includes minimising all risks, including third-party incidents.

【Disconnection Protection】

We understand that sometimes external connection factors will table issues for our players, which can result in unnecessary downtime and potential loss. To combat the problem, our Disconnection Protection feature gives players extra 'time to act' to secure a stable connection before being sat out at the table.

For more information about PPPoker: https://bit.ly/2Vvjb7G

Follow us on socia media:

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2XIUyas
Instagram: https://bit.ly/2RHE7HC
Twitter: https://bit.ly/3eDrRSi
Youtube: https://bit.ly/2xATnz1
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