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Last Updated: 2022-06-13 Current Version: 1.43.7
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It's not perfect but I would not call it bad either. The visuals are nice, sound and musik not to bad aside from a lack of regulation options. The menus like others said before take some getting used to... but other than that progression is alright and the sheer amount of things to do kills about halve an hour to an hour depending on how much you want to do at a time. A big thumbs up for the afk rewards. This is probably one of the most generous one in an afk game


It's an AFK game, fun is simply not part of the design, but I'd wager most people know what they're getting themselves into. That said, this game is simply not good. Performance issues are one thing, but the menus are poorly designed, combat doesn't control well, and the grind picks up really damn fast. Not that it matters, since you grind to unlock more grind, but man...


Just a beginner, so I'll just describe my experience so far in the game. Basic controls. Everything is on auto, but still having fun. Sometimes I suddenly lose connection to the server I'm on but just for a short while. Cute voice. Simple combat cutscenes but I like it. Character is adorable. And with this, I'm leaving a positive review to you devs. Keep it up.

Non-stop farming with unique skill combinations!
Wipe out darkness with skills that look good and feel good!
Go on a journey to recover the Moonlight with Lyn the Moonrabbit!

▶Various skills with unique effects and impact never seen before in Idle games!
Combine various skills and wipe out groups of monsters in one blow!
Power up your character and enjoy the thrill of combat! *Boom!* *Crash!*

▶Diverse weapons and powerful growth system!
Collect Moonrabbit's wondrous Pestlezookas!
You can get the best weapon just by playing the game! Watch your damage skyrocket as you power up!

▶Let's get stronger! See how your characters change as they become stronger!
Generous rewards that keep on coming and characters that evolve with the rewards!
Beautiful graphics!! Spectacular skill effects!! Cute characters!!
Get plenty of rewards and accelerate your growth! Plus ultra!

▶Epic boss battles!
Defeat the boss with your unmatched mechanical skills!
Dodge! Hit! Knockdown! And defeat the boss! Easy, right?

Story of Moonrabbit Lyn, the Guardian who opposes the darkness
Follow the story of Moonrabbit Lyn, the Guardian who lost the Moonlight to darkness!
Clear each chapter to advance the story and defeat powerful bosses with Lyn! Save the Moon together!

■ Minimum Specs ■
- Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher
- Android 5.0 or higher
- CPU: 2.0GHz or higher
- RAM: 4GB or higher
- Storage Space: 1GB or higher

[Access Permission Note]
The game does not ask for app access permissions to provide the service.

[How to Withdraw Access Permission]
* Android 6.0 or higher:
- Withdraw by access permission: Device settings > Apps > More (Settings and Controls) > App settings > App permissions > Select the desired app permission > Agree to or withdraw from access permission
- Withdraw by app: Device settings > Apps > Select desired app > Select permission > Agree to or withdraw from access permission

* Older than Android 6.0:
Withdrawing by access permission is not available in this operating system. You can withdraw permission only by deleting the app. Upgrading the Android version to 6.0 or higher is recommended.
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