Hero Great Wars

Last Updated: 2023-02-03

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Many heroes drawn in pixel art collide!
Easy-to-play online battle of 999,999 vs. 999,999 heroes!
Fight your rivals with the strongest heroic army you've created by collecting lots of items!

Easy to play in a short period of time
Easy-to-play PVP type battle game with simple controls.
A wide variety of equipment items, league battles, and additional new events make this a challenging and rewarding game!

================ Game Details ================
Online battle with players from all over the world!
In the "Online Battle" mode, you can battle against other heroes from all over the world.
You can collect multiple jobs for your heroes. Each hero has an advantageous occupation, so let's collect advantageous occupations according to the opponent's strength!
Collect heroes within the time limit to win the game!

Strengthen your heroes with a variety of items to capture victory!
Open treasure chests with coins earned from battles! Get powerful equipment items and aim for the strongest army of 999,999.
You can also strengthen your heroes by using orbs, which are rare and valuable items that can be obtained at various events.

Test your skills in league matches!
Compete against 999,999 of the strongest units of heroes and compete for the highest score. You can get a lot of coins and orbs depending on your ranking!

Fight against your friends with the heroes you've raised!
In the "Friend Battle" you can fight against a specific person by using a keyword. Show off your strongest heroes to your friends!

Recommended for people like this
People who want to play easily with one hand while commuting to and from work or school.
People who like dot pictures.
People who want to challenge themselves.
People who want to compete with friends.
People who want to collect items
People who want to calculate and think

Updates planned
We are planning to add new items, a fast-forward function, and various other updates!

================ Tips ================
Hints for building a strong and brave army
Pick a building where all occupations can be increased. Increase them in a well-balanced way to create an army of brave men with no weaknesses!
Let's focus on gathering brave men of specific jobs and strengthen them. The number of brave men will increase, so you may be able to overcome a slight disadvantage with the number of men you have.
Collect items to increase the initial number of brave men. Fight your rivals with hundreds of thousands of brave men and women you have increased by collecting lots of items!
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