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Last Updated: 2021-12-17 Current Version: 1.127.1419
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The advertisement is misleading and does not show actual gameplay. Nothing shown in the ad is in the game. The game is boring and you can't even get to the settings before playing some "training" where you don't need to do anything. Just to make it clear: The advertisement shows a hero being placed on various levels of a tower to defeat enemies and level up. It also contains a interactive part.


The Start is somewhat enjoyable. But everything after that is just boring and time consuming. There is so much you have to do daily to keep up with the others. Have to watch some of the boring battles which you cannot skip or wait for a loading screen before you can skip. Strong NPC enemies in the "PVP" "Grand Arena". Also frequent freezes, which require a restart of the app. Finally the disgusting marketing bait, which just always show things that are not or very scarcely in the game.


I used to play this game but the whole thing is relentlessly pay to win. It's a money trap. At first the prices seem like a good deal - the VIP things, a new character, new aesthetics. The problem is is that ALL costs in this game are sickeningly high, and the top players are spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS just to stay on top! And if they don't keep spending constantly they lose their top positions. Needless to say the game is NOT a puzzle game, unlike what the ads would have you believe.

If you've really enjoyed a mobile phone game for over a week (especially a gacha one), there's a decent possibility you've been through that process of wasting extremely precious materials. There really is no time to feel bad about this: we are all doing it at one point or another. Hero Wars is no different from other games, so you'll quickly figure out what valuable resources you should or shouldn't do with.


How can you install Hero Wars on PC with LDPlayer?

These are the few steps that you should follow to install Hero Wars on your PC. You can then play this game without any interceptions. A few steps to follow, and you are good to go then!

  1. You are supposed to download the LDPlayer installer on your PC; you can go through the link and download it immediately.
  2. After it is completely downloaded, run the installer and complete the setup to let the LDPlayer installed on your PC.
  3. After it is completely downloaded and installed, you need to open the LDPlayer and search Hero Wars on the Search Bar.
  4. Install the game from the LD Store, or you can also use Google play.
  5. Once the installation process has been done, you need to click on the icon and launch the game.
  6. Now you can surely enjoy playing Hero Wars easily on your PC with LDPlayer anytime you want.


Benefits of Using LDPlayer as an Android Emulator for Hero Wars

  • Avoid low battery life by saving the battery life of your phone.
  • You can enjoy the game on a much bigger screen than mobile phones.
  • You have a stable Internet connection on PC compared to mobile.
  • Enjoy wonderful animation and great graphics.
  • You can use the keyboard and mouse for better control while playing the game.
  • The game performance on PC is always better than mobile devices.
  • Free your phone from being occupied by Hero Wars game all the time


FAQs of Playing Hero Wars on PC:

The questions that players frequently asked about playing Hero Wars on PC with LDPlayer emulator are as follows:

Is it possible to play Hero Wars on any emulator?

Absolutely! You can download Hero Wars and play the game on pc with any android emulator. As LDPlayer has done great optimization on Hero Wars, LDPlayer can be your best choice to use! You can download this game directly from Google play on LDPlayer with no worries.


Can I configure CPU and Memory in LDPlayer?

Yes, you have the luxury of configuring your CPU and Memory with LDPlayer, which are available in the settings.


What if the LDPlayer failed to install?

Try to use the official installer if you are using an online installer. If the issues still remain, then try to turn off your antivirus software.


Is it safe to use LDPlayer?

It is safe to use and play LDPlayer. SO, you can get it from our website at any time.


Is it safe to share my personal information with LDPlayer?

LDPlayer is safe to use. According to the privacy policy that you can get from our website, you can share your personal information without any problem.

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What is Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles PC version?

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Is it possible to play Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles on PC without Android emulator?

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How to Download and Install Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles on PC

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