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Last Updated: 2021-12-09 Current Version: 1.0.2
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Dear Commander, welcome to the game world of Fleet of Galaxy. The game is set in a vast space, highly integrated with interstellar science fiction elements. Players can get dozens of different types of starships in the game. The game simulates the splendid scenes of star wars, uses the interstellar legion war and other interesting game modes. The players can build their interstellar fleet via the construction and technology components or other systems. They can also achieve the dream of being the Space dominator by improving the fleet's power and formation.

[Game Background]
After decades of joint warfare, the three fractions succeeded in using a rich vein of source crystals as bait to gather the majority of the Askian fleet, where they launched a general attack. The battle, known as the Battle of Stardust's End, resulted in heavy losses for all three fractions, but the main Askerian fleet was also wiped out, leaving only small remnants of the fleet roaming through the galaxy. And our story begins here. As a new fleet commander, you shone in the Battle of Stardust's End, overcoming many obstacles and dealing a heavy blow to the Askees through brilliant tactics. At the end of the war, all three fractions invited you to join them.

[Game Features]
● Well designed, dozens of starships with any combination, enjoy the visual impact while watching the battle!
● Interstellar exploration: Seize the rich resources in space, and gather the power of the factions to uncover the mysteries of the abyss!
● Ace Showdown: Enter the arena for a real battle of power and climb to the top!
● Galactic Voyage, send the best fleet to challenge the heroic levels and fight for precious treasures!
● Endless Challenge: constant battles, massive resources, and a blueprint for your own starships!

Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/Fleet-of-Galaxy-298044965321419
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