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Last Updated: 2023-01-07
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I was very excited to try it out but honestly lost all interest when I found out about the connection issues. I can't even make it past the title screen. I made it into the game once but the connecting... issue still persisted IN A CUTSCENE. Before releasing a game make sure it even works first or else no one will play it. Why is it taking so long to fix anyway??


Unplayable, after 15 seconds of playing it says "Connecting" and it doesn't allow me to do anything. I have to restart the game in order to play for another 15 seconds before it says "Connecting" again. My network is stable, no other game has this issue. Update: It's been 4 Days and now I can't even start the game, good progress guys. Keep up the good work! Europe is greatful for nothing.


Very detailed angles and motion graphics; it is not difficult to play. Difficulty level is not too hard or easy, just nice to make it fun and challenging. I do have issue with the connection at times - they can be quite random. My phone specs are better than the requirements, and my wifi connection is always at full bar. Despite that, I still do get random lags. On the bright side, the game doesn't suddenly auto-boot you out of game unlike other games. I enjoy this game very much!

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Eversoul is a visual RPG game by Kakao Games Crop, and you can enjoy beautiful visual RPG gameplay here with so many amazing souls. You have to collect them and make them enjoy the gameplay with Eversoul by choosing your own fate. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 comes as the best platform with best features to enjoy Eversoul on a better scale than ever.


Summoning Souls, Epic Battles, Collect and Level Up with Auto Battles


In Eversoul, you are required to summon some unique souls featured with six different factions, and every faction comes with its own skills. There will also be epic battles with amazing anime RPG gameplay on them, and you are the one that creates the world. You will have to explore more for décor and structures, and there will be missions or fights against the monsters to select from.


Eversoul makes you choose your own fate too. There are so many souls with unique personalities; you will have to choose the wisest answers for them, as they will decide your relationship fate based on your answers. Collecting these unique souls is the path to unlocking more stores and leveling up. You will have to complete the storyline, and there will be idle mechanics along with auto battles.


The Best Graphics for Stunning RPG Gameplay


Eversoul is an RPG game full of the best anime visual RPG scenes. So, enjoying it on a tiny screen is not the best way to enjoy the game to the fullest, and now you can make it to a bigger screen. LDPlayer 9 will give you a wider screen with every detail captured through it, and there will be the best graphic enhancements.


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