Eerskraft - Explorations

Last Updated: 2021-03-24 Current Version: 1.26

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It is amazing, It gives you the same experience as the professional game (can't take the name because of copyright) that is very expensive but this Is free! You can also play local multiplayer but you need to turn on your LAN from the options .You can also change your outfit, name and many more .There are some glitches occasionally but the overall experience is mind blowing. I definitely recommend it ........


Its got all the requirements of a good Minecraft base off. You have your buttons, switches, levers, your hunger, and sprint. The ads don't show up that often unless your afk. There is not a lot of fps problems. You are also given the choice of using a custom made character. The only problem I had with the game was that in order for me to look I needed to take my thumb off the screen every time I swipe other than that It the best one I could find. Good job Gooogame


I love this game, It has everything you get from the earlier Minecraft versions (No bees or drowned, ect.) I can see myself getting lost for hours in the game, the only thing for me, I would suggest trying to improve the controls for the player, I'm struggling slightly with the movement, im sure I'll adapt, just some "constructive criticism" Great game. 10/10 - would definitely recommend.

Extremely attractive 3d construction game: A 3d sandbox game, you will roleplaying into a builder. Your task is to build houses, castles ... You must collect the resources needed to build them. Or you can explore the world and fight monsters in a survival war..
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