Anh Hùng Tam Quốc

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Heroes of the Three Kingdoms is the mobile version of the PC game Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Online. The game inherits all elements such as graphic style, Chuc, treasure hunting boss, Martial soul, Quoc Chien, ... and adjusts to suit the operation and interface of the phone user, so that players can nostalgic the journey in the Three Kingdoms anytime, anywhere.

■Inherit the Classic Three Kingdoms Game
101 original maps and 53 Martial Souls recreated in the mobile version, ready to evoke memories with a whole new experience.

■Command System
The command and control system of the whole battle, without the need for voice chat or texting, can still help the Corps Chief quickly grasp the battlefield.

■Holding and Displaying System
Freedom to display and sell, realize the free economy; Complete suspension system, help you enjoy the fun of hunting bosses to find treasures.
■Divine Armor Training
Removed equipment restrictions, simplified enhancement requirements. Just be sincere, each equipment will become a holy weapon.
■ Martial Soul Recreates the National War of Ten Thousand People
Transforming into a famous general of the Three Kingdoms, a small good can also become a hero. Realize the National War of ten thousand people, bringing the best Quoc Chien experience on mobile.

※Brand new mobile game system, far beyond your expectations※

Minimum Google Play system
Version: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Phone capacity: Minimum 2GB
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