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Run 輪迴雙生-BY2姐妹花代言 on PC with LDPlayer

BY2 sister flower endorsement, officially launched today!
Freely switch between the two forms of the five major occupations "past life and present life"!
Qitianhao will send mounts, red outfits, game privileges, and 1 million yuan treasures!

Twins, fate reincarnation. Twins in one corner, fantasy adventure.

[The past of this life, the cycle of fate]
Sanskrit sounds surround the ancient temple, subduing demons and saving all living beings. One thought becomes a Buddha, one thought becomes a demon. In the previous life, he was the [Ming Zang] who became a Buddha immediately, and in this life he is the Fudo Ming King [Golden Cicada].
The double-bladed lotus dance kills all life in an instant. One life for oneself, one life for love. In this life, she is the graceful [Blood Shadow], and in her previous life she was the Empress of the Snake Kingdom [Chi Lian].
The unique setting of twins in one corner, dual-type switching, and free job transfer. Revisit old dreams, awaken past lives, let you constantly understand the true meaning of life, cultivate yourself, and reach the pinnacle!

[Cyber ​​Fairy, audio-visual feast]
The next-generation 3D three-dimensional art is adopted, the painting style is exquisite and gorgeous, the original Jiuli Youdu, Langhuan Fairy Pool... dozens of beautiful ancient scenes in the three worlds. Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly.
Exquisite picture quality at the end game level, gorgeous light effect rendering, the three worlds of humans, demons, and immortals come alive. One second, he was in Yunmengze, the fairyland of the West Sea, and the next second, he traveled to the Cyber ​​City above his head.
Let you feel as if you are in a real different world, and bring you the ultimate gorgeous audio-visual feast!

[Hundreds of people on the same screen, fight together through tribulation]
Thousands of people with the same mind can gain thousands of manpower, and thousands of people with different minds can't use anyone. The world is in chaos, when all kinds of monsters attack, who cares whether it is a human or a demon?
At this time, we must unite and work together! Gather friends to build the strongest team, join hands to resist foreign enemies, and fight to the end!
3v3 team PK, gang duel, cross-server hegemony, boss preemption, all of them are used here, and you can find your passion with your friends.

【Accompanying each other, forming a bond of love】
Practicing between the heaven and the earth, one must not only fight freely, but also fully experience the various states of life and enjoy grievances and hatreds.
Immortals get married, romantic cultivating immortals. Sworn to Jinlan, its profit breaks gold.
Join hands with Yujian Tiandijian, and don't forget to work together with the fairy couple to raise your own fairy baby!

【Excited gift, high-energy broadcast】
Rich benefits and gifts, cool gaming experience! After completing the pre-login, you can unlock the fairy stone collar CP puppet fashion!
There are also millions of ingots, SR battle pets, cool mounts, rare martial arts and other 14-day best gifts for you to come and get!

[Placing leisure, easy to upgrade]
In addition to the intense and exciting battles, there are more leisurely and relaxing games: digging treasures in mines, catching kuns for all, soaking in hot springs...
For you who are more busy in the game, you can customize the hang-up function, and you can easily increase your experience offline, so you don't have to worry about not being able to keep up with the big team~

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*This software is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method because it involves violence, dating and dating, and sex (game characters wear clothing with prominent sexual characteristics).
*This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
* Play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use of time and avoid indulging in the game.
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