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今回の異持層でよく思い知らされた、楽々プレイできるゲームではなく、かなり渋い課金ゲームに感じられれました。 ストリーはいいだけどゲムープレイかなり面倒臭かったダンジョンは時間かかる、異持層の敵強すぎる傾向。 かなりプレイしたくないゲームになった。 Today new different time "Red Crimson" make me finally understand that this game not about easy and fun good story game but kinda become Whale cash game. The story is good and actually make me want to read more but the gameplay especially the dungeon take to many time also the different time boss really make me lose interest in playing more. Hope it get more game balancing


Already gone through till the end of chapter 2 and at rank 10 currently. Amazing storytelling, BGM and visuals of a VN and VA's really top notch high quality from KEY combine that with the in game battle sequences and classical turn based combat experiences coming from WFS are a combination perfectly grounded into this game. It is a JP ONLY game at the moment so without able to understand the story (which is the core of the whole game) may make underappreciated what the game was made to offer.


Great gameplay and OST. But takes long to earn gacha currency (almost 30 days of daily login and daily mission clears to earn enough for a 10 draw, there are other missions to obtain but those are very limited)

Key Jun Maeda's story of girls entrusted with the last hope "Heaven Burns Red"
A dramatic RPG where you run around the field, experience irreplaceable everyday life, and challenge your life-threatening battle!

◆ Introduction
The Earth was in danger after being attacked by the mysterious life form "Cancer".
"Cancer" was completely unaffected by attacks by weapons that mankind had created so far, and mankind, who had no way to repel it, was forced to lose.
Lands were abandoned, and various countries disappeared in the ravages of war. Most of the land is now under the control of "Cancer".

There was little time left for mankind, and when he was prepared for extinction, a new weapon was developed.
That is the decisive weapon "Seraph".
Only those who wielded it could deal effective blows to "Cancer".
Humanity gathered those who had the skill to manipulate "Seraphs", entrusted them with the last hope, and established the Seraph Unit.

Those who can control "Seraph" have one thing in common.
It's about being girls with some kind of talent.

Tsukuka Kayamori is one of them.
She also throws herself into the fight against Cancer.

"AIR" "CLANNAD" "Little Busters! ”, “Angel Beats!”
Teaming up with Light Flyer Studio, which has developed "Another Eden" and "Shuutsu Toshi",
The first completely new game in 15 years, depicting "the story of girls entrusted with the last hope"
・ A total of 50 gorgeous voice actors will color the unique characters with full voice
・ Run around high-quality fields and experience the irreplaceable days of the characters
- A deep command battle with simple controls, where cooperation between characters is the key

 Gekka Kayamori (CV: Tomori Kusunoki Vo.: XAI)
Yuki Izumi (CV: Ryoko Maekawa)
Megumi Aikawa (CV: Anju Inami)
Tsukasa Tojo (CV: Yurina Amami)
Karen Asakura (CV: Yu Serizawa Vo.: Konomi Suzuki)
Kunimi Tama (CV: Aoi Koga)


Wright Flyer Studios × Key

Jun Maeda (Representative works: "AIR", "CLANNAD", "Little Busters!", "Angel Beats!" and more)

Yuugen (Representative works: "Atelier Series", "Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story", "Azur Lane", "Outbreak Company" and more)

 Na-Ga / Fumuyun / Mellow

Jun Maeda

Jun Maeda x Nagi Yanagi

Wright Flyer Studios (Representative works: "Another Eden: A Cat that Transcends Time and Space", "Shuutsu Toshi" and more)

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◆ Operation terminal
Android OS 7.1 or later Memory 4GB or more (some terminals are not compatible)
*Please note that we will not be able to provide support or compensation if you use it on a device other than the one that works.
*Even if the above conditions are satisfied, it may not work properly depending on the performance of the terminal and the communication environment.
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