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[RO Ragnarok: Guarding Eternal Love] The grand revision, the opening of a new profession "Fist Saint", the simultaneous opening of multiple characteristic maps, the comprehensive 3D screen transformation, and the substantial optimization of various systems, which will bring adventurers a completely different body game experience!

====Game Features====

【Initial touching, timeless classic reproduction】
The game texture has been fully upgraded, creating a full 3D game scene, and with a new interface design, it will bring adventurers a new and different experience! Inspiration always exists!

[Simulation online, 100% real income]
Free your hands! The new offline on-hook income, no need to stare at the screen when the phone is turned on, just a few simple settings can fully obtain all the income, save power! save time! Save energy again!

[The new profession "Fist Saint" is on the scene, you can play gorgeous attacks with you]
Manipulate the power of the sun, moon and stars, travel between heaven and earth, absorb power and turn it into combat power in the rotation of the sun and the moon, light up the stars and release the wrath of the stars

【Fashion system, create your own unique style】
Six different parts and diverse fashions create your own unique style!

[Guild community, you have my big family]
Team up to brush the king, hang up to practice, chat Hala, and take an adventure together~
With you and my guild base, it is the most lively and warm family~^^~

[Competitive system, singles and groups show their abilities together]
Single-player battle mode, five-on-five PK competition, and team competition. Want to show off your skills??
Come and compete in the arena!!

【Design with love, happy games are full of fun】
The game is filled with many "meaningless" loving designs: trick-or-treating props that make friends ugly, deformed scrolls that make you transform yourself, good-favor items that can help you secretly send a wave of affection, warm hand-holding functions, and cute chatting. Emoticons, these won't make you stronger, can't help you level up, but they can bring you better game memories.

[Exclusive to love, a small world belonging to two people]
Ride the Polly hot air balloon with the person you like, ride the Happy Ferris wheel together, solve the guild task together, run hand in hand together, secretly play tricks on the person you like, facial expressions that belong to two people, and absolutes that only belong to you and me. field.

==Official Information==
FB fan group: search for "@RO.ForeverLove"
Online report:

※The content of this game involves violence (attack and other bloody images), game characters wearing prominent clothing, and scenes or plots that induce the use of tobacco and alcohol.
※This game has a mall value-added area. Please experience it according to your personal interests and abilities to avoid excessive consumption.
※Playing games for a long time will easily affect your normal work and rest, so you should rest and exercise moderately.
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