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●October 27th God's Punishment! A new branch of the second rank of service - Martial Artist Domineering debuts.
The orthodox sequel to "RO Ragnarok" MMORPG "RO Ragnarok: Love Like First Seen" welcomes the Halloween revision, and the new second-ranking profession - Martial Arts and a series of Halloween celebrations are coming! Prontera, the main city of halloween style full of monsters and monsters, has a new pet series rock troupe, and there are more and more new activities waiting for adventurers, so hurry up and join us in the fairyland world and start your own adventure journey of!

===Game Features===

◈Twenty years of classics, Jie accompanies you◈
Twenty years of RO classic inheritance, five years of ingenuity
MMORPG's masterpiece "RO Ragnarok: Love Like First Seen"
Come on a Wonderland adventure with [Chief Adventure Officer] JJ JJ Lin!

◈ MVP rewards are given away, reincarnation is not a dream◈
A friendlier reward mechanism, luxurious rewards can be obtained by touching the king!
MVP everyone has a chance, super rare king cards and headgear are no longer a dream!
Wang card GET, refined materials GET, capped and luminous, overnight prosperity is just around the corner

◈Guild Adventure, everyone will receive dividends◈
Highly interactive copy design, enjoy the hearty feeling of teamwork
Unique guild auction mechanism, every member can receive dividends
Various contribution mechanisms, rookies can also contribute to the guild

◈Fun PVE strategy breakthrough◈
There are many interesting PVE games in Helheim dungeon
Protect teammates in quicksand, walk through mazes and dungeons
Various organs and secret passages, BOSS skills are more complicated
To defeat a powerful enemy, the key is to make use of occupational characteristics and skills

◈Almighty cute pet to accompany you on adventures◈
Funny pets, both cute and strong
A large number of attribute bonuses, closely accompany you, give you the sense of security you want
A variety of positioning, choose your own pet partner to take risks and practice the exercises, get twice the result with half the effort

◈ Gorgeous fashion matching ◈
GM uniform with Wonderland exclusive memories
The cos suits of the popular female monster in the game "Aisin Witch" and her servant "Demon Messenger"
Innocent suits full of childhood fun
Sweet Bridesmaid Dresses for Friends Weddings
Thousands of costumes, RO is warm and comfortable, and adventures also need water Dangdang

===Contact Us===

Join "RO Ragnarok: Love Like First Seen" and protect Midgard with us!
▶ Official website of the game:
▶Official fan club:
▶Official Line Community:
▶Official strategy discussion Line community:
▶Official Discord:

*This game is classified as supplementary 15 levels according to the game software classification management method.
*This game is free to download and contains some paid content.
*Do not use it for a long time or imitate it improperly, and pay attention to proper rest.
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