Blue Archive Working Coupon Codes


Blue Archive is a role-playing game created by NAT Games and distributed in Japan by Yostar Inc and in the English region by Nexon KR. The tale of Blue Archive takes place in a futuristic universe known as "Kivotos" (or Ark in English), home to many high schools and academies. Guns, oddly, aren't out of place in such a world. They're in the lab, on the streets, inside convenience stores, and even vending machines and students are allowed to retain them in whatever way they like.


Since the President of S.C.H.A.L.E (or Federal Student Council) is temporarily AWOL, you, Sensei, have been given full responsibility for the organization. It's now up to you and your pupils to safeguard Kivotos' safety using Arona AI.


You've come to the correct place if you're searching for some in-game goodies! With our Blue Archive promo codes, you may get free pyroxenes! 


Blue Archive Coupon Codes:


Active codes:


  1. ILUVU2021SENSEI - x120 Pyroxenes
  2. 2021ARONACHAN - x120 Pyroxenes
  3. WELCOMETOKIVOTOS2021 - x120 Pyroxenes


These coupons may expire at any time, so take advantage of them while they're still available. Nobody enjoys missing out on freebies!


Expired Codes:


Because the game was newly published, there aren't any expired codes yet.


Blue Archive Coupon Codes: What are they?

Blue Archive coupon codes are made up of random phrases that you may type into the game. They may be redeemed for free cash, such as pyroxenes, as well as stuff. Nexon normally posts the codes on their social media accounts.


How Do I Redeem Blue Archive Coupon Codes?

Fortunately, redeeming codes in Blue Archive is rather simple. You'll get your free items in no time if you follow these simple procedures.


  • Step 1: Open the game and log in.
  • Step 2: In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the eight-dot icon.
  • Step 3: A new window will appear on the screen. Select "Account" from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4: A new window will appear on the screen. Scroll down until you come across the word "Coupon," then press the "Continue" button next to it.
  • Step 5: A new window will appear on the screen. Your code should be copied and pasted.
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