Mirage: Perfect Skyline Gameplay Insights and Review


Mirage: Perfect Skyline is based on the god and demons genre. Saying that the demons are evil for god, it is because they rebelled against the god. Officially launched on 28th December 2021, the game was created by EYOUGAME(USS) and is MMORPG-themed. Moreover, it is one of the top-grossed games in role-playing available on iOS and Android. 




With moderate violence, the game offers an in-app purchase too. Moving onto the story plot, the game gives you a chance to be a Dragoness or Wukong, Monk or Mystic and use all your almighty powers to smash the enemies. The game says, break the chains of heaven and enter the world fighting battles with the demons. The game has somewhat interesting and really attractive details, which are as follows:


  • Choose from 8 major classes
  • Travel the world, soar at your pace
  • Multiplayer arena, waiting for you
  • Become the god, king of the world
  • Heaven bestowal, happy marriage
  • Fashionable image, sassy battle pets


Now, let's discuss and review the game "Mirage: Perfect Skyline" and find out how this game is? Is it worth downloading or not?


Mirage: Perfect Skyline Mobile Game


A Vibrant Experience

The Mirage: Perfect Skyline is one of the best stylized, shiny, and colorful MMORPG games. As soon as you enter the game, the scenario is amazing, attracting a non-player. The vibrant animation makes the game much engaging and appealing. For a game to be successful, it should possess some uniqueness, and this game is really up to the mark in doing that. Maybe that's why the Mirage: Perfect Skyline has crossed 500K+ downloads. Moreover, the game focuses on the skills and claims that no character is weak or strong, but their skills make them accordingly.


Mind-boggling graphics

The game receives a high score for the graphics it has. The 3D view is high quality and makes the game more thrilling as the players play more of it. Some of the players even say that the graphics are so well versed that it changes the look of the device, which is not even worth it. So imagine what is the level of the graphics is.


Mirage: Perfect Skyline Graphics


Beautiful background music

While the game is loading, the introductory music gives the first impression of its going to be. According to my experience, the background music is soothing and offers an original, adventurous feel. This is another plus point of the game. The Mirage: Perfect Skyline becomes addictive, and for that, one strong reason is its highly engaging and beautiful background sounds.


Easy to understand for the beginners

You must be thinking, how is the game easy for beginners? So we must tell you that the game offers an option of Auto-Play. This option, once enabled, allows the chosen character to work on its own, fight the battles itself without being controlled by you. This is a fascinating feature, as when you begin new, you require time to understand, and this option makes it easy for you without compromising the time. The character clears the levels and, side by side, makes you learn about the controls and working. Once you get the knowledge, you can switch to the manual option and enjoy it!


Interesting characters

With 3D animated style graphics, the game has more to offer. Variety is what every player needs in any game. And this Mirage: Perfect Skyline is successful in it as the game offers a wide variety of characters. Be a god or a demon; it is all your choice.


Mirage: Perfect Skyline Characters


What they say, they do

In many games, what the developers showcase in the Ads is not always what they offer in the game. The images mentioned on the app stores are designed cleverly to attract people, but when you tend to play those games, you only get disappointed. But fortunately, in this MMORPG-themed Mirage: Perfect Skyline, it is not the case. The developers do what they preach, which can be clearly seen in it. The playing scenario is exactly what they promised in the advertisements, and well-designed team events make the game more fun.


Cool rewards: Pay or Earn

Now here comes a topic in terms of the game's review, making the players want it more. The game successfully stands to offer very cool and interesting rewards. As mentioned above, the game includes in-app purchases ranging from INR 90 to INR 9,100 per item, which is also meant to buy rewards. But here is the twist. The Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a free-to-play game and if you do not wish to shell out the cash, then learn to earn using codes. The game has the positive that it allows the hero to be top-ranked without spending a penny.


No customization available

Till now, we reviewed the game Mirage: Perfect Skyline, and we can conclude that the game is a good one with a good review, right? No, I suppose you might be wrong there is some negative about the game too. Although their game offers a wide range of characters, a series of events with cool, funky, and fantastic rewards, most players complain that there is no customization option available. The players often demand the developers to add a customization option to the characters.


So, players, this is all about reviewing the top-grossing game "Mirage: Perfect Skyline." Overall, the game is good, and it is recommended to try your hand at it and experience the outstanding graphics and well-versed gameplay. What do you guys think about it, do tell us in the comment section below?

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