10 Best Roblox Games to Play in 2022


Roblox is a platform for playing and creating games. This platform was an idea of David Bazsuki, which was released in 2006 as Roblox Cooperation. Here, you can play games developed by many other Roblox users, and you can program your own game. In this guide, you are going to learn and know more about the best Roblox games 2022. 





This platform has free access to any user who likes to play games here, but occasionally, you will need to purchase some in-game content too. Here, they have introduced a currency only for the Roblox called Robux. Not only can you buy things, but you can sell things too. But selling is allowed only for people with premium access. 

Anime Fighters Simulator: Best Roblox Anime Games


This is classified as a super and one of the best games in Roblox 2022. It was created in January 2021. There are 750 million visits to the game. This is about collecting anime fighters when you level up in this game. You can travel through many anime worlds. 

You need to get all the powerful characters in this game and train your characters to make them the best team in the whole universe. Travel through worlds and fight and collect new characters. This is so much fun. Once you get used to this, you cannot get rid of this game. Like many other games, you need to upgrade characters to hone their skills to the max. 

Blox Fruits for Best Roblox Games 2022


This is our second pick for the best games on Roblox 2022. Will we include this in our best Roblox games 2022 guide if not? So, this game is developed from anime inspiration. Have you heard about the devil fruit in the most famous One Piece anime? The anime inspiration to make this game is the devil fruit in One Piece.

You will receive special powers when you consume these Blox fruits in this game. There are certain types of Blox Fruits that give you different abilities. This has more than 4500 million visits. You must find fruits, eat them, and level up until you become the boss. 

Speedy Simulator for Best Games in Roblox 2022


This game has more than 200 billion visits. Here, all you need to do is race and win. Quite boring? No, it's an exciting game. Because other than racing, this game includes some role-playing gaming options too. Here, as the primary in-game currency, there are gems, and you can buy anything in the game using the gems you have. There are power-ups to boost the racing. 


Adopt Me for Best Roblox Games 2022


There are more than 30 billion visits to this game. This is an MMO game, and here, you have to build houses, own cute pets, and many more fascinating things to do. This is an adorable game. Who would reject a game full of cute pets? You can dress up your pets, customize your houses, and many more fun things to do. In this multiplayer game, you can meet many new players, chat with them, etc. 

Tower of Hell for Best Games on Roblox 2022


In this Tower of Hell game, you must reach the top of the six-storeyed tower in 8 minutes. No checkpoints, so you, as the player, must reach the end of the tower (which means the top) before the time runs out. There are more than 17 billion visits to this game. Players have to face many puzzles to get to the top of the tower, and when you go to the top, a new door will open with a new color. 

Squid Game for Best Roblox Games 2022


Squid Game is so popular that it has 714 million visits. This game consists of lots of mini-games. In every min game, there is a task to fulfill. You must complete all the duties not to be eliminated by the game. Not only that, while completing mini-games without getting destroyed, you must defend yourself from other players simultaneously. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

Tower Defense Simulator for Best Roblox Games 2022


How can we ignore the Tower Defense Simulator when we talk about the best Roblox games? This game has around 1.5 billion visits, and in this game, you have to team up with players to build towers to fight enemies. You have to spend your in-game currencies to buy towers for defense. Once you surpass one enemy troop, you will gain the money you paid to build towers. You can upgrade your towers to increase defense power when you engage with strong enemies. 

Murder Mystery 2 for Best Roblox Games 2022


This is a game with more than 7.6 billion visits. You can choose between three roles. You can be an innocent one, or the murderer, or the Sheriff. The Sheriff works with the innocent ones to kill the murderer. The Sheriff is the only person with a gun; only the Sheriff can kill the murderer. 

Murder Mystery 2 is somewhat similar to the Among Us game. Murder Mystery 2 is so fantastic and thrilling. You must try this if you haven't played this game even once.

Jailbreak for Best Roblox Games 2022


There are over 6 billion visits to this game. This is a kind of Role-Playing game. You are a prisoner who escaped from the prison without letting the police know, or you are a policeman who finds the escaped prisoner; you can choose one role from these two. 

Like a robber who escaped from prison, you can drive to somewhere far from the city or rob banks or do activities like that. But as a policeman, you must explore the whole city and catch those robbers. Jailbreak is like a hide-and-seek game between prisoners and cops.

Survive the Killer 


Here, one player acts as a killer, and others act as survivors. The player must avoid the killer and survive until the time's up to be the winner. There are more maps. You have to stay on a map to escape to another. There are more than 995 million visits. Teamwork is more important in this game. The survivors act as a team, hide, lure the killer and run together to win the game. 

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Through this, we showed you the ten best Roblox games that you must try to experience the thrill and enjoy. Let's escape from this world and travel to the Roblox gaming world.

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