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Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a popular video game developed by EYOUGAME and is an MMORPG-themed game. If you are not aware of the MMORPG games, we must tell you that MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Along with a long list of MMORPG-based games, this Mirage: Perfect Skyline is one of them that you must give a try. It is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. So players, what are you waiting for? Dress up and showcase your charm, ride on mythical mount dragons, fight back- join epic battles, team up, strive with friends, and skill up to master all classes.




Here in the article, we will tell you all the tips and tricks to master the game “Mirage: Perfect Skyline” and discuss all the essential aspects needed. Let us begin!


The game becomes interesting if you hold a well-ranked position. And for that, you must know the elements that the game possesses. Therefore here is the list of tips and tricks you will need to gear up your progress without spending countless hours on the game.


Mirage:Perfect Skyline Mobile Game


Never miss the daily challenges

Daily challenges are the daily objectives that the player must not miss out on for sure. They are too helpful to earn rewards and boost your progress without much effort. In the case of Mirage: Perfect Skyline, doing up the daily challenges is way more important, so you must follow the quests and bosses daily. Although there are many other dailies, the quests and bosses are also a bit important among them. These two must never be missed out on your game plan, as the rewards they offer are worth it.


Talking about the quests, these quests that come out regularly can act as a practice performance to enhance your skills and techniques. These bosses are part of dallies that give you some rare and cool rewards that you can not earn quite easily. Compared to the quests, these bosses are difficult and tricky to solve. Well, after all, the rewards have low drop chances, and for that, you must make some effort. Just keep in mind that these chances are relatively few, so give your best in each attempt.


Mirage:Perfect Skyline Daily Challenges


Try hand on optionals too

Optionals are a significant one. A lot may depend on the optional as they can take you to the highest rank or bring you to the bottom. The Mirage: Perfect Skyline optionals can act as a booster to enhance your rank. One such optional is to compete in the Arena. Competing in the Arena is another thing to do at a regular time. If you wish to check your ranking for the character in the server population, then this is one of the ways to do it. 


If you are among the top 100, it’s good, but you need to buckle up if not. It is a kind of daily that appears only a few times a day and can be considered daily. Being a game mode, the Arena has a lot of rewards to offer every time you get the victory, with just ten attempts per day. Although this is different from the PvE, it depends on you whether you would like it not; whatever it is, the Arena is fun.


Keep a check on inventory

When I started playing the game, I got so engaged in it that I forgot to check my inventory. This is a mistake often made by most of the players. Just remember to get those stuff from the inventory and power up the characters using those stuff with particular uses. Ignoring the inventory means ignoring the powers you can get to play efficiently. The loot boxes you get in the inventory are important to redeem, especially those you acquire when the auto questing is done. So this is also an important aspect that the players often underestimate. This ignorance sometimes leads to the flooding of the items, so if this is the case, use them to craft the game setup to a higher tier.


Buying stuff that requires no real cash

One of the pro tips for the players is to buy the stuff without spending the real cash. This can be made possible by simply visiting the store from time to time. Although most times the store offers the stuff for premium currency, there are things offered that require no shelling out of the real cash. A daily visit can benefit with stuff like:


  • Protection babies to equip characters that are too using Sycee.
  • The pieces of the equipment.


The dailies again play a key role as by completing the tasks and quests, you get to earn the currencies or other stuff in exchange for whom you can buy the items from the store for sure. And hence the shopping becomes fun when no real cash is needed.


Mirage:Perfect Skyline Android Game


Be a member of guild

Players, this is a real pro tip all should know. Be a guild member. But for that, you need to reach level 80, then only it would become possible. Becoming a guild member comes with a variety of opportunities and benefits. It is advised that this action needs to be done as soon as possible. One could get the following benefits by joining the guild as a member in Mirage: Perfect Skyline:


  • You could get trained to improve, being part of the active guild.
  • You get to play the guild quests other than the dailies if you aim to earn more rewards.
  • You even get a chance to be a part of the guild events.


But yes, before joining the guild, make sure it is an active one. This is a mandatory check to progress together, unlocking various series.


Mirage:Perfect Skyline Gameplay


So this was all about the post on the tips and tricks for the game Mirage: Perfect Skyline.

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