League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide and More!

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Zed is an extremely fast, quick, agile mid-lane assassin champion known for his deeply complex combos that let him pierce through anyone on the battlefield in one go. Like most assassins, the legend gets stronger the more active he. In this article, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about Zed, his Skill Combos, an overview, and more!



Wild Rift Zed Overview and Tier List:


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


As mentioned earlier, Zed is an extremely skill-based hero. After mastering him, you will find yourself plowing through enemy teams. First and foremost, map awareness is of pivotal importance when you play a Mid Laner, especially one like Zed. If you don’t end up nailing your combos, you might end up missing out on kills or end up dying as the champions rely on you, trying to secure kills as much as you can.


Do note that you might find yourself struggling in the early game when trying to walk up to the lane since he is a melee champion. Your power spike is once you hit your ultimate, Death Mark. Then you can look for solo kills on the enemy or roam around with an extremely aggressive playstyle.  However, if you haven’t already, you can check out the hero yourself by downloading Wild Rift for free on PC


Tier List:


When it comes to a general tier list, placing the Champion in one is significantly difficult as his kit entirely depends on the user's Skill. If you learn to use his skills well, he can easily fare well against most melee champions in the Mid Lane. However, naturally, he isn’t strong against most magic casters, especially in the mid lane.


Therefore, in the current meta, he can easily be placed in the A+ tier in any match. However, he can shoot up to the S tier if there are no real magic casters on the enemy team. Plus, the squishier the enemy, the better Zed is in dealing with them.




Stats are an integral part of any champion in Wild Rift. All characters in the game are thoroughly balanced in various ways to make sure they are fun to play while also remaining reasonably powerful in some regards. Zed generally has good stats, especially for an Assassin. As expected, he lacks in maximum HP, which he more than makes up for in raw damage.


Here’s a complete overview of his stats:

  • Damage: 3 Stars (Extremely Strong)
  • Toughness: 1 Star (Weak)
  • Utility: 1 Star (Low)
  • Difficulty: 3 Stars (Hard)




Health Points are the survival points of your Champion. Since Zed is an Assassin, do not expect him to have good HP regen.


Level 1: 670

Level 15: 2140

Per Level Gain: 105




Mana is required to cast spells and abilities. Since Zed is a melee assassin, he does not have a high mana pool. It does not increase either.


Level 1: 200

Level 2: 200

Per Level: 0


Attack Damage:


Attack Damage is your basic attack. Since you are an assassin, your damage increases with each level.


Level 1: 71

Level 15: 135

Per Level: 4.57


Ability Power:


Ability Power is primarily used to enhance your skills and abilities. Since you are an assassin, you do not get an increase in Ability Power.


Level 1: 40

Level 15: 101

Per Level: 4.36




Armor is mainly used to deflect yourself from physical attacks and is used as resistance. Assassins, while they have low HP, they have great physical resistance.


Level 1: 40

Level 15: 101

Per Level: 4.36


Magic Resistance:


Magic Resistance is used to reduce the damage taken from magic attacks. Usually, purchasing items helps you increase your magic resistance. However, Zed has a natural increase in Magic Resistance as he levels up.


Level 1: 38

Level 15: 61

Per Level: 1.64


Attack Speed:


Attack Speed is quite self-explanatory. Assassins generally have good attack speed gain, and Zed is no exception.


Level 1: 0.8

Level 15: 1.01

Per Level: 0.02


HP Regen:


Since you are an assassin, do not expect your HP regen to be high. You are better off building items that supplement your HP and HP Regen in general.


Level 1: 9

Level 15: 19

Per Level: 0.71


Mana Regen:


Zed does not rely on his mana since his skills do not use up a lot of mana. Therefore, his regen in terms of mana is quite low.


Level 1: 0

Level 15: 34

Per Level: 2.43


Movement Speed:


Assassins always have high movement speed, and Zed seems to be no exception. Generally, you should not be building movement speed on the hero since he generally has high amounts of it.


Level 1: 470

Level 15: 470 

Per Level: 0


Zed Rune Build:


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


Runes are used to take your abilities to the next level. For Zed, there is a particular Rune build you should follow no matter what the patch is, as the entire build synergizes with your playstyle well. Here are the runes you should build:


  • Electrocute: Pro players generally use Living Shadow (Zed’s second ability) with the ability to start pricing Electrocute damage. This is especially helpful for you in Early game trades when assassins are generally much weaker.


  • Brutal: Brutal is an amazing rune for you to get some extra damage which is helpful at the late stages of the game.


  • Hunter – Titan: An assassin is meant to be in the middle of fights. Therefore, you'll be performing plenty of takedowns, especially if you start using your ultimate around teammates. With this Rune, you can have Zed accumulate a lot more health with each takedown you do, adding to his general survivability.


  • Hunter – Genius: You want your ultimate to be up whenever possible so that you can deal the most amount of damage as well. Hunter Genius provides you with the ability to haste up so that you can get an extremely strong takedown on opponents.


Rune Build 2:


For build no two, you can swap out Hunter Titan with Spirit Walker Rune:

Spirit Walker – Spirit Walker provides you 50 max health and 20% slow resistance, which is quite big for Assassins like ZED.


Summoner Spells:


For Summoner Spells, you should be picking up Flash and Ignite. Flash is generally recommended on almost every Champion because it helps you get out of situations as well as get in for the offensive.


The reason you should go for Ignite is that it helps you kill at least one person with your ultimate so that it provides you with extra damage needed to finish someone off.


Flash – Flash allows you to dive in and out of turrets to helps you in confirming your kill or to back off from a fight. No matter in which lane you are, flash is always a must-have Summoner Spell for every LOL: Wild Rift Champion.


Ignite – Ignite is the best summoner spell you can have as an Assassin and a Mid Laner. Ignite is pretty powerful and helps you a lot in the early game as it lowers your opponent's health below 50%, where you can simply dive in and use your passive to confirm the kill.


Barrier – Barrier is also an option for ZED as it provides good sustain and can be useful when an enemy can burst you early; for example, Vi and Lee Sin. However, Barrier is not the first choice and isn't better than Ignite, but it all depends on your play style and what you want to have as Summoner Spells.


Zed Complete Item Build:


Since you are a Mid Laner and are supposed to be ganking around the map in most cases, Zed should primarily be built on the attack. He deals tons of damage when you start building attack damage. He also benefits a lot from armor penetration and the ability to haste so that his ultimate come up quicker.


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


In general cases, Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Duskblade of Drakhtarr are really good items for the Champion. It provides him with much-needed damage and mobility, with both his passives serving him well. It provides him with more movement speed and helps you roam around the map in a more ferocious manner. Duskblade has a slow effect which helps him catch up to extremely mobile enemies, which is beneficial when facing off against a more agile team. Here are the items you should be building on the Champion:


  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade: The movement speed the item provides is extremely helpful when you roam. You also get extra damage from the first attack you deal.


  • Duskblade of Draktharr: The item provides you with extra damage with a slow effect as well when you disappear for more than a second. It also ties nicely with your Abilities.


  • Mortal Reminder: The item provides you with a lot of Attack Power with the Grievous Wounds passive as well.


  • Guardian Angel: When your combos don’t end up landing, the item essentially provides you with an extra life when you take lethal damage.


  • Black Cleaver: The Black Cleaver absolutely destroys the armor of all your enemies with every hit. If you end up landing a combo, you will deal a lot more damage than you would without it.


  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Stasis: Ionian Boots help reduce your ability and spell cooldowns. If you want extra mobility, upgrade to the Protobelt Enchantment.


The above-mentioned ZED build works like a charm against Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Tank. The build provides Attack Damage, Ability Haste, Armor Penetration, and Survivability. This build doesn't just focus on the late-game scenario as you can engage in 1v1 fights right after your first item Youmuu's Ghostblade.


ZED Other Build:


ZED’s other build or 2nd build is almost as same as build one except for two major changes. You can use Gluttonous Greaves and Death Dance instead of Mortal Reminder and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.


ZED’s Build Vs. Mage:


ZED's build against Mage requires one major change: to use Maw of Malmortius instead of Mortal Reminder.


Playing against Mage champions in LOL: Wild Rift can require you to buy Maw of Malmortius, which provides Magic Resistance and a shield that absorbs magic damage.


Other Items Options:


The following are some items that are situation based, and you can only use them if you know your champion pretty well:


Death Dance – The Cauterize passive from this item grants more time to react against burst damage champions because a portion of the damage you receive is converted into a damage over time.


Sterak’s Gage – Grants a good amount of HP and damage plus the Lifeline passive, which grants a shield when you are low on HP, which is a great advantage on cutthroat duels.


Build Analysis:


Just like any other item build for a champion, you can expect there to be variations depending on your particular playstyle. However, going for items that deal massive amounts of damage and having high mobility is what you should go for.


In this case, the items mentioned above make the most sense as they can absolutely devastate your enemy. As the meta changes, we’ll be updating this guide to make sure the item build always remains up to date. To be able to play the Champion better, here's how you can enable 120 FPS Gameplay on Wild Rift using LDPlayer. 


Wild Rift Zed Basic Skill Introduction:


Every Champion in Wild Rift has skills and abilities that you must be adept at in order to get good at the game. Zed, in this case, has a kit of spells that turns him into a master of single target damage and nuking. This is why he belongs to the assassin skill.


Contempt for the Weak:


A passive ability, Zed’s ability deals more damage to enemies once they are below 50% health. However, there’s a 10-second cooldown on the ability. You can use it to perform effective takedowns on enemies that are low. His attacks will deal bonus magic damage equal to 7% of their maximum health.


Razer Shuriken:


An active ability, it has Zed throwing out a shuriken right in front of him. The active deals damage to every place it strikes. It also deals less damage with every passing hit. You can use the ability to last hit minions and Champions as well once you effectively combo it. Each Shuriken deals 80 physical damage (80 + 100% AD) to the first enemy they hit and 48 physical damage (48 + 60% AD) to other enemies alongside his path. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds and takes 70 energy.


  • Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
  • Cost: 70 / 65 / 60 / 55
  • Base Damage: 80 / 130/ 180 / 230


Living Shadow:


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


Living Shadow is both a passive and active ability. It sends out a shadow that dashes out of Zed. The Shadow remains in the same place for a short time. However, it is mainly used as an offensive weapon. The Shadow will also start pulling off the Abilities you use once it is active.


If you click on the Living Shadow button again, you will instantly swap places with your Shadow. This is extremely useful when you want to escape or swap places into an engagement. He gains 35 Energy whenever an ability strikes the same enemy twice.

He has a cooldown of 20 seconds with the ability to consume 35 energy.


  • Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
  • Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14
  • Cost: 35 / 30 / 25 / 20
  • Energy Regen: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50


How Living Shadow Works?


Shadow Slash does damage when used by living shadow. The damage stacks, but the shadows do lesser damage. Your ult leaves behind a living shadow as well. It behaves in the exact same way as your Skill 2 shadow. So essentially, you can do damage from your shuriken and slash three times. That's 225 percent bonus damage on a combo pulled off perfectly. Given your percentage damage, passive, not even tanks, are going to survive long if you throw in a few auto attacks at the right time.


Shadow Slash:


Shadow Slash is an active AoE ability that deals immense damage to enemies close to Zed and nearby shadows too. However, unlike other champions, Shadow Slash is not an AA reset.


Each Champion you hit with the ability helps speed the cooldown of the ability by two seconds. The damage to the ability starts stacking. So, if you start timing it well, you can deal a lot of damage.


Each slash deals 70 physical damage (70 + 80% bonus AD) to nearby enemies and slows them by 25% for 1.5 seconds. It has a cooldown of 5 seconds and consumes 50 energy.


  • Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
  • Cooldown: 5 / 4.5 / 4 / 3.5
  • Base Damage: 70 / 105 / 140 / 175
  • Slow: 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%


Death Mark:


Death Mark is an active ability. With it, Zed becomes untargetable and starts instantly dashing towards the target champion and marks them. The ability triggers after 3.5 seconds. It then deals physical damage equal to 64 (100% AD) plus 25% of all the damage dealt with the target by the Champion while the mark itself is active.


The dash also leaves behind a shadow for 6 seconds. You can reactivate Death Mark to switch positions with the Shadow. It has a cooldown of 90 seconds.


Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Cooldown: 87.8 / 68.3 / 48.8

Base Damage: 25% / 40% / 55%


Combos and Spell Usage:


Zed is known for his combos. However, sadly, most of the combos that you incorporate are completely situational, depending on what enemy you are facing. However, there is a basic general use combo that you can take advantage of.


After you get more used to the Champion, you will automatically start developing particular combos that suit you better. Here’s the general skill combo you should learn when playing Zed:


  • Death Mark (Ultimate Skill)
  • Shadow Slash (3rd Skill)
  • Living Shadow (2nd Skill)
  • Razor Shuriken (1st Skill)
  • Living Shadow (2nd Skill)


Basic ZED Combos:

The following are some basic trade combos you must know if you choose to play with ZED:


  • Basic Trade Combo 1: Living Shadow – Shadow Slash – Razor Shuriken
  • Basic Trade Combo 2: Living Shadow – Razor Shuriken – Shadow Slash
  • Basic Trade Combo 3: Auto Attack – Living Shadow – Shadow Slash – Auto Attack – Razor Shuriken


All-in Burst:

Use your Living Shadow towards your target enemy champion, use your ultimate ability Death Mark + Razor Shuriken + Shadow Slash + Auto Attack and use your ultimate again (Place your Living Shadow Ability besides your target enemy so you can easily hit them with your Razor Shuriken Ability and Shadow Slash Ability like three times.) This is so far the best All-in Burst combo for the early game 1v1 fights, which will ensure the die even with the lack of damaged items.


All-in Safe:

Use your Living Shadow towards a safe location + Death Mark + Razor Shuriken + Shadow Slash + Auto Attack + Living Shadow to get back to a safe point. This combo will ensure that you survive almost every dive. If you can only land two Ws and Es, you will be most likely to get desired results in 1v1 fights in the late game. Of course, you have to be quick enough.


Do note that this is an extremely basic attack combo for Zed. As you get better at the Champion, you can create combos for yourself that better suit the situation. You can also check out the best possible way to play Wild Rift on PC


Zed’s Abilities and Analysis:


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


As soon as you hit level 5, your power spike, you can start looking towards getting a solo kill on the enemy. The main thing you should note is that when you activate the death mark, there’s a small skipped frame where you won’t be taking any damage.


This is your point where you should be dealing as much damage as you can to the opponent with all your attacks and abilities. If your enemy is marked while you perform your combo, your ultimate will end up dealing more damage in the long run. 


Zed Skill Progression:


While skill progression varies from game to game in Wild Rift, there’s a general guide towards skill progression you should follow in order to make the most out of the Champion at all points of the game:


  • Razor Shuriken: 1, 4, 6, 7
  • Living Shadow: 2, 12, 14, 15
  • Shadow Slash: 3, 8, 10, 11
  • Death Mark: 5, 9, 13 


How to Play Zed In All Stages of The Game:


Zed has a particular play style you need to take advantage of in all phases of the game to make the most out of the hero. We’re going to be talking about particular spells and items that help take him to the next level in the early and late game.


Early Game:


Zed is not adept in the Early Game as he is a melee champion. In most cases, you should try and stay back and wait for the opponent to push the minion wave under your tower. You can then use your second ability Living Shadow, in combination with your 1st and 3rd abilities, to farm from a safe distance.


Make sure not to press your 2nd ability again, or you will swap with your Shadow, which might put you in a lot of trouble. After you hit Level 5, that is potentially your power spike where you can go all-in and start trying to kill enemies in the mid lane. If the Mid Lane seems to not have a lot of kill potential, you can start roaming around the map as a Mid Laner to make the most out of the situation.

If you are not sure how to play the Mid Lane, here are some tips to help you take your mid lane gameplay to the next level.


Late Game:


Zed turns into an absolute monster in the Mid and Late game after he gets a few items. He can start to get extremely useful with his single target DPS. In the late game, you should start looking for solo kills on the enemy team. Try hiding near a bush and waiting for the enemy to carry or support you.


You can then surprise them with your Ultimate and dish in a lot of damage before the team fight even starts. If you are grouped up with your team, try to hit the enemy backline as that is where the carries are in most cases. 


How to win with ZED?


Always remember that you are weak early game, and you shouldn't try to last hit a minion if there is a risk of being poked. Save your shuriken to the last hit, and don't even try to poke level 1 with ZED because you will definitely lose the trade.


Your only goal is to hit level 5 and get your ultimate. Don't risk your HP for last hitting minions, but rather save it for when you have your ult. Upon reaching level 3, you can try to poke with 2nd + 3rd + 1st. This combo will easily proc electrocute and can help dominate your opponent, especially if he or she is squishy.


Also, don’t stand near your minions because you will inadvertently be poked when your enemy laner last hits them. Try to stay near the outer part of the tower and only go out when the enemy laner is missing. Keep in mind that it's easier to poke with Zed on Wild Rift than on the PC version because even your living shadows can use Shadow Blade to the last hit.


Here's a neat trick if the frontline protects your target. You can ult the enemy frontline, then proceed to burst the target behind them and if they try to cc you, immediately go back to your ult shadow and start pretending like nothing ever happened.


You can also use your ult invulnerability to evade ganks, but the time it correctly so you can dodge their skills.


  • Team Fights:

Find the priority target first. If you are ganking dragon lane, go for ADC and let your team handle the tank. If your team is trying to take objectives, go for the enemy jungler so they won’t have any chance of contesting that objective.


You can also go for the tank, but only if that tank is a big threat in your team, like Malphite if they have a Yasuo. No matter what the situation is you must stay behind your frontline and try to deal as much massive damage as you can to the enemy backline. Only use your ultimate on the enemy frontline and then go for the squishy champions like enemy Mid Laner or ADC.


Wild Rift Zed Pros and Cons:


For balance's sake, each Champion in Wild Rift has some particular pros and cons that turn them into much better picks in some drafts. Here’s a list of all the pros and cons Zed has:


Burst Damage:


Since Zed is an assassin, he deals tons of burst damage. His ultimate, Death Mark, marks his targets, which detonates his targets, increasing his overall damage once the mark remains.


Extreme Mobility:


Other than his insane damage, Zed also has high mobility. His second ability, Living Shadow, allows him to swap places. Moreover, his Ultimate lets him do the same as well.


Good At Ambushes:


With high mobility and damage, Zed is extremely good at picking enemies off guard. He can use his second ability, followed by his ultimate and Razor Shuriken, to annihilate the enemy before they even have the chance to react.


Good at Pressuring Carries:


Assassins are naturally good at putting pressure on the enemy team as they can one-shot anyone who is caught out of position. This makes the carry of the opposing team vary of their step. You can also render particular areas as dead zones as your presence might mark the sad demise of the enemy carry.

Now, we move onto the cons of the hero that render him unviable in certain situations.


Skill Curve:


While this is not inherently a con, it is quite hard to get into the Champion as he is a squishy assassin who also possesses complex mechanics, which makes him extremely hard to play in certain situations. It also takes a long time for most players to get used to the Champion.


Vulnerable to Crowd Control:


Since Zed is squishy, he does not do well against CC. Most supports and tanks can use CC attacks against Zed if he decides to jump on them, rendering him vulnerable for a couple of seconds.


Common Counters:


While we’re going to be talking about all the counters of the Champion down below, it is worth noting that a lot of Champions in the game are able to easily counter Zed due to his inherent nature. 


Wild Rift Zed Matchups (Synergies, Strong & Weak Against):


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


As mentioned above, Zed is an assassin that can be countered quite easily. However, if you want to have a good time, pick up Zed when you are up against champions that have no stun abilities and also have low ability.


If the enemy team picks up champions that have stuns and disable abilities, then Zed won’t really be having a good time.


Generally, just like most Assassins, you should usually be using Zed when you know the enemy team has a lot of squishy heroes that are pesky to deal with due to their high mobility. Since the Champion has excellent gap close, he can latch onto enemy champions with ease and take them out in the blink of an eye. With that being said, let’s dive right into details of which champion ZED is strong and weak against and which champions he can benefit from (Synergies):




The extra advantage you gain from other champions is because of Synergies. It's not really a thing like giving you a boost in your damage, but it boosts your confidence when these champions are in your team. In short, Champions with a lot of sustain will provide synergies with ZED. Let’s take a look at some of the ZED synergies:


Shyvana – Shyvana is one of the best Jungler in the game because of her ability to roam a little bit faster on the map. The ganks and abilities she brings to the table are simply amazing. When she is in your team, you can leave your lane to gank other lanes as she can take your place in the lane and allows you to get some kills or get a bonus from Jungle monsters. Shyvana is also a scary team fight presence that can disperse the enemy team, which is beneficial for ZED's Assassination. With her being in the team, you can call ZED "The Finisher."


Alistar – Alistar's cooldown and ability to soak up damage ten times more than any other champion makes him the best champion for you to have in your team. He knocks up his enemies and gives you enough time to pick your target. Not only this, but he can also soak up damage from multiple enemies, even their ult, and still stay in the fight. There is one thing you can wish for, and that is to have him on your team.


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide and More!


Malphite – When you have champions like Malphite in your team, you have nothing to worry about as he will distract your enemies' attention to himself while you roam and gank other lanes knowing that you have someone who can have your back always. This bad boy has AOE attacks and Immutable abilities, which keeps the frontlines' focus on him instead of you.


Darius – Darius doesn't need any introduction as he is sometimes known as a broken champion who isn't just a Top Lane tank, but he also packs massive damage and can even kill the whole time by himself in the late game. Having this champion in your team gives you a massive advantage over your enemies. You can even swap lanes with him as he shutdowns his opponents in the early game.


Gragas – Gragas is a one-man army. Don't go for his fat looks and belly, as he can deal massive damage as a Top Laner. Not only this, but this champion provides you extraordinary abilities when he uses his ult. You dive into enemy teams' backline, get kills and come back-to-back lanes like nothing ever happened. We highly recommend that if you have a friend who is good at Gragas, then you should wait for him and play with him to have the upper hand in LOL: Wild Rift.


VI – No one wants to talk about this Gunslinger as she is a tank and damage dealer. Vi is usually played as a jungler, giving you opportunities to roam around the map for extra buffs or gank lanes while she keeps your enemies away from your turrets.


Nasus – Nasus is a top laner and somehow has the same lane domination as Darius, but he isn't the first choice you would want as a synergy. Even though he provides slowdowns in team fights but you will still have to make an effort to get kills.


Strong Against:


Let’s talk about who ZED dominates in the early and late game. Keep in mind, the following champions are also good, but they lack what a player needs to go against ZED.


Yasuo – Yasuo is one of those champions you should never pick against ZED. Even though Yasuo has quite powerful abilities as a Mid Laner, his abilities don't do any good when it comes to 1v1 fights against ZED. You can always choose ZED if the enemy team has picked Yasuo because then you are a higher chance of winning every single 1v1 fight against him, not to mention the farm and lane pressure you will put him under.


Twisted Fate – Twister Fate is one of the best Mid Lane champions in LOL: Wild Rift and can pretty much one-shot most of the Mid Lane champions. However, the scenario changes when he is up against ZED. ZED can one-shot Twisted Fate in both the early and late game. The important point you should know is that Twisted Fate has long-range, and he will try his best to stop you from farming. You may lose some minion because of him, but don't let him down you. Your abilities allow you to play safe and rush.


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide and More!


Ziggs – Ziggs is also one of those champions that ZED counters. Ziggs won't give you many opportunities to kill him in the early game, so you will have to be patient and play it smart. Once you cross level 5, there will be nothing stopping you from getting close to him and punishing him for the early game harass.


Galio – ZED dominates Galio even after his rework in League of Legends PC. Galio got new abilities and ult but is still no match for ZED in 1v1 fights. You can blind pick ZED against Galio and chill in your lane because you can easily shut him down using ZED’s abilities and your skills.


Aurelion Sol – This squishy-looking champion has great damage and medium-range, which keeps enemies at length. But when Aurelion Sol is laning against ZED, she forgets everything because of ZED’s abilities which allow him to deal damage without being near to his enemies. If you are laning against ZED, then we will recommend that you stay under or close to your turrets and do not overextend. Because the only punishment you will get for overextending is giving your kill.


Weak Against:


Now it's time to talk about who ZED is weak against. Every champion has its pros and cons or champions he is strong and weak against. So, how can ZED be any different? LOL: Wild Rift is a very fair game, and this is also one of many reasons why it’s so famous in the early stages.


One of the best counters for ZED is heavy cc, especially because you will always be behind your target when you ult. Another counter for ZED is invincibility; that's why Stasis Enchant is important to buy if you are going against him. So essentially, any champion with an invincibility frame can look to counter him. The following are not his lane matchup counters but counter picks in general, from their respective roles. This does not mean these picks can always win against ZED, just that if played right, they have a chance to scuff his gameplay.


Let’s take a look at some examples of ZED’ weak against:


Kennen – Kennen’s ultimate attack speed, stun, and movement speed makes him a hard counter for ZED. You can't damage or kill an enemy if you can't land your blow, and that's what makes Kennen a hard counter. Kennen keeps his distance while keeping ZED under his turret. Kennen is also an A Tier champion and is hard to master, so your opponent will need to be good at Kennen. If you are up against him, we recommend asking your jungler to gank more often to scare him.


Akali – Akali is one of those champions you don’t want to go up against in the early and late game unless you can shut her down before she could get to level 5. It is highly recommended that you do not take 1v1 fights against her and only fight her when one of your teammates is near you or ready to gank your lane.


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide and More!


Jax – Jax, you might have heard about him as a versatile champion who can be Jungler or Top Laner. He has what it takes to take down ZED, which is stun, health, and damage; as we have already mentioned, ZED or any other assassin is quite squishy when it comes to health, and Jax takes advantage of that fact. If the enemy team has it, then watch out for ganks, especially early game ganks. To avoid getting killed by Jax, we recommend warding your side of the jungle and both sides of the river and ask your jungler to keep an eye on him all the time. These precautions can help you stay alive and dominate your lane. Once you are at level 5, then you can fight him, but one of your teammates must be with you or near you during fights. Avoid any roaming or ganking other lanes against Jax.


Orianna – Orianna can also be a pain in the early and late game laning phase because of her long reach. It’s highly impossible to burst her down if she has the Barrier passive, especially in the late game, you'll never find her alone, and she can protect her teammate and prevent them from being killed by your shadows as well.


Annie – Annie is quite a challenge for ZED only because of her stun ability. Her ult is also a part of this huge challenge that keeps ZED under his turret.


Fizz – Fizz is the best pick against ZED because of his skill advantage. Fizz can disable ZED's ultimate with his Playful / Trickster ability that prevents ZED from dealing damage to him.


Ahri – Ahri is also one of those champions who can counter ZED, without breaking a sweat, because of her CC skill. Ahri uses her Charm when ZED gets out from his ultimate, which makes ZED can't be able to deal damage to her and also can deal damage back to him.


Alistar – As mentioned above, you can only wish for one thing: to have him on your team or not have him in the enemy team. If the enemy team has Alistar, then you can simply stay alert at all times or focus on shutting down his other teammates so they can’t make big plays. Keep both riversides warded at all times and try to avoid 1v1 against him.


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide and More!


Tryndamere – Stasis lasts for 2 seconds; this dude can go invincible for 5 seconds. Make sure you don’t blow up your combo on him while his ult is active. Tryndamere is not an opponent you want to take on 1v1, as even your auto-attack passive is useless on him. Getting him low simply increases his damage on you. Make sure to waste his dash so that you can safely run away using your clones.


Important Tip:


An important tip regarding matchups, synergies, strong and weak against is that this is all based on hundreds of games, and it's not like you pick ZED against the mentioned champions, or you pick the mentioned champion against ZED, and you have won your lane. It all depends on practice, champion understanding, perfectly landing combos, split-second decisions, and your skills. So, make sure when you choose ZED, you have everything covered.


Wild Rift Zed Skins:


Skins are cosmetic enhancements for champions in the game. Here are all the Zed Skins in Wild Rift, including their rarity, price, and how you can get them. More skins for the Champion will be released throughout the season!


Death Sworn Zed Skin:


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


Rarity: Epic

Price: 990 Wild Cores

How to get the Skin: In-Store


Shockblade Zed Skin:


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


Rarity: Rare

Price: 725 Wild Cores

How to Get: In-Store 


LDPlayer Features for Wild Rift:


League of legends Wild Rift Zed Build The Ultimate Guide, Zed Skill Combo, Counter, and More!


Once you’ve gotten ahold of Zed, we recommend practicing the Champion solely on LDPlayer. When playing against a hero like Zed, being quick with your combos matters. As such, the Emulator allows you to change your binds, letting you use your mouse and keyboard the same way you could in the actual base version of the game, League of Legends.


Moreover, you can also set up dedicated control schemes to emulate the game's PC version. You can look at a detailed guide on how you can key remapping to destroy your opponents in League of Legends: Wild Rift.


Plus, as you get better at Zed, you’ll notice that many combos you can do with the Champion require pristine timing, which is hard to pull off perfectly any time. Therefore, to ensure that your combos land smoothly every time, you can use LDPlayer’s Macro Feature. Macros let you record an instance of a combo and then assign it to a particular key bind making sure it lands perfectly every time. This helps you play more complex champions like Zed in a much more proficient manner. 




While Zed is a hard champion to play, he is extremely fun as well. He features tons of unique abilities and also deals an astonishing amount of damage which has turned him into a favorite in high-level competitive play. The Champion does not get buffed or nerfed often, which turns him into an excellent champion to main since you won’t be relearning his abilities constantly.

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