Illusion Connect: Complete Guide for RPG Lovers


Illusion Connect is a role-playing game developed by Superism Technology Co., Ltd. SNK Allstar and Mega Champions are two of their games available on both android and iOS platforms.


Illusion Connect: Complete Guide for RPG Lovers


In the game, you will have five Leaders and more than 50 Radiants/partners. With a Leader and partners' help, you can engage in exciting real-time battles and tactical combats. You can unlock Leaders as you progress in-game, but to obtain partners/Radiants, you will have to summon through the gacha system.


Here is the complete guide for Illusion Connect Fans and RPG Lovers. In this guide, I will include everything I know so far about Illusion Connect. So, let's jump right into the guide.


Combat Basics:


The first and most important tip you need to know in this Illusion Connect guide is Combat. The reason why combat first is because you must first understand the game's mechanics to understand the heroes.


If you go into Combat, you will notice that you need a specific amount of energy to deploy your heroes/partners. However, energy cost varies by heroes/partners. You will also see the energy bar below your heroes/partners, which regenerate automatically with time. Keep in mind; you will need the exact amount of energy to deploy your hero/partner.


In combat, you will also see your main hero/leader with a "Crown" beside his energy bar, and you will also see the enemy's main boss with a "Crown" beside his/her health bar. Now, if your main hero/leader dies, you lose, and if you kill the enemy boss with the "Crown," you win.


Enemy's main boss spawns at the same place each time, and in each combat, your whole purpose is to kill the enemy's main boss/bosses to win the battle. Sometimes enemies will have four bosses. You can check the number of bosses from the right top corner of your combat screen.


You can drop heroes/partners of your choice on the battlefield, and as soon as you drop them, they will automatically use their ultimate ability. Ultimate ability is the yellow bar below your health bar. It is also known as a rage bar, and your hero will use the ultimate ability as soon as it gets full.


Illusion Connect: Complete Guide for RPG Lovers




In combat, you will see different formation slots. You do start the game with about four slots, which increases as your progress in the game. The maximum slots you can have in a formation is ten. In the campaign, you get a random hand of the ten heroes you have, and you will have to make a play using those ten random heroes each time.




The next up is Leader. The Leader is your main hero with the "Crown" beside his health bar in combat.


It has his unique skills and abilities to help your partners in battles. The other heroes in combat are your partners.


There is actually one Leader in the game, but it has five forms; each form has different abilities, active and passive skills. You will unlock the other forms of Leader as you progress further in the game. However, before using the hero, make sure to check out his stats and understand his skills.


Also, at the start, do not put too much effort into the Leader until you unlock the other Leaders. Check out their active and passive skills, stats, and decide which one you want in your team.


Keep in mind that your heroes depend on your Leader. There are specific heroes that your Leader allows to be in his team, which means you will have to handpick your leader's heroes according to his requirement. So, it's the best move to wait for other Leaders to be unlocked.




In partners, you will have SSR, SR, and R rating waifus and male characters.


Let's talk about partner's stats and what they bring to the battlefield. Partners have Attack, Hp, Defense, and Speed. You will have to level up your partners to increase their stats. Leveling up partner requires potion and in-game currency.


Illusion Connect: Complete Guide for RPG Lovers


You will also face breakthrough points at Level 30, 45, 50, and 60. To pass the breakthrough level, you will need Valor Insignia, which you can get from the campaign. Clearing campaigns require stamina, so you will only need stamina and nothing else. Also, you can improve the level limit of your partners by linking them together.




Next up in partners is Lens. The Lens is your partners' star progression in the game. To level up star progression, you will need a specific amount of the partner's shards/duplicate. There are a few ways to get shards in the game, and there is only one way to get duplicate, which is through summoning.


  • To get to four-star, you will need one duplicate from summoning.


  • To get to five-star, you will need one duplicate from summoning.


  • To get to six-star, you will need two duplicates from summoning.


After six-stars, you can ascend your partner to the next level, and for that, you will need four duplicates from summoning. However, there are only a few partners at the moment that can be ascended in the game. When you recharge your Lens or upgrade star level on Lens, it gives you a boost in one stat and ability.


For example, star level three increases attack and hp, whereas star level four increases one of the ability's stats and gives you an attribute boost.




Gears are for extra stats, and I don't think there is anything worth explaining to role-playing game lovers. Just Fast Equip and Fast Enhance the gears as you get them at early levels. Gears also have SSR, SR, and R rarity levels, and you can also enhance gears to the next level.


Elemental System:


The elemental system is the element system which overpowers the other elements. For example, In Illusion Connect, Light and Spell class counter each other and all other classes. Attack class counters Sorcerer, Sorcerer class counters Guardians, and Guardian class counters Attack. Heal and Summon do not counter any class in Illusion Connect.


Illusion Connect: Complete Guide for RPG Lovers




Every partner has its passive, unique, special, and normal skills. Passive skill is like a combat buff that your partner provides to other partners during combat. Unique skill is your partner's passive skill, and it is the ultimate ability we talked about in combat. Your partner/hero will use it as soon as you drop it on the battlefield, and it will continue using the ultimate skill automatically once the rage gets full.


  • Special skill is the higher damage skill than normal skill but lower damage than a unique skill.


  • Normal skill does continuous damage in combat but lower damage than special and unique skills.




In combat, your energy cap is 20, and you have to keep that in mind while building your lineup. In Lineup, you will see the team name, the total energy (of your Leader and all partners), and average energy. Average energy tells you the average amount of energy you will require in combat to drop your partners on the battlefield.


If your average energy is high, your winning chances are quite low, so try to keep your average energy as low as possible. Also, there is a limit to which partners you can use with the Leader. So, keep an eye on that too.


Combat Modes:


In combat modes, you have "Dreams."


In dreams, you will have campaign mode complete campaign mode to get rare items. There is just one thing that you need to know before going into the campaign: you will have to get a certain number of stars to get to the next level. The best part is if you are stuck, you can skip the level and go to the next level and complete it until you can't progress further because of stars.




Next up is trails. In trials, you will have to take part in and complete Daily Trials, Exploration, Arcana, Dream Expedition, and Nightmare Lab.


Illusion Connect: Complete Guide for RPG Lovers


You know all about what is Daily Trials. Dream expedition is like weekly trials. In Exploration, you run around and do stuff to get specific rewards. Arcana is where you can challenge enemies and win massive rewards.


Nightmare Lab is like a training session, which should be your top priority. The training is Nightmare Lab takes you through the basics of combat. So, if you are new or haven't grabbed the basics of combat, you should focus on it first. You also get rewards upon completing training in Nightmare Lab.




Illusion Connect's complete guide will help you to understand the game better and what mechanism it follows. The guide includes the complete details about Leader, Radiants/Partners, Combat, Trails, Events, and much more.


The guide will let you enjoy the game without worrying about figuring out what to do next or what to avoid. Follow the guide to the letter to enjoy Illusion Connect at its fullest.