Illusion connect: Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List Who To Pick

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Welcome to the world of Illusion. Connect and build your team with Radiants. Dominate the nightmares and create your lineup. Yeah. This is the game Illusion Connect.  


Illusion connect: Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List Who To Pick


Illusion connect is a mobile strategy game with memorable real-time battles released on the 22nd of October 2020. This game's original developer is Superprism Technology co Ltd, and they work together with Chameleon games to publish the game. It has a real-time battling system and the game, and players have to become great leaders for the radiants. 


Illusion connect is available for Android and iOS devices, and you can download Illusion connect on PC now. This game is truly an inspiration to gamers.


Illusion Connect Gameplay


It has a standard mobage typed formula game and consists of a gacha system to recruit characters, new equipment, stamina, farming materials, etc. You need to create lineup heroes and make them vital to use with various stages and challenges. 


Illusion connect: Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List Who To Pick


You can level up a character's strengths by leveling up and with various equipment. There will be a level up for every 15 levels, and you have to collect some materials and pay the needed amount of gold to remove this cap for the level. Lower rarity character increasing can be gain through the lens upgrade.


Combat system


For the combat of the game, you will need the most potent character for your team as their combat power directly affects the overall CP of your team. CPs are used as a baseline whenever there is an opponent tackling. You must have a higher CP than your enemy to gain a quick victory. 


There is a real-time combat system in the game, and both parties are taking action for the battle. There are two sides for a battlefield, with nine grids for each. Each side can be placed by the characters your player character is in your side. Your task here is to decrease the HP into zero for the enemy boss, resulting in ending the battle.


An energy cost represents each character by the crystal, and the gauge you see at the bottom is their energy gauge. If you take enough energy, you can deploy your hero. When all the heroes are deployed, spend your time on activating buffs and for the healing effects. 


When your levels up to become a leader, you will get more opportunities to add more characters. Every class of the character you add to the team will continuously determine the buffs applied onto the team. 


Most of the time, gacha games are coming from the free 10x roll for every new player. It happens right after the tutorial, and you have to play that b spending few minutes into it. 


Tutorial battles provide you an excellent experience for the battling system in the game, and it makes you strong through experience. You need to go through all the instances of the tutorial battles provide by the game until you find the home screen. 


There are freebies to take from the mail on the home screen, and it will include a 10x summon ticket. It gives you a chance to perform a summon of 10x, and Illusion Connect provides its gamers a summon banner. Summon banner is a guarantee for a second SSR hero, and those heroes can change your game's state entirely into change. Now you are given a chance to make reroll in the game. 


What heroes are there in the card draw pool?


Illusion Connect consists of 4 units in the tier as follows. 


  • S tier
  • A tier
  • B tier
  • C tier


S Tier


S tier lists are the entire tier list in the whole Illusion connects game. And also, the S tier is again dividing into three-tier units as 


  • SSS
  • SS
  • S


Usually, this tier list brings you the best in the whole gameplay for your benefit. These units are the best ones to work with your team's strategies and tactics. Obtaining at least one of the S-tier heroes is a winning point. The S-tier heroes are having increased pulling rates from the time-limited banners. 


Among the entire S tier, as we mentioned, there are three other units included in it. Usually, these S-tier heroes are the best. Remember, among all of the heroes in the S tier, the best ones are from the sub-tier list of SSS or the SSR. Usually, the SSS tier is the most available OP unit in the game.


On the other hand, the tier SS also holds excellent powers as the same as the SSR. But in somewhat less. But overall, they are significant than the others. They are still really overpowered units in here. And the tier list S is not acceptable as the tier SSR or SS. But still, it is tier S. The best tier list in the game Illusion connect.


A Tier


The heroes within the A tier on the whole game Illusion connect still the best and the great choices for the gameplay. It will be a huge investment to your team as this tier also holding the good powers within them. It will not be easy to get S-tier heroes always. 


So we recommend you to turn the side into A-tier heroes as well. On some occasions in the game, these A-tier list heroes will perform more excellent than those in the S tier. 


B Tier


The tier B heroes you can use if there are no other alternatives available for you in the game. There are benefits available in them too within a limit. We recommend you build your team as much as possible in the upper tiers. 


Use this tier list if there are no other options for you. But still, there are some heroes in the tier list B find helpful.


C Tier


Usually, heroes in tier list C are the ones we would not recommend using in the gameplay. If you are genuinely unlucky to build a team from the above tier lists, uses this C tier as the last option. But these units are not bad. 


There are some unique situations where these heroes would not be able to work. Remember, all of the other tier lists are best at what they are doing than the C tier. 


Tier List


S Tier


These are the heroes available in tier list S, and they are the best units so far in the game.


  • Miyuki 
  • Kasumi 
  • Anna 
  • Yuffie 
  • Rotania 
  • Maki 
  • Hachi Shiki 
  • Selena 
  • Gemmy 
  • Phoebe 
  • The Enforces 
  • Kiraya 
  • Nicola 
  • Gagaku 
  • Vivian 
  • Rikia 
  • Pan 
  • Hersey 
  • Saya 
  • Angela 
  • Nina 
  • Victoria 
  • Ann 
  • Amon 
  • Yume 
  • Abby 
  • Lunar 
  • Cubie  
  • Ming 
  • Annis Dora 
  • Nefir 
  • Annie 
  • Astaroth 
  • Barinas 
  • Camille 
  • Diamond 
  • Diana 
  • Fenebeth 
  • Gigi 
  • Hotaru 
  • Jasmine 
  • Mad hatter 
  • Shanti 
  • Sachiko 
  • Rie 
  • Polly 
  • Seeger 
  • Eileen 
  • Berial 
  • Charlotte 


A Tier


"A" Tier heroes are as follows, and they are most likely the average ones.


  • Alice
  • Beatrice
  • Brooke
  • Carol
  • Chiyo
  • Edward
  • Frantiva
  • Mary
  • Mei


B Tier


These are the heroes available in tier list B, and those are not bad but somewhat weak. 


  • Ashwaya
  • Flora
  • Harto
  • Mia
  • Nanalie
  • Tiffany 


C Tier 


C-tier heroes are as follows, and better identify them as the worst ones due to their lack of survivability. 


  • Bontenmaru
  • Loro
  • Penny


These are the all-tier list of Illusion Connect and always remember that Tier S and Tier A are the ones you should play. Don't even look at the C tiers.


Which to choose from the reroll?


Several ones make decisions to select, and the best pick up for a hero is the Miyuki. She is so far the best unit in the game, and she can reduce her enemies' rage meter by her actions. You can also get Miyuki free on the 8th day of the game, but it is essential in the dupe. So dupe Miyuki will be great as a choice.


Illusion connect: Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List Who To Pick


If you need a powerful single target, you need to select Maki and Ana for the best healing. And Yuffi is a unit killer that costs higher, and she is dealing with the damage of AOE for the whole team. Invisible hits are coming with Selena, and column-wide shielding comes with the Kiraya. So these are all the best choices you can make in the rerolling. 


How to Reroll the Best Character in Illusion Connect through LDPlayer?


When the game started, if you want to reroll, that process always begins with a guest account. After doing each rerolls, you can delete this guest account whenever you need it. 


Use multilayer too of the LDPlayer to perform several rerolls at once to earn the best hero. It makes the copies from your emulator and performs the above reroll for each clone. So rerolling become more effective and valuable than before with LDPlayer.


Illusion connect: Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List Who To Pick


Here are the steps to rerolling the best characters.


  • Log into the game as a guest. 

Illusion connect: Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List Who To Pick


  • Do not open the game and open the LDMultiplayer tool from the settings. Then makes clones from your first emulator.


  • Using synchronizer, start your game with all those clones. 


  • Follow the tutorial. It will take some time, and you have to complete the battles. Unlock the function of summoning and engage in the tutorial summon. After all these, you will have to do more stages and then check the mailbox to claim the 10x summon ticket you get.


  • After getting the 10x summon ticket, you have to go to the summon by clicking the summon option available in the lobby. You will see the gacha banners on the left side of the screen, and you have to choose the strongest and powerful SSR unit you want. 


  • Spend your 10x summon tickets and wait for the result. You will get the x SSR unit by the 10x summon pull. 


  • In case of need another 10x pull, do the quests and story missions by playing the game. Earn 1880 diamonds from it and take another 10x pull to get some more SSR units.


  • If you didn't get the best SSR unit you want, you could revise the actions. Tab the character avatar and click on the account. It will lead you to click on a new guest account, and it helps you reset the guest account you currently in the game. Then you can restart the rerolling process. 




The Illusion Connect is an eye-catching game with an incredible concept and a theme. You can see the characters of this game are so much attractive. Rerolling on the best character and the best tier list will always bring you to the winning path in Illusion connect. 


To do so, you should have a piece of sound knowledge on the tier list of the game. 


Our recommendation on the best tier heroes goes with the S tier as you have to choose the best out of the best. Usually, S-tier heroes are the best and most powerful heroes in the Illusion Connect, and try to reroll the game with the guides we provide you before and find the best character for your gameplay. 


Refer to all the tier list characters and make sure to reroll the best character through it. Then win is yours.

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