Cyber Hunter: Best Tips and Strategies


Cyber Hunter is an open-world next-generation battle royale multi-platform game created by NetEase Inc. Some Cool elements of Cyber Hunter, like shooting, survival skills, exploring, Charming vehicles, Creative weapons, and Extreme parkour experience, take the game to the next generation level.


Cyber Hunter: Best Tips and Strategies


The most exciting thing about Cyber Hunter is the "superpowers" of heroes from quantum droids. Heroes can also construct all kinds of buildings, stairs, walls, floors, and so on, just like in Fortnite. The admirable 4-star rating on Google play store, 4.0+ rating on other platforms, and over more than ten million installs make Cyber Hunter more eye-catching and attractive for the new players.


However, just like every other game, players need a useful guide to know about the basics of the game, but we will share some great tips and tricks with you in this guide. So, let's get started with our ultimate tips and tricks guide for all players.


Tips & tricks of Cyber Hunter:


Let’s get right into tips and tricks.


Teamwork makes the dream work:


For teamwork in Cyber Hunter in dual or four-player squads, most people lack improving the Team. When you don't have a healing device, your Team will become your healing device by protecting you.


Especially in squad matches, stay close to your teammates and talk strategy with them. Stay Close to each other even when driving; that is why a four-seat vehicle is preferable. Ride it to a safe place. Having some extra goodies will be the name of the game here.


Cyber Hunter: Best Tips and Strategies


Keep track of your achievements:


While playing the game, do a personal duty to complete the full list of Daily Missions. Claim your "daily sign-in rewards" daily. You can access these by clicking on a gift box on top of the game's main menu screen.


Try to achieve a crate by your efforts. They also give some goodies in the form of achievements and tasks. There are other achievements in the game you need to keep up with; some of them are the following:


  • Seasons Achievements


  • Events Achievements


  • Reward Achievements


  • Quests Achievements


  • Challenge Achievements


  • Medal Achievements


For an active event, keep an eye on the official Cyber Hunter site to know which event is happening and going on.


Best Combo Soulsnatcher and Drake Buster in Cyber Hunter:


To survive longer and to be the last man standing, you need guns, and more precisely, you need good firearms. However, with a good weapon, you also need some useful skills.


Soulsnatcher is the sickest, long-range, and the best destructive weapon in cyber hunter. It supports Scope, E-Core, magazine, five max number of bullets. E-Core functions are like the tracking system when the gun hits the enemy.


Cyber Hunter: Best Tips and Strategies


With a combination of Drake Buster, a gun with more bullets in the magazine, and lower recoil makes them the best combination of all in the game.


But some of the weapons have their advantages and disadvantages. Like SoulSnatcher Sniper is best for long-range shooting. SMG is suitable for high-speed combat but lacks quick aiming. Shotguns for short-ranged fights since Soulsnatcher and drake buster are of two different kinds (long-range and short-range). That is why they are the best combo.


It all depends on you how you use your guns in cyber hunter. Since you can only carry two, pick up the ones which only best suits you. Don't use shotguns for long-range and Sniper for short-range and so on.




Many new players don't know about E-Cores in Cyber Hunter. It is an attachment to the weapon. It strengthens your guns than before. Besides having just a scope on your rifle, you can add a unique E-Core to enhance your weapon. E-Cores is an ad through which creates an addition to your firearm. Different weapons use different E-Cores. SMG cores are easy to find, like anywhere while looting.


E-Cores can heal yourself, reload time shortening or increasing bullet speed, and so on. E-Cores are in chests or gifts drops.


Booster Cards:


If you have booster cards, use them when the Cyber Hunter starts by going into the inventory right away. By activating Booster Card, you will get V-Coins and EXPs for a straight one day. These cards give you the currency for "Elite Supply" purchases and increase your player's level by boosting EXPs. It also helps in unlocking the skills, which is an immense advantage in combat.


The Battle Royale Role:


This role is not just for Cyber Hunter but also keep in mind while playing any battle royale game that plans your tactics before the map even starts. It doesn't matter if you are in 4 player squad or alone.


Cyber Hunter: Best Tips and Strategies


Decide where you want to drop regardless of whether it is along the plane's path or not. Always play with the teammates and land in the same area and the one where you can easily find pickups like weapons and vehicles.


One more strategy that is used by the pro players is that they drop out early. Why this strategy? Because of getting more of the equipment before your opponents. This technique indeed gives you an advantage over your opponent in any battle royale game, including Cyber Hunter.




We will end our tips & tricks list here. There are other common tips and tricks in the game, so we hope you know those tricks. You will also find some of the hidden tricks that we didn't find yet in the game. Cyber Hunter is vast and full of hidden tricks. We hope that you enjoyed the list of Cyber Hunter Tips & Tricks. Keep in mind that practice and immersive matches strengthen you to be a professional player.


Boosting Card and E-Cores are two of the essential things which new players don't know about or ignore, but in fact, these two can change the outcome of every battle in this battle royale game. If you want to dominate the battleground and be the last man standing, then follow these tips and tricks to the letter.


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