Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud Beginner Guide and Gameplay Walkthrough


Are you interested in playing a game that is exceptionally unique from the usual games you play? Then, you must try out the Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud because it is a 3D mobile strategy roguelike game that is set to release globally. Since this is a strategy game with roguelike gameplay, how can it be a simple game? There will be many more things that the players should complete in this game, such as lots of battles, gathering teams, etc., which is why the players must have a beginner guide to play this game even before its release. 




The game story is about tactical dolls called Exiles, and the humans abandoned these tactical dolls because of their system errors. But the player plays as the commander of the Project Neural Cloud, who is responsible for gathering all the tactical dolls, forming a group called Exiles, customizing and empowering them with strengths, and eliminating all the enemies you will encounter in the journey of revealing the truth of everything. Since this seems complex, we made you the best Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud beginner guide to ease the game.


Through this beginner, we hope to give you all the things necessary to know before playing the game, and once you learn more about the game, it will be easier for you to play the game courageously after its release. So, it's the players' time to go ahead and find out what we have brought specially for them in this Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud beginner guide. 


Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud Combat System

Before entering the game, the players can select the characters they want to take to the battle, and also, before the match, the game shows something that looks like a plan for the stage. The players can choose any path they would like to play along by looking at the program provided. 


The players can clear a stage completely once they finish the final fight of the stage, the fight with the big boss. After entering the battle, the battle takes place on a grid made of hexagon-shaped tiles, and the players can position all of the characters on several tiles with buffs. But it's essential to understand the potential of each character and place them according to what they are capable of.


The battles occur automatically without the player's involvement, and the characters move and fight accordingly. The only thing the players can do to control the wars is to activate the character skills given at the left bottom corner of the game. For example, if the player needs to start one of the attributes shown on the game screen, the only thing to do is, tap on the enemy and then tap on the skill you want to activate, and by doing this, the player can win the battles quickly. 


The players can see the health bar in green color with every player on the team, and there is an orange bar that shows the exact time to use the abilities or the skills of the characters. After some battles in one stage, the game throws three choices of buffs, but the players can only choose one. When selecting one out of three, always be more considerate and choose the best buff that contributes to the best heroine in the team. Eliminate all the enemies, and you will be the winner of each battle. 


Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud Summoning System

Since the game has a summoning system, which is a procedure to pull out characters by spending different currency types, it makes the game look like gacha elements. There are different types of summoning banners provided by the game, and we will now look at the main summoning banner to know much more about the searching system.


Advanced Searching


This is the main banner provided by the game for the players to pull out characters here, and the players need Advanced Retrieval Instructions to pull out characters from this banner. 


If the players need to pull out one character, it will require one advanced retrieval instruction, and if the players need to pull out ten characters at a time, then the players need ten advanced retrieval instructions. But if they do not have enough tickets to pull out characters, the balance can be completed by exchanging one of the currencies of the game called Quartz which can be found rarely. 


The summoning rates are like, 

  • Summon a three-star character - 3.60%
  • Summon a two-star character - 18%
  • Summon a one-star character - 78.40%


Then there is a pity system that guarantees the players to give a three-star character in their 60th pull if they do not get a three-star feeling in the past 59 draws. 


Basic Searching

This is another summoning banner that the players can use to summon heroes, and the players need basic retrieval instructions to pull out the characters here. 


The players can summon one character for one basic retrieval instruction or ten summons for ten basic retrieval instructions at a time. But here, the players will only guarantee to get one-star or two-star characters mostly. 


There are other summoning banners too in this game that are only limited to a specific time, and also, these summonings require different recruitment tickets with different summon rates. 


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Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud Strategies for Winning Battles


  • Before going into the boss battle of each phase, the players should go to the in-game shop and buy buff cards that will increase the powers of the characters using the coins.


  • Use the ultimate skills of the characters at the correct time to have direct winning. 


  • When there is more progress made, the boss enemies are also getting stronger. So better get prepared before rushing into battles. 


  • Try to gain the best characters and upgrade until their levels maxed out to have good gameplay in this game. 


Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud Character Upgrades

Characters or heroines are an essential factor in Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud, and there are many characters that the players can select for their teams to take part in battles. Upgrading the character is necessary to have victories over every boss or enemy you will encounter at any stage, no matter how powerful the enemies are.


  • The players can use experience points (XP) that they gain as battle rewards in this game to upgrade the characters and max out their levels. 


  • By performing limit breaks, players can increase the max level cap of the characters. The limit break can be achieved when the player levels up characters to their maximum level. 


  • The players can increase the characters' star tiers by collecting the fragments for each character, and the players can buy these character fragments through the in-game shop or by doing dailies, or the players can convert duplicate summons into character fragments. 


  • Upgrading the skills levels using the skill books in this game will also boost the stats and the character's overall performance. 



Now, the players can play the game with tremendous guts, more courage, and knowledge to help them become successful players. But as you know, the best android emulator, LDPlayer 9, is the only platform that provides many easily accessible and helpful tools and features for the players. Therefore, get ready to take the challenge to empower the abandoned dolls together, and take them to battles only for winnings with LDPlayer 9 after the Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud releases.

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