Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021

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If you ever want to play a 2D version of a game with a fantasy theme, this is the game for you. It is Epic Seven. We have already discussed the game guides, tier lists, and so many other things about this game so far, and today, we are going to talk about the top 10 AOE damage dealers available here.  


Epic Seven is a fantastic RPG for all the game lovers with the strongest heroes to fight against the fall of the 7th world destruction. Here you take the all-tier list character's control, and they are used for the stories and the exploration of the land. Players are tasked to kill their enemy bosses. When engaging in this game, it might need some super abilities to win through an AOE. So who are these best heroes? Let's identify the top 10 out of them in here.


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Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers


AOE damage dealers from the best have their own abilities to win a battle quickly. They have some super talents than the other tier list characters in Epic Seven, and we present you with ten damage dealers who can save your day with AOE damage.




Bellona belongs to the earth range, and this is a female character who wears a bright blue kit. She is performing her attacks with the use of a fan. The damage performed through that will always become equal to the maximum health of the enemy.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


Bellona can lose her focus when focusing on the caster's stack of more than five. But she is activating the razor wind fan in such a situation. She is a well-known player for attacking her opponents by only waving the fan.


When the Bellona numbers as much as enemies, she is going t deal with more significant damage. She is a hero who can do extensive damage to the opponents by using the Butterfly Fan skill. It will be her second skill, and she can gain immunity for one turn when she activates the skill.


As Bellona is a 5-star hero, she would be considered a large, powerful hero than her stats. But don't ever underestimate her powers from that. Bellona is the best when comparing her synergies in skill, and she is turning into a big powerhouse for the battles. If a boss has significant health, you can quickly deal with him by using Bellona.



Martial Artist Ken


Martial Artist Ken is a 5-star warrior, and he will be based on the Dark. There is the first skill for him as knockout, which can attack for single targets and it causes a series of damage to the targets. His Dragon Flame skill counter on any of the incoming attacks he faces, and Martial Artist Ken uses that skill to do a critical hit to the opponents.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


If the dragon flame skill gets triggered, it leads for this hero to do a massive critical hit, and the damage of that will be equal to his lost health amount.


Ken's ultimate is the Coming of Azura, and it can attack all the enemies with some strongest ground pounding. It can lead to damage which results in a decrease in the defense buff of the targets. And also, there is a buff for this hero to increase his attacking power by two turns, and if it gets soul burned, it can deal with plus damage for ten souls of cost.


Martial Artist Ken is considered the best out of best character in the Epic Seven to deal with an AOE damage, and he can heal himself if he gets equipped with artifacts and the steal items. He is more likely to a hero who cannot be killed and a more challenging opponent for enemies. You can build him in two ways as a damage dealer or as a bruiser. So he becomes excellent whenever we need to do considerable damage.


The best thing about Martial Artist Ken is that he doesn't own any kind of disadvantages towards elements, and he is a hero who can increase his high base attack limitless.


Blood Blade Karin


Blood Blade Karen is a female character, and she is a Dark Thief. Her damaging skills can deal with a striking, and it is quicker than the other heroes. She uses a sword to attack her enemies, and by striking with it, Blood Blade Karin is absorbing the health of the enemies. This health absorbing will always be proportional to the damage-dealing she leads, and her caster's combat will always be prone to increase when there is an enemy is defeated.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


Blood Blade Karin is constantly increasing her attack, defensive skills, and speed against her enemies as there is a decrease in health. She is a hero who can deal with more significant damage for enemies and attack them all with an extra turn if they become defeated. Overall this hero is the best farmer, and she is always excelling in the arena. When she loses her health, she becomes more powerful than ever.


Celestial Mercedes


Celestial Mercedes is a mage female character who belongs to the Dark. She is a powerful attacker who deals with magic, and if she performs an attack, it will lead her enemies to be unhealable for two of the turns.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


She is excellent for attacking with magic power, and Celestial's attacks with the considerable light sphere can lead her enemies to experience a strong damage attack. This damage will always become proportional to the maximum health of the enemy.


Celestial Mercedes is capable of attacking her al enemies by releasing the spells from the last spellbook. This spell releasing can increase the all-attacking of the caster into two turns, and it will lead to an increase in combat readiness. These depend on the critical hit numbers that celestial made. We can name Celestial Mercedes as a great AOE attacker who can increase the readiness of the combats, and she is gaining a real attack buff from her skill three.


Celestial's second skill is excellent for doing significant damage against the bosses who have high HPs in the enemies. She is an amazing debuff for skill 1 with unhealable skills and a perfect fit for the AOE offense in the arena for a team.




Kyron is a fire thief who performs attacks with a sword. He is decreasing the hit chances in one turn and deal with damage based on the last health of the caster. When Kyron's health is lost, the damage will be proportional to that, and it can increase the damage he does. When he is soul burned, this first skill, "Void Slash," can lead to 10 costs of soul damage increasing.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


Kyron is receiving an immortality buff with his immortal will skill, and when there is a void slash, it can turn into a big AOE attack through that. The AOE attack that emerges here can damage the Void slash, and it will affect every target of the Kyron. The Ultimate of this hero is the Apocalypse, and he attacks for single targets by this.


The damage will happen by utilizing the Archdemon's power on his sword, and all the damages performed by the Kyron will be proportional to the health of him.  


This hero is the strongest single target damage hero, and he can increase his damaging output with the shrinks of his health. He has an immortality buff, and if he enables to kill an enemy when this buff is activated, Kyron turns into a so much scary hero. He has an overall high speed for the base and strongest base attack system. His all skill set allows him to make AOE and single target damages, and he is becoming great destruction to the enemies.




Clarissa is an Ice Warrior who performs the attacks by a morning star. This morning star can decrease the enemy defense system for two turns. Clarissa is emerging every time she kills enemies through mystery or the harsh lessons, and by that, she can earn some extra AOE attacks for her all enemies. She can attack the enemies with spinning, and it will result in bleeding on two turns.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


When the caster of the Clarissa becomes emerged, her damaged dealing is going to be increased, and there is a stack for effect for the additional bleeding. You can identify Clarissa as a great farmer, and she belongs to the AOE with her third skill. And also, it can be stacked up for two bleeding when it has emerged. Using Clarissa in arenas will be beneficial, and she is blessed with some extra damage system with some additional AOE attacks.




Sez is an Ice thief who performs dark energy. He attacks and penetrates all his enemies with his dark energy skills, and it turns the enemies into an unhealable state. The damage dealing of the Sez is always proportional to the lost health of the enemy, and he is a somewhat darker hero for the game.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


Sez performs his attacks with the Dark shadow, and if it leads to a decrease in the enemy's health, it generates another extra attack against all enemies to make them unhealable. He can damage his enemies with some lethal damages, and you can identify Sez as the best fodder framer to the game.


Sez is the most vital damage dealer for the AOE and also for the single targeting. He is a debuff, unhealable character, and his attacks can trigger some extra AOE attacks to the enemies.


Arbiter Vildred


Arbiter Vildred is one of the strongest and a versatile hero in the game, and he is playing an essential part in the whole gameplay of the epic seven. He can attack his enemies with the sweep skill, and it deals with two enemies simultaneously. There is a dark control ability hold by the Arbiter, and it gives him a 70%of health reviving after a lusty bow. Then after Arbiter can release his ultimate.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


The ultimate skill of his hero is the Dark Blade, and it can attack all enemies with consequential damage. This ultimate can also decrease enemies' hitting chance from two turns, and every time an enemy died by this, Arbiter resets his cool down. He is the best passive reviver and a great hero to reduce the combat readiness of the enemies. You can consider Arbiter as the most robust character to use in the arena.




Ludwig is a hero who attacks by using magic, and he is a mage. He can attack his enemies with light, and whenever he attacks enemies with the first skill, he will grant invincibility. It needs to defeat the enemies to take this invincibility ability.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


Ludwig can attack all of the enemies by using the Nocturnes magic. Overall this hero is the best buff stealer with his 1st skill and has a 50% defense penetration when he got his invincibility ability. He is so much viable and a good team builder.




Vildred is a thief who belongs to the earth. He is the best speed farmer in the game, and he is based on the water stages. With his weapon sword, he attacks two enemies quickly by a sword storm, and damage dealing will continually be increasing according to the speed of the caster.


Top 10 AOE Damage Dealers in Epic Seven for April 2021


Vildred also increasing the caster attack for two turns, and if there is an enemy who got defeated with blade ascent or the sweep, vildred can attack all the enemies.


Vildred is a hero who takes benefits from the speed buffs as well as the attack. His all attacks are based on AOE, and all of his skills are sealing onto the attack and the speed.


Some of those heroes can be earned through rerolling and it will always give you the best chances to achieve in the Epic Seven.




Epic Seven heroes are different according to their skills, and they hold powerful skills that change from one to another. These all AOE damage dealers are too keeping various precepts against the enemies and find out your favorite playing style to choose a one. Be an unbreakable player to deal with severe AOE damages.

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