Epic Seven Full Guide for New Players [April Updated]

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Epic Seven is one of the most played RPG games developed by Super Creative Studios and published by Smilegate. The game is a 2D mobile RPG mobile game with no multiplier details.


Super Creative, the developer, claimed that they don't want players to judge heroes by their look and multiplier, and they also want to provide a better gaming experience without a loading screen. However, it will take space on your phone.


Epic Seven: Complete Guide for New and Old Players?


The game is suitable for every player, but the players who have already player RPG games like Gaia Odyssey will have more fun in Epic Seven. The guide is to help all the new players and the old players who want to optimize their progression in the game.



Most of the players who are already playing the game make a smurf account and leave it for roughly three weeks to get rewards. If you make an account today and come back after three weeks system considers you as a returning player and give you rewards accordingly.


This strategy can work if you are new or an old player make an account right and get back in three weeks to collect rewards and make fast progression.


How to pick a character/hero in Epic Seven?

Selecting your starting hero is always a hard decision, but I can help you with your decision. Pick any 5-star DPS hero/character except healers.


Healers are not good in the early game because of their low DPS. You will have to check for the Soul weaver symbol because if the hero has the Soul Weaver symbol, it will provide healing and low DPS.


You can pick any of these characters in the early game:


⦁    Iseria

⦁    Ludwig

⦁    Vildred

⦁    Sez

⦁    Araminta (not the first choice, but she is okay)


Epic Seven: Complete Guide for New and Old Players?


You can also do Moonlight summoning, to summon 5stars heroes/characters once you cleared East Taranor 10-10. Moonlight heroes are the ones you use for PvP game mode. 


Beginner's Quest:

If you are a new player, you will have to complete the beginner's quest. Beginner's quest is pretty easy to follow all the instructions given from the adventurous path.


You will get Moonlight Tieria once you clear 10-2. Tieria is a 4stars hero/character, which is good to have, and she will carry you to the 10-10. 


Beginner quest is straightforward; all you have to is complete the little missions like "Equip a hero with one piece of equipment" to get rewards.


Types of Equipment/Gear:

Go to your inventory to access gears. The number you will see on your gears represent the level of your equipment and how strong it will be. 


So, every gear starts at level 1 with 15 attacks, defense, or health. The only way to get a high attack, defense, or health is to have higher equipment.


There are three main types of gears in the game as of now:


⦁    Weapon only gives Attack


⦁    Helmet only gives you Health


⦁    Armor/Chest Piece only gives you Defense


All of these gears have flat Attack, Health, and Defense, which means there is a percent of attack and defense in the helmet.


You can also equip Necklace, Ring, and Shoes too. All of these gears will give you a percentage of Health, Attack, Defense, and others.


If you take a look at the necklace, they can have a percentage of Health, Attack, Speed, Critical hit Chance, Critical Damage, Defense, and Flat Stance. For Ring, they can have a percentage of Attack, Defense, Health, Effectiveness, and Resistance.


Epic Seven: Complete Guide for New and Old Players?


Shoes provide Effectiveness, Effect resistance, Defense, Attack, and speed. The higher your equipment is, the better stats you will have. So, upgrade your higher-level gears first. Once your gear is at level 85, you can reforge it into level 90 gears.


Now, reforging will give you extra main stats and sub stats. You can equip gears on Heroes/Characters; you can also change gears and enhance them.


Gears and Heroes:

You might already know about how Gears and Heroes work, but I am going to mention it to the players who don't have the idea.


For example, if you are using a DPS hero, you will need boots with Attack, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance. You can also go for speed if you don't want full attack.


You might've got the idea of how gear works, so put it on heroes accordingly.


Element Effects:

As you progress in Epic Seven, you will notice Earth elements like Fire, Water, and Broccoli. Keep in mind that Fire is stronger than Broccoli, Broccoli beats Water, and Water beats Fire. 


When you are an advantageous element, you get 15% extra crit Chance and 10% more damage. But when you are the weak element, there's a 50% chance for you to miss. The red box on your hero is Fire, Blue Box means Water, and the Green box represents Broccoli.


Breath of Orbis:

You can acquire Breath of Orbis from Chaos Gate. You can use it to improve buildings in Sanctuary. Go into your Sanctuary and then inside Heart of Orbis. You will see a stat screen inside it; click on the left bottom tab to access the Cradle of Life, Mirror of Light, and Benedictory Sanctum.


Benedictory Sanctum should be your first choice to improve. It gives you a % chance to earn 200% additional rewards from the Heart of Orbis.


Second should be Mirror of Light; it allows the Orbis to generate 1000 gold and 0.25 Skystone every hour.


The third is Cradle of Life; it only needs to upgrade if you don't play the game too much; at level 3, it will store up to 36000 Gold and 9 Skystone.


Steel Workshop:


Epic Seven: Complete Guide for New and Old Players?


Steel workshop allows you to craft your gears and decreases the amount of money you use like gold and the amount of crafting materials. It also provides you a chance to get rare items.



The above-given guide is for every player who wants to progress much faster than other players. In Epic Seven, you can make multiple farm account to play with multiple heroes.


If at any place you feel like you made a mistake and you shouldn't have leveled up this gear or hero, you can always go to your farm and make that account your main account.


The game has every character for every playstyle; you can be the Tank, Damage Dealer, Healer, etc.


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