Epic Seven Selective Summon Reroll Tier List (January Update)


Epic Seven is a role-playing mobile game that offers selective summon for every new account. Rerolling is the act of creating a brand-new account to get the desired units to start with. This tutorial will show you our ranking for selective characters (heroes) acquired by selective summon in the game of Epic Seven after the big update on May 27th, 2021. We will also share the information on how to time your rerolls faster to get the best characters you need.


Record Selective Summon Results Epic Seven


You can unlock the Selective Summon after finishing Adventure Stage Chapter: 1-10 Sanctuary Gate Underground and the free Covenant Summon tutorial. You will have 30 chances of summoning a good set of heroes. It's extremely important to pick the right hero for your journey.


After the update on May 27th, players now will have a higher chance to obtain a 5-star Hero. On the 1st/10th/20th/30th summon, one 5-star Hero is guaranteed to appear in your selective summon results. What's more, players will be able to keep a summon result and compare it with the ones summoned afterward, before finalizing your Selective Summon. But be aware of that only one set of summon results can be saved at a time. (Saving another set of summon results will replace the previous record.)


Players will now be able to see Hero Ratings in Summon Results > a Hero > Hero Rating and this will help you be more familiar with the heroes you're going to select. Tapping on Confirm allows the player to select between a saved result or the last summon results before finalizing the Selective Summon.


Confirm Seletive Results Epic Seven


So, in conclusion, here's the key points about the free selective summon for new account:

1: Players have thirty opportunities to summon, but can only confirm one of them.
2: Players can record summon results and confirm them afterward.
3: The drop rate for Selective Summons is different from other types of summons.
4: Players may only receive one 5★ Hero or Artifact per summon.
5: On the 1st/10th/20th/30th summon, one 5★ Hero is guaranteed to appear in your selective summon results.
6: New Heroes will not be included in Selective Summons.


To better start your Epic Seven adventure, it's recommended to play Epic Seven on PC. Now, let's first begin with the free selective summon reroll tier list guide. 


Epic Seven Selective Summon Reroll Tier List

Not all heroes in Epic seven are in the selective poor. You can only summon part of the heroes from Episode 1. Also, the selective Summon can only be used once. Be sure to select a really good set of heroes from this summon.The best strategy to summon a reroll unit is to pick the right character for your team to conquer the eaily game process. Below is our suggested tier list to start with.


Building a Wyvern Team First

You should prioritize getting a really good hero for your Wyvern team because this will bring you decent gear matirials of the most used sets in the game, including Critical, Hit, and Speed.


Here are the updated S-tier heroes for Wyvern Hunt in Epic seven 2022:


  • Sigret: 5-star Warrior hero

Sigret is a Dmg Dealer with Unhealable + Penetrate defence and bleed. She's a good DPS for Wyvern Hunt. If you have Clarissa as a 4-star farmer together in the summon pool, you can easily make a good team with both AOE and single-target dealers.


However, Sigret is not a must pick after a new 3-star hero Muwi came out. You can build a Wyvern team without a 5-star hero. So now you can choose another starter hero for other purpose, like PVE, PVP, Labyrinth, etc. Check out the video below to learn how to build a Wyvern team with all eay-to-get heroes. And if you decide to build the Wyvern team without Sigret, you should consider other picks for your PVE adventure.




Building Your Main PVE Team

The best team combo for PVE should be Tamarinne and Iseria. Though Iseria is free in the seletive summon, you might not be easily to get Tamarinne in your pocket. And the most important charater in this combo is Tamarinne. So if you already have Tamarinne, you should pick Iseria to reinforce the PVE team. If not, then Arbiter Vildred will be a good AOE damage dealer to take care your adventure.


  • Iseria: 5-star Ranger hero

She's a very good char, paried with any character that have long Cooldown. She can def break + reduce CD + Negate buffs and remove buff, but as starter without Tamarinne, she's not optimal, but still if you can invest on her, she will be your good pick!


  • Arbiter Vildred: 5-star Thief hero

Vildred can farm easily for you with his S1&S2 and carry you through the beginning adventure. He is the best starting AoE farmer. He can deal so much dmg as AoE Dps while buffing Atk to himself.




Picking a Strong PVP Character

Last, if you think you already have all the units for Wyvern and PVE, you can take a look at those characters who roar at PVP combats. We suggest two strong PVP units available in the selective summon and they are still showing great power to the enemies in 2022. Ravi and Charlotte should be the best from the pool if you want to build a bruiser PVP team.


  • Ravi: 5-star Warrior hero

Ravi is a self-sustaining bruiser like Ken. Ravi can deal a lot of damage while being tanky. She can be your farmer however she will be slow to clear out the monsters. Pick her if you want a solid frontline with very good Damage and self Sustain!


  • Charlotte: 5-star Warrior hero

Charlotte gets a complete rework and now utilizes Fighting spirit, much similar to Ravi. She becomes stronger every time she gets hit by gaining attack and defense buff for 1 turn via her skill 2 passive. Her skill 1 also turns into AoE when she is buffed.




The Waiting-for-buffed Heroes in the Pool

It's not recommended to pick the heroes memtioned below while we have the best choices suggested. Though, you can still have a look at their reviews.


  • Sez: 5-star Thief hero

Sez is another AoE Dps that can help you clean the story content very easily, while also being usefull in a lot of content. He require good gear, but he can do insane AoE dps + very good Single Target Dmg.


  • Ken: 5-star Warrior hero

Ken is a very strong unit with self-increase speed, attack, defence and provides defence break and stun. He also scales with HP allowing him to be both tanky and deal a lot of damage. Ken is also very usefully for PVP in Epic Seven.


  • Angelica: 4-star Soul Weaver hero

Angelica is one of the best 4-star Soul Weaver in the game. She can give immunity, heal a lot, barrier, and being tanky. After the update on May 27th, Angelica will be added to Connections and you can obtain her aby finishing the Connections quests. However, you can still pick Angelica if you have a S tier 5-star hero and Angelica together in the summon.


  • Destina: 5-star Soul Weaver hero

Destina is the best pure healer as she can heal/remove debuff and give CR but 0 buffs) She can carry you easily everywhere being naturally Tanky. She is also a good alternative if you do not get Angelica. However, she's not your first choice if you don't get a farmer in the 10x summon.


  • Basar: 5-star Mage hero

Basar is a good AoE Dps/Debuffer. She's META actually for PvP, while also being good for PvE too. Not a beast as started but can work fine!


  • Clarissa: 4-star Warrior hero

She can be your bread & butter def break + Aoe damager in your team, she can also work on Wyvern. Good option paried with 5-star reroll hero.


  • Tywin: 5-star Knight hero

Tywin is mostly common in PvP team. He can tank your late Wyvern and offer very good morale point. Meanwhile, he also provide defense break, and good buffs for DPS.
Exclusive Equipment: he can Dispells more buff from target and get Combat Readiness with S2


  • Chloe: 5-star Warrior hero

Chloe is a very good Single target Dps for boss kill, also work good for Wyvern, Abyss and anything with High HP due to unique debuff called "Magic Nail". Pick her if you want a Boss Destroyer.
Exclusive Equipment: 50% chance 1 more turn on Magic bolt/ dispell al buffs or Decrease defence on Hyper Strike


  • Rose: 4-star knight hero

She can be a cheap tank/utility character. Provide CR Push and Atk up, can dispell and give barrier, while increasing her def or provoke. Nice unit to have.
Exclusive Equipement: She can always taunt/def up with S1 or Shield her + ally or Reduce CD by 1 turn on S3


  • Achates: 4-star Soul Weaver hero

Achates is also a good support hero that can cleanse debuffs and provide healing to allies.


In conclusion, Sigret, Iseria, Arbiter Vildred, Ravi, and Charlotte should be the top tier heroes in your first selective summon based on your purpose. Besides summoning the unit, you might also be interested in how to make 6 stars for your picked heroes more faster.




Tips on Selective Summoning

Getting heroes that is good at farmig is the most important strategy that you should follow. But if by unlucky chance you didn't get them, you can always count on the free giveaway heroes of Free Spirit Tieria and Mercedes. They are also good heroes that can clear adventure mode.


For the Support role Aither can be a good alternative if you did not get Angelica or the other support heroes. If you got heroes that is good for PvP, you better skip that one. You should prioritize first farming heroes. The very ideal for this game is that you're gonna have to keep grinding for good equipment.


Other points to consider

  • The 5-star heroes above are the only 5-star heroes you can get from the selective summon. To obtain other 5-stars, they must be obtained through the covenant summon or banner which sky stones can be used for.
  • You can only get one 5-star per 10 summons. This also applies to artifacts which means you can not get more than one 5-star hero or one 5-star hero and one star artifact
  • 5-star artifacts should not be rerolled for as a 5-star hero is more useful and has a lower chance to get than an artifact. 4 and 5 star artifacts are class restricted - eg a knight cannot use a thief artifact.
  • Rerolling can take a lot of time to get the best outcome, sometimes its better to get a great 5-star and call it a day and enjoy the game.


Most popular characters in Epic Seven

If you are also interested in the entire list of all characters in Epic seven, you can check this Epic Seven Tier List 2021 Updated.


How to reroll on Epic Seven? 


If you did not get those desired units you can always do the reroll until you obtain them. It might take you a lot of time doing the rerolling but you can faster the reroll process by using LDPlayer. The normal process for rerolling in Epic Seven consists of the following steps.


1. Download the game and start to play it on a Guest Account 


Epic Seven Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List | Who To Pick


You can download Epic Seven to your PC using LDPlayer and start the journey. You should never log in with your actual Gmail or social media accounts for this. A single guest account will be enough to do the reroll.


2. Go Into the Adventure Mode

As a second step in the rerolling, you should progress your gameplay from one to four in the adventure mode. 


Epic Seven Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List | Who To Pick


Go through the all tutorial phase, and you have to come to the summon page to enter into the adventure mode. Pass the levels of 1 to 4 and go to the summon page.


3. Complete the 30x10 Selective Summon 

You are granted 30 chances to do the 10x summons and if you are not satisfied with the hero you got, you can summon again to take the one you need. But remember, at that phase, the game will erase the current summon hero you already obtained. The decision is totally up to you. But before you get into those decisions, remember you will not take any liked hero at all the time. So it will better to pick the ones when you take them.


4. Keep the Account or Reset it 

After you have completed the reroll, you can either keep your account or delete it. When you take the desired heroes for yourself, bind your account to an email address so that you will be able to confirm your account data. 


Epic Seven Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List | Who To Pick


Suppose you didn't get any interest in heroes by summoning 30 pulls. It would be good to try once to get your desires. So you will ask to restart an account again. You can open the menu in Epic Seven and select settings. There you can see a red button to reset your all account data.


If you are in a guest account, there will be no things to lose in here. But if you have some best 5-star heroes or other best ones, it will be better to bind your account into a Gmail or a social network.


How to Reroll Faster on Epic Seven using LDPlayer?

The usual time for doing a reroll takes up to 20 minutes on average. Sometimes this time will increase than that estimated time. Once you fail in rerolling as per your desires, you have to wait for some time to perform a reroll again. 


So, as a result, this process will take too much time for you. But if there is any chance to avoid this time-wasting? Yeah. That exists.


You can prevent this huge time taking by taking the advantages of an emulator for Android: LDPlayer. This emulator's multi-instance feature can save up a lot of time-consuming as it gives the best features for your gameplay at Epic Seven.


Use the Multi-Instance manager to speed up your rerolling experience with LDPlayer. That feature initially allows you to play the game at several instances from various accounts simultaneously. By using that feature, you will be able to perform several rerolls in several minutes.  


Epic Seven Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List | Who To Pick


Follow these simple steps to reroll in the game Epic Seven through LDPlayer by making the maximum usage of the multi-instance sync feature. 


  • First download LDPlayer for your PC
  • Install LDPlayer and search the game Epic Seven in its store called LDStore. After that, download and install it to your LDPlayer (Finish the full file download but don't make any login)
  • Then open the multi-instance manager (LDMultiPlayer) to make clone of you main emulator (4 clones are enough for efficient reroll)
  • Then click and start all the cloned emulators (Don't open your main one)
  • Open the synchronizing tool (Synchronizer) from the tool bar
  • Start synchronizing your instances and launch Epic Seven
  • Start the game in a guest account
  • Follow the in-game process and make it to the free selective summon.
  • Finish the summon and choose your preferred results to bind your account
  • If you don't like the results, delete all the cloned instances through the LDMultiPlayer manager
  • And then make clones of your main instance (That's why we keep the main instance unused for Epic Seven) to do the reroll process again



Rerolling Epic Seven's characters are relatively more comfortable than most of the strategy games available for mobiles. There will be various characters to choose but rerolling the best characters and the best strengths is undoubtedly a leading factor for a victory. So keep in mind to reroll the best out of best and be a part of the victory of Epic Seven.

Download Epic Seven on PC