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Last Updated: 2021-08-16

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Epic Seven

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News and Guides for Epic Seven
Epic Seven Starting Life in Another World Collaboration Guide
Epic Seven is now launching the biggest collaboration update with several features and new herpes. There are encountering side stories with new artifact introductions as well.
Best&Fastest Emulator to Play Epic Seven on PC 2021
Download and play Epic Seven on PC with free Android emulator. Here's the step to step tutorial of how to play Epic Seven on Windows PC and laptop.
Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15
Epic Seven has come up with two drop rate ups for Roana and Charlotte and added content to the game as the 15th July 2021 updates, and those are making the gamers so much resourceful within their gameplay.
Epic Seven Fight Night Special and the Free Unequip Event is happening now
The latest events of Epic Seven, named Fight Night Special event and Free Unequip event has been released with many rewards and scenarios within the game.
Epic Seven Straze Celebration 7 and Drop rate Up of Lidica & Sword of Judgment
Epic Seven is releasing the events Straze celebration seven and Lidica and Sword of judgement drop rate up on July with some exciting rewards and hero drop ups.
Epic Seven Spirit Altar Reorganization Preview and Updates 2021.07.08
Spirit Altar reorganization and the balance of the updates has been released and it included with many adjustments, modifications and some new heroes as well.
Epic Seven Limited Drop Rate Up of Reingar's Special Drink & Seaside Bellona
Epic Seven has released their latest event, Seaside Bellona and Reingar's special drink, on the 1st of July as drop rate up event
Epic Seven Updates Free Covenant Summon Event, & New Drop Rate Up 2021.07.01
Epic Seven will release two events named the free covenant summons event and drop rates up of Sez and Manica in July with some interesting changes to the game.
Epic Seven Balance Adjustment Preview on 8th of July
Epic Seven is releasing a balance of the adjustments on the 8th of July with several characters and artifact upgrades.
Epic Seven Limited July Drop and the Arten's Equipment Crafting Event
The latest events by Epic Seven in July are the limited drop-up rate with the side stories and the Event of Artena's equipment crafting.