Epic Seven Lunar New Year Celebration Campaign Event Guide


With Epic Seven being made from Korean developers, special emphasis are placed on the special Lunar New Year occasion that is quickly approaching with every passing weeks, players of Epic Seven will be able to partake in several special events and campaigns in celebration of the Lunar New Year for the year 2024, rewarding players with a large amount of rewards and updates to some of the game’s most important gameplay functions with this special Lunar New Year Celebration update patch. In addition, players will have the chance to roll for a brand new released Moonlight hero - The 5* Light Soul Weaver Dragon King Sharun


In this guide, we will go over all of the interesting details regarding the upcoming Epic Seven Lunar New Year Celebration Update Patch and advise players on how they can best obtain all of the rewards from this special occasion in order to strengthen their heroes and roster. In addition, we will also go over whether or not players should roll on a brand new released Moonlight hero - The 5* Light Soul Weaver Dragon King Sharun.



Let’s play Epic Seven on PC and find out together.

Epic Seven Lunar New Year Celebration Events - What To Expect

With the Lunar New Year Celebration Update, players will be able to participate in special limited time events and enjoy several upcoming changes to the game’s functions and mechanics with special updates.

Special Lunar New Year Side Story

With the Lunar New Year Celebration update patch, players will have a chance to participate in a limited time special side story event where players will be able to obtain a large amount of special limited time rewards and currencies in order to strengthen their heroes and obtain more special heroes in the future.

In this side story event, players will be tasked with completing different missions and unlocking each puzzle piece, with each mission completed unlocking 1 puzzle piece in order to completely reveal the hidden image behind the puzzles. The missions given to the players range from completing certain tasks such as defeating a certain number of enemies, clearing specific amounts of Hunt, Arena or Adventure stages, crafting or enhancing equipment and more. Players will be able to accept up to 3 of these missions at a time and they can be completed all at the same time if the players plan it correctly. 


For each mission completed, players will be able to obtain 1 corresponding reward available during the event’s period. Upon completing a certain amount of missions and unlocking a certain amount of puzzle pieces, players can participate in special story cutscenes and unlock more missions to complete. Upon completing all the puzzle pieces, players will be able to obtain all of the event’s limited rewards and receive a special limited time illustration commemorating the event.

Special Gameplay Mechanics Updates

In addition to the special Lunar New Year Limited Time Side Story, players will also be treated with several brand new gameplay and function mechanics updates coming this Lunar New Year Update patch, enhancing the players’ gaming experiences in several ways with these brand new updates coming to the game.


The first of these brand new updates is the special update to the Draft Arena system. With this brand new update, players will be able to fight against other players by the drafting system made heroes available from data collected from world champions and high tier players to duke it out against one another and test out various strategies and heroes to obtain various interesting rewards. With this brand new update, players will be able to enjoy this game mode even further as the game has added different hero equipment and stat builds for different types of heroes, allowing players to further strategize on which equipment set to use against other players when playing against the same type of heroes.

Another function update coming to Epic Seven is the special Pet System update, where players can obtain various pets of different appearances and skill sets to enhance the convenience by enabling the auto-repeating function in Epic Seven. With this brand new update, players won’t have to worry about losing on special time limited pets with special appearances now that as long as the players have encountered and obtained the pet previously, they can now changes the appearance of these pets into whichever you like as long as they can spend a low amount of resources to do so.

The final update coming to the game is the special changes to the Expedition mode of Epic Seven, where players are to challenge difficult bosses in order to obtain special points and equipment upgrading currencies. With this update patch, players will be able to patch challenge a large number of expedition bosses at the same time and invite others to challenge multiple bosses at the same time in addition to being able to claim multiple boss rewards at the same time as well.

Upcoming Future Contents

In addition to this special version update, Epic Seven have also released a road map of the upcoming contents coming this February, including teasing special limited heroes coming this Valentine Update patch in Epic Seven, including 2 special limited rate up heroes - a brand new version of the hero Tammarinne and a mysterious brand new limited hero in addition to several brand new heroes coming to the game.

Special Rate Up Banner - Should You Pull

Together with the special Lunar New Year Update Patch for Epic Seven, players will have the chance to roll on the brand new rate up banner, featuring the brand new 5* Light Soul Weaver Dragon King Sharun.

Dragon King Sharun

Dragon King Sharun is a 5* Light Soul Weaver Hero that specializes in protecting the entire team from movement hindering debuffs such as stun,sleep,and allows the team to counter such teams with her special unique buff.

Dragon King Sharun’s main strong point lies in her 2nd skill passive, which allows her to dispel all Movement prevention debuffs from all allies, allowing them to move even if they are hindered by the enemy’s team. In addition, when an ally is inflicted with movement prevention debuffs, she will instantly gain 20% Combat readiness and then grant all allies a special buff that allows them to deal 2500 true damage as a separate damage instance every time the allies use their skill. 


Dragon King Sharun’s 3rd skill allows her to dispel 2 buffs from all enemies and inflict them with special debuffs depending on the class of the enemies. If the enemies are of the Thief, Warrior, Ranger and Mage classes, they will suffer an attack decrease debuff, reducing their attack massively. If the enemies are of the Soul Weaver or Knight classes, they will suffer a defense decrease debuff, massively reducing their defense and making them easier to be taken down. Finally, once she has used her 3rd skill, Dragon King Sharun will be granted a 50% combat readiness increase, allowing her to take another turn faster.

Should You Pull

It depends. Dragon King Sharun is a very interesting hero that specializes in a very specific niche against a very specific enemy team composition that specializes in inflicting allies with movement hinder debuffs like stun or sleep. Dragon King Sharun’s skill kit is very powerful when up against the right temp comps due to her special buff that allows all allies to deal True damage to all enemies, allowing the team to punch through tough enemy teams with her debuffs and buffs.

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