Blue Archive Tips and Tricks to restarting matches, Taunt, Relocating Units and many more


Blue Archive is a brand new Gacha RPG game on mobile that offers a highly captivating story where you play as a Sensei whose job is to guide female students in several academies that are located in Kivitos. In this massive city, the events of the Blue Archive take place. 


This new role lets you spend time with various characters who all have their respective personalities that you will help to shape for the better as you develop a deeper bond with them. The game also has an interactive feature that sets it apart from many similar Gacha titles on mobile. 


You’ll be given options that allow you to respond to questions or engage in short conversations with some of the students in your academy. The in-game message doesn’t only let you interact with students, but as you get to know them, you’ll also have the chance of discovering many secrets. 


There’s a lot to explore and discover in this game, with lots of cool features to experience firsthand as the ultimate Sensei and advisor. So in this guide, we’ll be giving you helpful tips and tricks of the game that’ll see you become familiar with its concepts in no time. 


Trick to Restarting Matches

There are times in Blue Archive where a battle becomes tougher than expected, and the entire tide of the battle immediately turns against you. This could lead to the death of one of your key team members, and you may lose interest in a match. So, if that happens, you can simply tap the pause button and quit the game; doing so, let us restart every fight without actually failing them previously. 


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Making use of Taunt

Taunt is an impressive skill that Tsubaki and Serena possess. It’s a skill that, if utilized, can put a stop to all opposing enemy skills as long as they are within range. It’s a very important skill that can help you clear challenging stages in the game. 


Denying enemies from using their skills against you is very important, which makes the Taunt an extremely important skill to have, considering how numerous enemies in the game possess high damage skills. 


Even when challenging bosses with heavy arsenals, the Taunt can halt their special attacks for a certain duration as long as they are within its range. Which is quite impressive because it also works on bosses. However, enemies that are not within the Taunt’s range will not be affected, and they can still use their special attacks to deal some serious damage to your team members. 


Relocating your Units

Another very helpful tip in this game is to relocate your units as often as you can whenever you’re in a heated battle. One of the best characters to use for this skill is Serena. She’s a fierce character whose skill doesn’t cost as much to use. 


Some extremely challenging levels will see you face enemies that possess tricky skills that can deal great damage to many of your team members at the same time. By using Serena’s skills to send your tank or teammates upfront can be very helpful. 


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Saving and Retrieving Credits 

Players should save as many in-game Credits as they can at the early stages of the game, so lack of credits doesn’t become a problem for them later in the game. Considering the sort of students you recruit to your team, they’ll determine the number of credits you give after every victorious fight. 


You shouldn’t have a problem with Credits at the start of the game since you won’t exactly have much to spend them on. So if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t be worried about your Credits just yet. 


Understanding the Bounty Quests 

The Bounty quests can be quite helpful and challenging at the same time, especially for new players. Since the ATK that increases are applied to every student in your team, the key to making the best out of Bounty Quests is recruiting at least 4 students from different bonus schools in Kivitos, which rewards you with an additional 250% ATK boost. 


Due to her commendable ability to halt all enemy skills using her EX, Tsubaki is a must-have character in Blue Archive, as she’ll go a long way to actually helping you in fights. 


Chilling at the Cafe

The Cafe is a relaxation spot in Blue Archive where you can relax with your students and plan your next battle. Not much goes on in the Cafe, but it’s a place to meet new and interesting characters or students that could potentially join your team and instill your tactical and strategic leadership in them. 


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Things worth buying from the Shop

With so many interesting and eye-catching items in the Shop of Blue Archive, you may become confused about what to buy and what not to buy. So if you’re looking for items worth buying, then we advise getting the Weapon EnhancementStones because other than playing certain events or buying them from the Shop, you can’t get them anywhere else in the game. 


For starters who are looking to add a little boost to their team in the early stages of the game, they should consider buying the Tier 1 and 2 skill materials, as they’ll go a long way to help you in the game’s early stages. We advise focusing more on Tier 2 materials because a lot of promising students equip them. Lastly, be sure to keep on the Shop daily, so you don’t miss out on new Tier 2 materials that have been added. 


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There are tons of cool features in Blue Archive, and they are well implemented. We cannot say that the game’s many contents will affect the player’s experience; instead, it increases it. One of the best things about Blue Archive is the story which isn’t getting as much attention as it should because it’s captivating and leaves you wondering just what will happen next. 


You’ll discover lots of features and meet many characters in this game, but it’s ultimately up to you on how you intend to use these new characters in the game. Would you be willing to build relationships with them or just let them be strangers all through? It’s up to you as Sensei. 

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