Revived Witch Guide to Leveling Up, Farming and Shopping

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Revived Witch is an exciting new adventure RPG game from developers YoStar Limited. It offers dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting for players as they play as a witch who enters into an unknown tower and must now travel through the various worlds to fulfill her destiny. 


So in this extensive guide article, we’ll be showing you some very important concepts of the game, such as leveling up your characters, understanding the elements and roles. Then we step into farming and the various sections of farming, and finally, we round up the article by explaining the shop and its contents. So without further ado, let’s dive right in. 


Revived Witch Mobile Game


Leveling up

In terms of leveling up, players need to understand that every character in Revived Witch has a different role, abilities, and elements. The elements include fire, water, etc. While the roles are special features that each character has. To see a character role, you can simply click on them and see their Doll type. 


60 is their max level for most characters, and you can upgrade characters using mana, as we’ve explained in the other guides. Once you have upgraded any character to their max level, you’ll be required to ascend in other to be able to upgrade them further. Ascension takes time, and whenever you want to ascend, the game will show you the type or types of materials required for ascension at your current level.


To ascend a character’s max level, you’ll be required to have mana. Mana is the main in-game currency in Revived Witch, and you’ll need it to upgrade anything literally from characters, skills, or equipment. You can get mana by playing the story mode, dungeons, or even when you’re farming. So if you’re looking to level up your characters and level them up fast, you’ll need lots of mana.


Revived Witch Level Up



You can get access to farming at the early stages of the game by going to Dreamworld. Once you’ve clicked on Dreamworld, you’ll be shown the list of items that you would want to farm for your characters, such as Mana Dreamland, Ascension Material, Doll Equipment, and Skill Material. Before commencing farming, you’ll be required to choose from any of them.




Is where you can farm for mana rewards and quartz. These are the only rewards you can farm for here, but you’ll be rewarded with a soul gem for playing the first time and subsequently.


Ascension Material


In this part, you need to know what you need as it is divided into various character roles. There’s a farming reward for Guardians and Healers. There’s one for Destroyers and Assassins. And there’s one for Mages and Compellers. So depending on the sort of characters you possess, choose appropriately, so you don’t waste your time and stamina farming for items that are of no use to you. 


Doll Equipment


This basically has to do with your equipment, and similar to the ascension material, you can choose to farm for class by class rewards based on the characters you have on your team. You can get some really important gear and other equipment from farming here, so it’s worth checking out. 


Skill Material


You need these a lot. We cannot stress it enough, but if you want to level up your current skills or unlock new ones, you’ll have to spend a lot of time farming in this area to get clearance rewards. 


Revived Witch Farming



Like many other RPG games, the shop is a combined mixture of paid items and items that you can purchase with some in-game currencies. The Hot Deals section usually offers deals that you can only buy with real money, while the Supplies section is the part of the shop that only requires you to have a certain in-game currency to purchase stuff. 


There’s a White feather called White Petal that you can use to exchange items in the Supplier section of the shoo. Also, note that the items in that section automatically reset every month. You can purchase Soul Cryolites, Golden Petals, Mana (not recommended to buy), and Furniture Coins for decoration. 


The Golden Petal helps you unlock better items compared to the White one. With the Golden Petal, you can buy more efficient attackers, more Cryolites, Magic Cryolites, Solid Scales, and other rare ascension materials such as the Iris Feather, Expert, and Advanced Guardian Soul Stones, etc. 


Revived Witch Gameplay


Friendship Points


It is also another relevant in-game currency that will come in handy at the shop. You can get them by simply adding up friends and getting daily rewards. Some of the items you can buy with your Friendship Points include up to 5,000 mana, Cookbook, Furniture Coin, Hematite, Lustrous Galaxy, and others. 




Lastly, from the Supplier section are furniture that you can purchase to decorate your house. This isn’t exactly a must-do in the game because it’s not exactly relevant unless, of course, you want to beautify your house, or perhaps there’s some sort of achievement that players can unlock by furnishing their houses to a certain stage. 


Revived Witch Shop



This is another section in the shop where you can buy certain equipment for your Dolls. They mostly contain paidgears that you must buy with real money. But there’s a chest that you can purchase that contains Legendary Equipment. You can buy items from the Trials by using an in-game currency called Stone of Promise. You can get more of them by farming for them from the Doll Equipment section in Dreamworld. 


They’re quite rare to get, but there’s a possibility of getting them whenever you farm in the Doll Equipment section. 



That’s it from us on the beginner’s guide to leveling up your characters, farming, and the various sections of farming, and then there’s the shop and all it entails – from understanding Dreamworld and choosing the type of reward you want from farming. We hope we have been able to help you understand these concepts and that of the shop. Enjoy and have fun! 

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