Blue Archive Guide to faster progress - Gears and understanding the game mechanics


Blue Archive is a fascinating new Gacha RPG game that offers tons of really cool features and exciting characters. The game lets you play as a newly appointed advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, which is located in Kivitos – a massive city where various academies are built all over the city and not very far from one another. 


Your role as advisor or Sensei is to try and put an end to the endless incidents occurring in many parts of Kivitos by leading your students to battle and building special bonds with them. You’ll experience detailed and real-time 3D battles with fine-looking animations and cutscenes of awesome skills that will keep you playing for hours. 


The game has a ton of features and in this article we’ll be giving you a detailed guide on some of the most exciting features such as the best progression route, using stamina, understanding the game’s mechanics and many other things you should know about and how to use them in the game. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 


How to progress Faster?

Like many other Gacha RPG titles, the progression rates are very similar, and there are ways you can actually progress faster and complete the game’s story arc in no time. So, one of the best ways to progress faster in Blue Archive is by leveling up. Leaving up allows you to gain a very high amount of stats that will go a long way to boost your game profession bar. 


If it appears that you’re stuck at a certain level, you can easily beat the level by leveling up a couple of times. Another really helpful way of progressing early on in the game is by upgrading your gears. Upgrading Gears offer a high bonus stat that’s similar to leveling up early on in the game. So if you’re starting out in Blue Archive, you should definitely consider leveling up, as it’ll go a long way to help you in terms of progression. 


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Aiming for Tier 4 Gears

Lastly, in terms of how you can progress faster, consider farming for Tier 4 gear. This is advisable because when you reach level 40, the stats that come with leveling up will have little impact compared to when you started out. So, in this case, you might want to start farming for Tier 4 gears that are far more reliable than Tier 1,2, or 3 gears. 


Some of the gears we recommend for Tier 4 can go a long way to support you in battles, such as the Hat and Bag. Tier 3 Hat gives you 18% ATK, Tier 3 Bag gives you 1350 HP, which isn’t exactly bad but compared to Tier 4, the Tier 4 Bag gives you 25% ATK while Tier 4 Bag gives you 1875 HP. 


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Understanding Some of the Game’s Mechanics

There are a couple of gameplay mechanics in Blue Archive that may seem very unfamiliar and somewhat confusing to players that aren’t familiar with Gacha RPG games or RPG titles in all. The attack and armor are divided into three simple colors– Red, Yellow, and Blue in this game. The type of Attack and Armour you choose in Blue Archive will end up playing a critical role in battle. 


For the Red Damage, the Armourhas the highest damage rate and deals X2 the damage that surpasses that of Yellow and Blue Damage. Yellow Armour only deals as little as 50%, while Blue Armour deals a fair 100%. So you really don’t want to build up students that possess the wrong mixture of Attacks. 


Terrain Bonus

This is another aspect of the game that’s worth taking note of. After maxing out your gear and skills late in the game, that’s when the terrain Bonus starts to show its essence. The Terrain Bonus isn’t a very relevant factor in Blue Archive, but for players that are just starting out and facing enemies with little HP, Bonus wouldn’t prove to be much of a difference for them. 


But for players who have gone far in the game, the Terrain Bonus can act as the determining factor in battles because it can increase your student’s block chances whenever they’re taking cover from enemy attacks which can help you win lots of battles. 


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Understanding Skill Cycles

Skill Circles are an interesting and somewhat complicated aspect of the game that players need to understand. Assuming you have a team of six students, all of their EX skills will be shuffled at the beginning of every battle, making it an entirely random process. 


So players need to understand that depending on the number of students you have for each team, whether six or 4 or two, the order of their skills will always be shuffled at the start of every battle. So, for instance, if a student uses skill A from the three sets of skills, that particular skill will be shifted to the bottom of the deck, and the next card must be brought to the top. 


So you’ll need to use about 3 more cards before you can be allowed to use skill A again. This is kind of fair since the game’s AI puts all the skills in a predetermined fashion giving it very little to no optimality. Also, this isn’t ideal when using Auto Play. But for players who play manually, they’ll find the feature to be quite helpful. This is why we often advise players to stick to manual playing most times. 



There’s a lot to do in Blue Archive, and as Sensei, it is part of your job to arrange and consider your student’s abilities carefully, after which you will also choose the type of terrain, synergy, and skills that you believe will guide them to victory by putting your strategic and leadership skills to use. 


There’s a lot to admire about Blue Archive, and we hope this beginner’s guide will help you in finding your way around the game’s various types of features. 

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