Azur Lane Musashi Arrival - Prepare Yourself for the New Commander


When the Azur Lane was first released officially to the world, it was a gift for the games who wanted to have something unique and this fact has been sharpening with the battle girls. Yes, you are right. The game features so many battleship girls; they all have numerous skills and unique performances to rank top in the gameplay. And now the current roster will be added with a new commander, the Azur Lane Musashi. Now it is time for every player to be prepared for Musashi.




The new Azur Lane Musashi battleship was a result of the Japanese 5th anniversary of the game, and she comes from a major event. As you all know so far, rerolling in Azur Lane is not ideal, and what is basically required here are the coins and the cubes. But, if you want to earn this Musashi without spending money for the game and if you really want to know how you are going to prepare for her, we invite you to stay with this guide.


Azur Lane Musashi will appear in the major event of the game starting on the 15th of September, and she will run over three weeks to mark an end date on the 5th of October 2022. So you have some days to earn and be prepared for her, and let's start this guide without further talk to be aware of everything about Musashi. Note that we have Azur Lane on PC with LDPlayer 9 as well, so you are good to go with her on your PC too.


Methods to Earn Azur Lane Musashi

In the Azur Lane game, cubes are considered to be the most needed resource and will be a very useful resource for the Azur Lane Musashi event. It is expected that you will have to spend some resources to earn her; for that, we can use cubes and coins. So, you will have to save these cubes as well as coins from earning this new battleship girl.


Cube Methods for Musashi

Several cube methods are available as follows.


Daily Summary

The very first thing that you need to focus on for the Musashi is to save your cubes. So there is the best way that you can utilize to save your cubes in this game.


If you don't know how you will earn coins, note that there is a daily summary in the game where we can build one ship. But here, you are just only building a ship and nothing more happens here. The reason for doing this is that the game will offer you a 200 coin profit for doing it.


Normally the game costs around 800 coins for a build, and then there will be three builds as well as 200 coins with a cube out from here. So, this means that you are gaining a profit. This is why a player should not try to do more than one build for a day.



You can also see some dailies; don't forget to complete them as it can offer you three more cubes. There are weeklies as well to do in the game, and it is going to provide you with 36 cubes.


RNG Commission


You can also have cubes through the RNG commission, so we recommend every player check their commissions daily. Since there are some dailies available in commission, there is a high chance for a player to earn some cubes.


Regular Missions

Once you manage to do the first ten of the dailies on commission, the game will offer you some cube regular missions to earn available cubes. You might not have a good start in the game but we always recommend you to progress more from the headquarters level as it makes you reach for good missions to earn cubes.




Visiting the shops is also an excellent way to earn coins for Azur Lane Musashi because there, you will occasionally see a different amount of coins as well as the merits to be earned. Other than the coins, some cubes will also be presented with every Azur Lane shop. You can buy them and make them yours.


Coin Methods for Azur Lane Musashi

The coin method is the next method you need to be prepared with yourself to earn Azur Lane Musashi. This means that you should be packed with some coins. If you are a beginner to this game, you may find it much harder to earn these coins than the cubes, but still, there are ways to earn some coins as follows.


Progress through the Story Mode


We recommend all beginners to move forward from their story mode as far as they can and note that you cannot do this quickly. It takes time, and you may also have to push through chapters 8 to 9. But we know that it is hard for an early gamer to reach these levels, so we recommend you to at least reach into the 7.2.


To make this happen, you can have some EXP coupons from the storage facilities, and there will be some coupons that you can have for free too. There will also be some dailies available and we recommend all the players to have them take some toss to battleships and some durable toss for the vanguards as well. You just have to farm, and more farm, and that is going to offer you more coins.


Do Some Dailies

You can also do some of the dailies to earn coins for Azur Lane Musashi. Doing them can assure you of some amount of coins. Dailies are considered to be one of the best methods to have more coins.



The most important and best methods that can assure you of offering coins are regular missions, advanced missions, and fierce assaults. You can reach the highest of them as much as you can and then have coins depending on your levels.


7-2 Farming

Since it is somewhat difficult to reach the 9th level, 7.2 farming is also a great way to earn coins and if you can, you can get into world 9. But still, the 7-2 is enough to earn more coins than you want. Let us give you one recommendation here because the 7-2 farming is not an auto option. It is required to do it all manually for the loot. So that is why we encourage you to push more through levels because, after 9, there will be auto battles.


Do Your Manual Farming Efficiently with LDPlayer 9 

As we said before, farming from the 7-2 is manual farming, you can just make it happen as a loop without your contribution to it on a regular pattern. This will make it a lot easier for a player to deal with their gaming because it saves your time as well as makes it easier for the gameplay.


You can just record one farming activity here, and then with the Operation Record function, you can record it and play it as a loop to make this activity happen repeatedly. This smoothness for the game can only be acquired with the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, and it is going to save your day with Azur Lane.



And this is all that we have to guide you to be prepared for Azur Lane Musashi and just save more and grind more to reach her in the best possible way. You can use these methods for it, and we hope you will have the best chance from the game then. Credits to KimoCheese for making an awesome video for making preparation video on Azur Lane Musashi, as he has inspired these details and information.

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