Rise of Eros Reroll Guide - Earn Your Top Heroes


Rise of Eros has already begun to shine the powers of gods, and it is out there. Be ready to enjoy a game that comes with a Mythological Adventure aspect within a 3D real world. This game comes with characters inspired by mythological sagas, and they will drive you into an AAA-tier art style world with so many exciting themes. And if you want to know how you can earn them, stay with this Rise of Eros reroll guide.







If we talk some more about this game, this is the world that brings up the tale of deities on Aphrodite and Eros. These two origin deities, as the primal desires of the humans, led to some more desires in the civilization, and it has led to the eruption of the Great War of the Gods. Although Eros managed to mark a victory, due to his betrayal, he was not sealed in the ancient relic, and now the world comes with no gods. But when Incase tries to bring back her boyfriend, she breaks down the Eros seal and wakes him up. So this is a journey for him to have his powers back with memory.


So today, we are here to guide you on how you will do your Rise of Eros reroll, and we will make it easier for you by guiding you for the Rise of Eros on PC with LDPlayer 9. This method has been tested with this emulator, and you will have to use a File manager with it. LDPlayer 9 is coming along with this option. No more talks, and let’s get straight into the guide from now on.


How to Perform a Rise of Eros Reroll?

Steps are simple here, and it is recommended for you all to follow up the steps one by one as we guide. Losing or ignoring a single step can make you lose the entire rerolling process at a glance, so be patient. Go through it carefully and earn your best unit.


  1. First, you have to come up with a guest account for the game, and we strongly advise you not to connect the EROLABS account in this phase.



  1. Follow the story of the game until you make it to the 2-2 stage from it. Once you manage to do these steps, chances are high to earn some early rewards. Those will be sufficient for any player to do a successful reroll.
  2. Now, if you have received the units as you expect, you can continue with the game, and if you are not, close your game in this phase.
  3. Visit the File manager and find the folder “com.pinkcore.heroes”. This is not a file; you should look for a file in this name.
  4. Copy this folder name
  5. Rename your folder to find it easily
  6. Then visit the App Info of the game Rise of Eros.
  7. Get into the Storage
  8. Clear your data and all the cache
  9. Turn back to the File manager and rename the folder by its original name.
  10. Follow the steps from 1 to 4 again.



As we said earlier, this method has been tested with the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, along with its File Manager. We exceptionally advise you to follow these steps from the LDPlayer 9. It will work finely with your rerolling process.


If you want to learn more about the game, you can also refer to our Rise of Eros beginner guide.


How to Increase the Efficiency of Rise of Eros Reroll with LDPlayer?

LDPlayer 9 is not just an option you can use to ease the reroll but also a good option that can make your gameplay advanced. Several functions and additional features are here to optimize your gameplay for the next level, and it can make your reroll procedure easier by giving several clones for the game at once. Each clone can be used for a Rise of Eros reroll; at the end, they can be synced for the primary emulator. So you are going to save a lot of time and have some more chances to do your rerolls quickly with various copies created at the same time.


Follow up on the steps given.


  1. Download LDPlayer 9 first for your PC



  1. Install and get into the LD Store
  2. Find the Rise of Eros game and download and install



  1. Keep your game aside without opening it and head into the LDMultiplayer option, which you can see from the LDPlayer menu.



  1. Take the first emulator and then create some copies from it. You can have as many copies as you want if you have sufficient hard disk storage for it because each of these instances uses resources from your PC. The recommended copies to create here are four.
  2. Open these all copied emulators and tap the Synchronizer option from the toolbar. Then you can sync your emulators for one.



  1. Start all the copied emulators with Rise of Eros and follow the rerolls steps mentioned before


And this is how you are going to make it an efficient Rise of Eros reroll, and it saves you time and gives you more options to reroll at once. Apart from these, there is a Keyboard Mapping feature where you have the freedom to set shortcut keys for each and every action and make it more familiar with your gaming. And that is how you can reach for the best gaming experience with Rise of Eros.





That is a wrap for our Rise of Eros reroll guide, which is all we have to bring you from this rerolling process. Use the given methods in advance, and don’t forget to use LDPlayer 9 to take your gameplay experience to the next level.

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