Azur Lane Collab with Atelier Ryza – The Alchemist and the Archipelago of Secrets for New Ships


Azur Lane keeps getting busier and busier with many more new updates recently, and several events have also been released recently. And now, they have a collaboration with the Atelier alchemy RPG in relation +n to their 25th anniversary. The event is named the Alchemist and the Archipelago of Secrets, and we have many new ships that come to the game with the new collab.



Azur Lane Collab with Atelier Ryza


The collaboration event will especially follow the Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End and the Secret Key, which comes from the Ryza or Secret series, as well as the Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy. There will be six new ships that will see the world from here, and today, we are going to find out more about them from this guide.


Take your Azur Lane on PC today and get ready for an inspiring game out there on your PC with LDPlayer 9. And here we are starting our guide.


Overview of the Archipelago of Secrets

This collaboration event has already started and will continue to serve until the 7th of December 2022. You should note that this will not be a rerun event, and all the rewards and the ships you earn here won't be available for you in the future.


As we mentioned above, there will be six new ships, and 5 of them will be from the Atelier Ryza 2, which will receive a theme skin of lingerie. And one of them will be coming from the Atelier Ryza 2. The new event will feature many skins for equipment and furniture sets, as well as a mini-game along with a new Juustagram, but we are here to introduce you well about the new ships.


Reisalin Stout 

Reisalin Stout 


Reisalin Stout will be a super rare hero who comes as a light cruiser to the game, and she is from the Atelier Ryza 2. This shop can be taken from the construction. She will be useful for you when you need to build an Atelier Ryza fleet, and Her faction is the Atelier Ryza. Let's see what we have for her skills as follows.


  • First skill – the first skill will activate the shining blast when she is coming up with six or more APs with her and this will happen by consuming 6 APs as well. And this occurs whenever the items of Reisalin Stout's items are attacking the enemies.


  • Second Skill – the second skill of this ship can make the item attacks of Atelier Ryza characters way stronger, and it also raises a 20% crit rate for all of them. And there will be more damage taken by the enemies from these collab characters, and for that, all the enemies wanted to be items marked with 10%.


  • Third Skill – with this skill, Reislain will gain 8AP with the main gun fires every four times, and it can raise the EVA, AA as well as the FP by 12%


Klaudia Valentz

Klaudia Valentz


Klaudia is a less HP holder in the game, and she is also holding less aviation. She will be a light aircraft carrier coming from the Atelier Ryza faction, and Klaudia will also be a super rare ship. Klaudia can be taken with the map and event drop. Let's get to know about her powers as follows.


  • First Skill – Klaudia can activate the Frozen Lily whenever she has ten or more AP with her, and it will happen every 10 seconds. The damage here will be based on the level of the skills, and it can slow down the enemies for over 5 seconds upon a hit by 15%


  • Second Skill – the second skill will make Klaudia gain 10 AP, and she can also recover all the ship's maximum HP by 5% within the fleet. It also comes with a recovery maximum HP of 2% for all the Atelier Ryza collab characters. If the ship makes an airstrike, all the Atelier Ryza collab characters are going to be recovered from their maximum HP by 2%, and it makes you raise 5% of the HP from Vanguard too. If a ship from your fleet goes below 30% from their maximum HP with their damage taken, Klaudia will recover that particular ship by gaining 10 AP and by recovering 5%


  • Third Skill – the third skill Klaudia can increase the ACC as well as the AVI of the ship by 15%. There will also be 8AP gained every 8 seconds.


Patricia Abelhemim

Patricia Abelhemim


Patricia is an Atelier Ryza battleship with a super rare rarity and will be a part of the construction. Her skills are as follows.


  • First Skill – the ship can activate the Red Flame Flash whenever she is firing with the main guns, and there should be ten or more consumed HP for this. There will be critical damage that comes with the slashing on this attack, and the ship also can recover the damage by 5%


  • Second Skill – this skill of Patricia is increasing the EVA of the ship by 15%, and it also raises the damage dealing by 20% with the lowering of her HP. All the Atelier Ryza collab characters will be increasing the crib rate by 15% here against the item-marked enemies. If one of your collab characters is going to use the AP consuming skill, Patricia will raise their skill power as well with this second skill.


  • Third Skill – this skill will raise the ACC and FP of the ship by 15%, and there will be 5 AP granted every 9 seconds.


Kala Ideas

Kala Ideas


Kala is a large cruiser, and she is also from the faction of Atelier Ryza. You can take her as an award from the point accumulation. Her skills are:


  • First skill – the secondary gun of this ship will be fired on every six times, and she can add a dark element to the rearmost positioned ship. To do this, Kala has to be taking the Vanguard role as well as in the front place. But if it is not in the front, Kala will add this dark element for the current front-placed ship. When you add a ship with a dark element, it will increase your damage taking by 50 and for over 5 seconds, it will also deal with a damage of 8%.


  • Second Skill – this skill will raise the EVA as well as the AA by 15%, and when it is in the front place as a Vanguard with other ships floating, there will be an added light element to the rearmost positioned ship. There is no issue with whatever the item is hitting at them. A light element will be added to the front ship if it doesn't hold the position. When a ship has a light element with it, it is capable of recovering the maximum HP by 5%, and there will be a 12-second cool down too.


  • Third Skill – this skill will make her fire with the main guns every four times, and each time, Kala is taking 4% damage against the Sirens.


Lila Decyrus

Lila Decyrus


Next is Lila, who comes as a Heavy Cruiser for the Atelier Ryza faction, and she is an elite ship coming from the part of the construction. We also have three skills for her as follows.


  • First Skill – this is randomly gaining ice, fire, wind, and lightning elemental whenever there is a fire with her main guns, and it will happen if Lila has five or more AP. There will also be an elemental attack with Lila for the corresponding element, and it will come with 5 seconds of cool down too.


  • Second Skill – the second skill is there to increase the evasion for every 10 seconds by 5%. You can stack this three times, and it is also increasing a 3% of damage dealing with each possessed elemental spirit.


  • Third Skill – the third skill of Lila will gain 8 AP upon her torpedos fire, and it also raises the TRP as well as the FP of the ship by 15%


Serri Glaus

Serri Glaus


Serri, the last ship introduced with the new collab event, will be an elite aircraft carrier, and she will be a part of the construction. Her skills can be displayed as follows.


  • First Skill – this skill makes the ship have a Wood element stack, which can activate the level 1 wild growth. The damage done here will be based on the skill level, and there will also be a five-second cool-down.


  • Second Skill – all the collab characters here will torpedo and cannon less damage from the item-marked enemies. When Serri launches any airstrike or when she activates the AP consuming skill, there will be a wood element stack gained. The skill can also increase the damage dealing of the Serri by 2% and on the other hand, It will decrease 1% the damage taken for every wood element stack by.


  • Third Skill – we have 5AP gained with Airstrike launched here, and this skill can raise the AVI of the ship and AA by 15%



And that is all that we have to talk about under all the ships of the Azur Lane collab event, and we hope that these details will give you a full idea of who to choose for the best according to the situation. Only a little time is left to enjoy these all and step out for all the ships today before the collab event ends.

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