Azur Lane Maintenance Updates 17th November 2022 - New Items, Events, and More.


Azur Lane was the first to introduce the battleship girls from gameplay on an RPG, and it succeeded throughout the years due to its combination of tactics and shooting as well as its RPG elements. This is one of the most beautiful yet addictive games made out of pleasing anime, and it is the ideal naval warfare game that you have always been looking for. And now, they are making several maintenance updates, and this time, there will be new events, permanent content, and much more.



Azur Lane Maintenance Updates


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The maintenance period started on 17th November at 0.00 UTC-7 for the English version and ended by 8.00 UTC-7. So today, we are going to look into what type of content we have to enjoy this time, and this guide will clarify all needs with the new updates. Note that knowing these before the official reveals is what you all want. Now, take the Azur Lane on PC and get ready for the upcoming content with LDPlayer 9. Let's start with the guide.


New Events

The new maintenance update will take you to several events, and there will be some events that are only available for the English server. There will be a total of four as follows.


  • Black Friday Skin Sale – This is an exclusive event for the English version and is going to be available for you until 30th November 2022. Here, all your skins that have been added to the game before 9th June 2022 are allowed to be purchased from the game itself.


  • Black Friday Boon – this is also exclusive to the English version, and you can have rewards from here by login until it is 30th November 2022


  • Rerun: Akashi's Fanbook – as you can see, this is a rerunning event and will be available for you until 30th November 2022. You can complete the paintings during this event period, and it will grant you an Akashi skin. You will be required to come up with 6000 oil to finish off the entire event.


  • Akashi Fire Sale – this is another exclusive English version event, and here you can buy skins to have rewards from the sale of Black Friday. This will come up with some limited-time furniture too.


New Events


Several Permanent Contents

Several contents will be added to the game's War Archives from this new maintenance update as follows.


  • Group Z Professor Z23 – you will be having a mission every ten days and will get rewards of Philosophy Sensei and Z23's outfit as rewards upon completing the missions.

  • Universe in Universe will be added to the War Archives.


New Items 

Several new items will be available for you for a limited time. The time will end by 30th November 2022.


  • Black Friday Lucky Bag 2022 – this will offer some of the skins for the players

New Items 


  • Fountain of Gems (furniture)

  • Unison Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Hearty Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Cosmic Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Lunar Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Illuminous Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Mystery Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Stellar Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Obsession Stage (rerun and available for permanent)

  • Tomboyish Stage (rerun and available for permanent)


And we also have the Unison Stage as a permanent furniture set to be added to the game.


New Characters

Several limited characters will be added to the game from this new Azur Lane maintenance update, and those will be added from different categories as follows. Please note that these are the rerun characters.


Available At

Character Name


Dido µ


Taihou µ


Albacore µ


Tashkent µ


Baltimore µ

Merit Shop

Le Malin µ

Core Date Shop

Illustrious µ

Core Date Shop

Roon µ - permanent

Medal Shop

Le Triomphant

Medal Shop

North Carolina

Medal Shop

Le Malin

Medal Shop


Medal Shop


Medal Shop


Medal Shop


Medal Shop


Guild Shop


Guild Shop

Admiral Hipper

Guild Shop


Guild Shop


Guild Shop


Guild Shop


Guild Shop


Guild Shop



Some characters have been removed from the Azur Lane construction pool as follows.


  • Admiral Hipper

New Characters


  • Jamaica

  • Chaser

  • Le Malin

  • Harutsuki

  • Matchless

  • Shoukaku

  • Matchless

  • North Carolina

  • Le Triomphant

  • Sheffield

  • Minneapolis

  • U-557

  • Sirius

  • Yoizuki

  • Zuikaku

  • Z46

  • Washington


Rerunning Skins

And we also get some rerunning skins with Azur Lane's new maintenance update permanently as follows.


Rerunning Skins


  • Z46 – Star Lift Chocolate for 1200 Ruby

  • Warspite – Under Pleasure for 900 Ruby

  • Unicorn – Angelic Night for 1100 Ruby

  • Queen Elizabeth – One Night of the Queen for 800 Ruby

  • Hammann – Hammanyan Pawnch for 800 Ruby

  • Vampire – Night Princess Idol for 800 Ruby

  • U-110 – Garnished Supershark for 800 Ruby



And that is all for the all-new and rerun contents from the Azur Lane maintenance update that happened on 17th November 2022. And there are so many things to grab with the new changes. Take your chance and be the best with the use of the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9 as well. And enjoy your offers before the limited time ends.

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