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Last Updated: 2022-01-20 Current Version: 6.1.2
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Azur Lane Collab with Atelier Ryza – The Alchemist and the Archipelago of Secrets for New Ships

Azur lane has been entered for a collab event with Atelier alchemy RPG, and this is going to introduce six ships with the Alchemist and the Archipelago of Secrets.

Azur Lane Maintenance Updates 17th November 2022 - New Items, Events, and More.

The maintenance update of Azur Lane, which was on 17th November 2022, has added several new things to the game, along with new events and more.

Azur Lane Tier List December 2022 – The Best Ships to Choose

Azur Lane tier list comes with a total of 5 ranks for it, making the S tier ranked ships into the most powerful ships for the battles.

Azur Lane Comes with Four New Ships for this Halloween, 2022

Albion, Janus, Manchester, and the Royal Fortune are the new Azur Lane ships featured with recent events and will come up with different traits for the battles.

Azur Lane Musashi Arrival - Prepare Yourself for the New Commander

Azur Lane Musashi will be the new battleship arriving at the game and will be presented as an event from the 5th JP anniversary of the game.

Azur Lane Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary with New Event “Operation Convergence”, New Soundtrack, and Special In-game Rewards

Naval Shoot’ Em up mobile game, Azur Lane, recently held its 4th Anniversary Livestream on August 12th.

Azur Lane Tips and Strategies to Become the Best 2022

The key to success in Azur Lane is to select the best ship not with high status but with better HP and super firepowers. That needs some best Azur Lane tips.

Azur Lane Chinese 5th Anniversary Details and Offers

Azur Lane Chinese 5th anniversary is going live with several new events, skins, ships, and many other exciting features added to the game.

Azur Lane Patch Notes Guide | July 15th, 2021

Azur Lane has released its July 15th patch notes with two added mini-events to the permanent list, a newts character story with several optimizations to make the game easier for layers.

Azur Lane July 08th Patch Notes and the Crosswave Rerun Event

Azur Lane's patch note of July 08th and the Crosswave rerun event has launched, including many updates and rewards.