Arcana Tactics How to Spend Gold and Gems Guide


In Arcana Tactics, there are two currencies that the game shop mainly revolves around if you are a Free-to-play player. These two currencies are gold and gems. Gems being the more premium one as it's hard to come by and worth way more than gold. However, for a new player managing these currencies can get really hard, and without using them efficiently, they can face many problems. So, we created a guide that notes down all the things you need to spend these currencies on and the ones that you need to avoid to help you be more efficient.


General Shop:



Arcana Tactics How to Spend Gold and Gems Guide


The game’s general Shop is the go-to place for you if you want to get your hand on a character, Arcana cards, or other resources. The General Shop refreshes automatically after 24 while giving you two refreshes each day. This means that you will have 24 hours before the game automatically refreshes the store. Apart from these two refreshes, you can watch ads and get yourself two extra Refreshes allowing you to refresh the store six times a day.


The general store provides a Free to play player with very good deals and lets them get a hand or characters which they can't otherwise. The store offers different items and charges gold and gems based on what kind of item you are opting out for.


Spending Gold in General Store:


Primarily there are two types of items that you want to spend your gold on in Arcana Tactics. These items are:


  • Hero Summon Cards
  • Hero Soul stones 


Hero Summon Cards:



Arcana Tactics How to Spend Gold and Gems Guide


If you are either new to the game or someone looking to complete his hero collection after leveling up his main heroes, spending gold in the general store is the best way for you to get your hand on these heroes. The general store usually offers one hero summon for 5000 gold and 15000 gold for three. These hero summoners card will let you get a hand on heroes who probably don't even lie in your build path, allowing you to branch your hero index.


If you are someone who just started playing the game, spending on this hero summons is a must. These hero summons have a chance to pull out a rare four or five-star character, which will make it entirely worth it. Due to the way the Arcana Tactics Levelling system works, spending on these summon cards is a must if the player wants to progress and get his favorite hero upgraded. To help you select which hero you should main check out our character tier list on Arcana Tactics.


Hero Soul Stone:


Hero Soul stones are a must to complete your progression if you are playing the game. These stones help you unlock characters that you previously can't get due to the build path you take. Spending money on four-star or five hero stones is the best way for you to utilize your gold if you are trying to complete your collection. Anything less than three stars isn't really worth your goal.


But be careful while buying these hero stones as gold is very hard to come by in this game, plus you also need gold to upgrade the heroes whose soul stone you got. If you are someone who's free to play and you want to get your hand on some free gold, you should try putting a redeem code. The game has different redeem codes that it gives out as compensation for downtimes or special events, making it easier for you to get your hands on a good amount of gold.


Spending Gems in General Store:


The general store in Arcana Tactic offers many different items which you can spend your gems on, but none of them really gives you a bang for your buck except Arcane Majors, Hero summons, and Hero Stones.


Arcana Major Cards:


Arcana Major Cards can be really expensive and aren't really the best choice for the newer players. But players who are playing the game for a while spending Gems on these cards is an excellent way to utilize your gems. These cards guarantee you a major Arcana Card, which is highly crucial for you if you are trying to get better at the game. Apart from that, the standard drop rate for an Arcana Major card is very low so getting it from a general store is the easiest way to get your hands on it. 


4 Star Hero Stones:



Arcana Tactics How to Spend Gold and Gems Guide


The game offers you to get a soul stone in exchange for a good number of gems. If you already have this hero stone and you see these level four hero stones going out in exchange for gems, you shouldn't take the offer. But if you don't have the hero stones and the game offers you the opportunity to unlock them, you should always go for it.


As gems are the more premium currency in-game, spending them recklessly will deteriorate your gaming experience by a lot. If you still want to level up the card you got your hand, you can always do it by spending some gold in the item shop and getting the required materials.


One, Three- And 8-Times Hero Summons:


In Arcana Tactics, there are different types of hero summons. These hero summons come in different amounts of pulls, starting from 1, then jumping to three and maxing out at 8. If you are someone who just started the game out, the best way for you to utilize it is by getting these eight pull hero summons. In a game that entirely revolves around combinations of heroes, having a number of different heroes early will set you up for a successful gameplay experience. Plus, the eight pull gives you the best offer for your gems, making it a very efficient offer.


One and Three-star hero summons are more situational. They depend on what point in the game you are, how many gems you have, and if you are a free-to-play player. If you are a free-to-play player, these summons are only a viable offer for you if you already have maxed out your characters and you are trying to get your hands one new card. As a late-game, having as many gems as you can is necessary, so spending them on eight hero summons isn't really affordable. So, if you are looking to get your hands on hero summons, saving some gems is your best option.


Using Gold on Upgrades:



Arcana Tactics How to Spend Gold and Gems Guide


In Arcana Tactics upgrading your hero should be the main priority for anyone who's trying to get better at the game. You need two things to level up your character: Hero Soul Stones and some amount of gold. You can easily get your hand on these hero Soul stones in the general store for some gold. But what you need to keep a close eye on is how you spend your gold on upgrading these characters.


Spending your gold on Heroes, which are only level 1 or 2, isn't really a choice you should opt for as these heroes will increase in level by just completing missions. The only time you should spend gold on upgrading a character level is when you have a four or 5-star hero, and you want to max out. Even then, you need to only spend gold on characters that you know you are going to invest in the future. Spending Gold on Heroes is an exponential process so that it will seem easier at the start, but the higher your hero’s level is, the more gold it will ask for, so be wary of it.


Cases, Tickets, and Tokens In General Store:



Arcana Tactics How to Spend Gold and Gems Guide


All of these items are also available in the Games store, and sometimes the game can give you a really good offer on them. If you are someone who is just trying to increase their level, these items aren't really meant for you. But if you are someone who is at a point in the game where you can spend some gems or gold without it being detrimental to your resources, these items are a must. Soul stones, however, is an exception in leveling up your character case as it can help you tremendously when it comes to leveling up your character, but it involves a luck factor that you have to account for.




Gold and gems are very important resources in the game and especially for new players. If you are someone who just started out or have been playing Arcana Tactics for a while, utilizing your gold is a must. The tactics mentioned above will help you master the art of spending your resources so you will always end up in a positive trade whenever you buy something in the Shop. If you are trying to be better at video games, this guide will help you with that. To learn how to download Arcana Tactics on Pc, click here.

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