Arcana Tactics - Tips & Beginner Guide How To Become Pro


Arcana Tactics is an advanced auto battling strategy game developed by GAMEVIL. It challenges you in numerous ways to strategize, prioritize your Summons and pulls, and plan your Arcana Cards and various other currencies in the best way possible. The game offers multiple unique possibilities which each depending on how you deploy heroes within a particular time frame. With various over 139 heroes, each has its own skill sets and particular synergies that can help propagate your draft to the next level.


Arcana Tactics - Tips & Beginner Guide How To Become Pro


What Starting Characters to Pick?


Arcana Tactics is an intricate RPG game that offers tons of options to newer and more experienced players. You do not have much choice for starting characters as you are mainly stuck with the heroes you have rolled with. For a general guideline, you can look at our Arcana Tactics Tier List if you haven’t already.


However, generally, when it comes to starting characters in earlier stages, you should always go for Tier 1's that are tanky since most opponents in the early stages have low HP but deal a substantially large amount of damage. Therefore, by picking higher HP heroes that belong primarily to Warrior Classes, you will have an easier time fending off against initial attacks.


As the rounds progress, you can swap out some of your Warriors for more DPS-based classes like Lancers. Do note that no hero goes in vain in Arcana Tactics. So, if you feel like you have a lot of Warriors, for example, you will end up fusing them up later on as the stage progresses.


Fusing Characters Quick:


Arcana Tactics - Tips & Beginner Guide How To Become Pro


Fusing Heroes is an integral part of the game. As you fuse heroes, you start moving towards a higher tier which provides you with access to different skill sets, abilities, and more. Generally, there are a few particular characters you should look out for in Arcana Tactics. To get to them quickly, you should have a rough plan in mind.


While the rolls that you get after winning a stage are completely based on RNG, there’s a high chance that you might end up getting the roll you need if you think about two particular fuse pathways for your current lineup.


For example, if you currently have four heroes fighting and two on the bench, having two completely distinct upgrade paths grants you a higher chance of getting a hero that you need for fusing. Relying on just one hero to carry your game might not be the smartest decision since RNG might not always be in your favor.


Understanding the Gacha System:


No matter how you put it, Arcana Tactics is a Gacha game that strictly relies on your ability to summon good heroes for yourself so that you may get to use them after fusing. As such, while some heroes always remain unlocked, the good ones are locked behind Summons.


However, unlike other Gacha games, you do not need the best pulls in the game to get through even the later levels present in the game. Since the game mainly relies on Strategy, you can still deal a massive amount of DPS with lower Tier List heroes. However, understanding the unique synergies behind heroes is of pivotal importance as no two matches are the same. So, there’s a high chance that you might end up mixing and shuffling your entire hero pool every other match.


Arcana Tactics - Tips & Beginner Guide How To Become Pro


So, while getting a good pool from the game’s Gacha System will be helpful, it does not stop you from playing the game at all. However, make sure that you are adept with your current hero's abilities and skills for the best outcome.


How to Level Up Fast?


Leveling Up fast grants you access to a lot of currency and other resources, which helps you get more pulls in the game. For a quick rule of thumb, the level gain is mainly dependent on the number of matches you win and if you have any boosters activated. Moreover, you can also quicken your pace by using various features that are generally present in an Emulator by Downloading Arcana Tactics on PC.


Firstly, as soon as you log in, make sure that you get your daily rewards, as some might have a booster. Next, as soon as you are in the match, use the game's fast forward option to make the entire fight go by faster. You can find this option in the top center of the screen. Activating this will cause the entire game to run quicker, allowing you to complete your missions faster. If you still feel like you are falling behind, make sure that you take a look at your Events, as a few are going on that can help you with some XP gain.


LDPlayer and Arcana Tactics:


Arcana Tactics - Tips & Beginner Guide How To Become Pro


LDPlayer is arguably the best Emulator to play Arcana Tactics with due to a variety of reasons. Being one of the only few emulators that support a plethora of features that help you in your quest for ultimate glory in Gacha games, it has quickly risen in popularity over the years. Here are some features you should take into account:


  • The Emulator allows you to use its Synchronizer Tool and Multi-Instance to quickly create new accounts and have multiple accounts perform the same action simultaneously, which is extremely important for re-rolling.


  • LDPlayer takes away your need to use wonky touch screen controls by including full keyboard and mouse integration, allowing you to completely re-map your key binds to whatever key you desire.




Arcana Tactics is an extremely popular Gacha title. Its integration of unique combinations with every hero and unique, vibrant combat mechanics and extremely polished animations. As such, the game’s concurrent player base has seen a monumental rise in the past few weeks. By following all the tips mentioned above, you can easily get a head start as a beginner in Arcana Tactics.

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