Free Fire New MC Funk Bundle Has Now Been Added


Free Fire or the Garena Free Fire has been the best survival game for a certain period now, and this survival shooter game has unique popularity among the players in the world. All the players have to enter into a battlefield, and the game will only let one player be the winner. Therefore, grabbing weapons and supplies are the primary two tasks you need to do, and so far, this was the best popular game in 2019.


Free Fire New MC Funk Bundle has now been added.


Free fire is best known for the unique updates they release and for their famous collaborations. There are always coming up new bundles and skins, and these are not the things you can see on other games. Every bundle and skins are unique to the Free Fire, and those can attract the players quickly. So now there is a new bundle coming for season 36 as the MC Funk Faded Wheel, and this is a most colorful bundle to the players.


Many game users are craving this bundle due to its unique qualities, and there are specific amounts of diamonds as a cost to get this funk bundle in the game. So today, we are going to know how we can take this MC Funk bundle and what it will cost for it, and how to enter on it. So let’s begin our guide. And you can now download Free Fire on PC by LDPlayer.


MC Funk Faded Wheel Event


In Free Fire, there is a high demand for cosmetic items like costume bundles. These are not directly affecting the gameplay, but there is a huge craving for the players to take for their astatic functions.


So time to time, developers of the Free Fire are taking new events to the game and offering some opportunities to the user to gain costume bundles. So likewise, the new faded wheel events have been added to the game free fire with several rewards attached with it.


The developers of this game have mentioned to the players to put the funk and fun and turn up their music for a bright Sunday afternoon. So they have announced the MC Funk Bundle to obtain within the nearest date. So you are obtaining this newest MC Funk Bundle from 2nd to 8th May 2021.


This bundle is coming with a standard design, and the player has a stylish theme for his hairstyles as well. One of the most valuable think about these hairstyles is they do fit any styles within the player. Players will take some gun skins as well. And there will be ten items to gab by players, and first, they have to remove the two rewards which they no longer use after they have to spin the wheel.


You should know that the prices you are once claiming will not repeat with the subsequent spins. This is clearly saying that each player is generating a new bundle take within the eight spins. The first Spin will be free for the players, and once the spins are increasing subsequently, the cost will be increased.


How can you access this Faded Wheel Event?


There are steps to follow on accessing the event as follows.


  • First, you need to open the game Garena Free Fire and then click on the “Luck Royale” Icon. This icon will be shown to all players on the lobby screen.


Free Fire New MC Funk Bundle has now been added.


  • You need to tap on the tab of “MC Funk Bundle,” After that, you have to select two options that you dint need any more. That means you need to select two of the rewards that you no longer need. After finishing it, confirm the wanted rewards to get by yourself.


Free Fire New MC Funk Bundle has now been added.


  • As the third step, you need to spin the wheel. Keep in your mind that the first Spin does not cost diamonds and it is free.


  • You need to spin on the wheel continuously and at a point, you will win the Funk Bundle. You have only one free Spin, and every Spin you perform after it costs several diamonds.


When we tried the game, we took a shotgun for three days to reward the first free Spin to the game. Your first free Spin will have a 52% discount over the other spins. So make it as a note into your mind.


Cost of the Diamonds for each performing Spin


  • First Spin is always free
  • Spin 2 will cost nine diamonds
  • Spin 3 will cost 19diamonds
  • Spin 4 will cost 39 diamonds
  • Spin 5 will cost 69 diamonds
  • Spin 6 will cost 109 diamonds
  • Spin 7 will cost 159 diamonds


There will be four hundred four diamonds to win the MC Funk Bundle, and it will cost 5.40 US dollars. So if we take it in Indian rupees, it will take 400 Indian rupees.


Rewards you can take from the Spin Wheel


You will get several rewards as follows.


  • Bonfire play card
  • weapon loot crate  of Pumpkin flames
  • weapon loot crate of Flaming wolf
  • AUG Mr. Nutcracker
  • Fragment Cube
  • Skyline Loot crate
  • Futuristic weapon loot crate
  • Pet foods
  • Royale voucher of Diamond
  • MC Funk Bundle


Free Fire with LDPlayer


If you want to make your movements and controls easier with easy controls, you need to make your own set of key controls. So now you have a chance to set your type of key movements with the Key Mapping feature on LDPlayer. Enable this on your emulator to make your gameplay more accessible, and you will take the best gameplay movements with it for sure.




Garena Free Fire MC Funk Faded bundle will be commenced on player till it 8th May. So you need to hurry up and take the chance of being part of this fantastic aesthetic feature on the game and earn a chance to create colorful gameplay with his newly added event. So take your opportunity to spin the wheel. Take your rewards.

Download Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day on PC