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Last Updated: 2022-09-23
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Home Design Games for kids help them to give ideas for room decoration, and interior design aiming at training their curiosity & creativity about objects in the house.
Learn about the house design and decoration with Wolfoo through the story of Wolfoo at Designing Home Class.

Wolfoo's class today was very interesting, Wolfoo learned a new subject called "Designing & decorating house" and was given a homework assignment with the topic - "Design your dream house according to your style and what you wish it would be.”
💒 Because the house has many rooms that need to be designed and decorated, Wolfoo wants to find some more friends to join him. Do you want to be one of Wolfoo's good friends to help Wolfoo design his own house?

🤹️Come to Wolfoo's Dream Home Design to experience how to design a room and decorate a dream house!
☘ You will be free to creatively design interior with a lot of home decorations according to your imagination, immerse yourself in the colorful and beautiful world of small furniture.

👉 What are you waiting for without giving it a try!!!! Wolfoo is waiting for you at Wolfoo's Dream Home Design! Quickly download and start playing right away!

🔥 Let Wolfoo guide you- How to play Wolfoo’s Home Design! 🔥
✅ Step 1: Choose the type of items to decorate in each room such as tables, chairs, bookcases, clocks, carpets, wall colors, tiles, etc.
✅ Step 2: Choose your favorite style and color for the home decoration items
✅ Step 3: Arrange in the position you want in the room
✅ Step 4: Perform the task of finding other suitable objects in the room until the end
✅ Step 5: Take a photo, attach a sticker and share it with your friends

What's so special about Wolfoo's House Design - Features of Wolfoo’s Home Design?
🌟 Extremely many decorative objects with new colors and designs will be updated regularly, you can change the objects, find more ideas for room decoration in your room at any time
🌟 Various object styles such as country, modern, cute, pirate, hero, and so on
🌟 More than 20 items needed to decorate for each room, helping you decorate as you like
🌟 Develop your design skills and imagination through colors and shapes
🌟 Collect worthy rewards and share the results with friends
🌟 Turn the familiar little house of Wolfoo into a whole new home with your own unique design ideas.

Wolfoo invites you to play and have fun with Wolfoo’s Home Design
Wolfoo accompanies you in every lesson and game.
Wolfoo and you become talented designers and successfully complete the subject “Designing & decorating house”!

👉 ABOUT Wolfoo LLC 👈
All games of Wolfoo LLC stimulate children's curiosity and creativity, bringing engaging educational experiences to children through the method of “playing while studying, studying while playing”. The online game Wolfoo is not only educational and humanistic, but it also enables young children, especially fans of the Wolfoo animation, to become their favorite characters and come closer to the Wolfoo world. Building on the trust and support from millions of families for Wolfoo, Wolfoo games aim to further spread the love for the Wolfoo brand across the world.

🔥 Contact us:
▶ Watch us: https://www.youtube.com/c/WolfooFamily
▶ Visit us: https://www.wolfooworld.com/
▶ Email: support@wolfoogames.com
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