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Last Updated: 2022-10-19 Current Version: 1.8.11
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Overall great and enjoyable game, however I am looking forward for more options to be implemented to the custom planet feature, & some minor tweaks, for example a want to make a desert island without a green coastline. Also I want the ability for us to make countries or territories in the custom planet, like how it is on earth, with the blue lines representing borders. Also add more textures and make the paint more fine. I believe it's the little things that will make the game stand out. Thanks


Edit: My previous review desired a few more features and boy did they add them! Totally different game. Very impressed! Overall, beautiful game, tons of fun for free, and cheap for no ads! My only complaint is that most of the newly added disasters since I last played are hella OP and destroy half the planet or even the entire planet in one shot! Lol. It's still tons of fun and very satisfying. Highly recommend.


Very enjoyable and satisfying to play. It gwts updated fairly recently and each update has a good amount of new content. The music is also surprisingly calming and goes extremely well with the space theme. If i were to complain about one thing and one thing only, it would be that the cruise ships arent pilotable in the main game like they are in the system smash part.

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Are you looking for some better ways to unleash your anger? Do not roll it over another because Paradyme Games will give you the chance to fulfill this desire with a planet destruction method. It is called Solar Smash, where you can try numerous ways to destroy planets, and so many weapons are also there that you can try too. Whatever way you feel like the most suitable to destroy a planet, use it here. Solar Smash is just the game that can make you try so many methods dedicated to destruction.

Multiple Weapons, Multiple Ways to Destruct

In Solar Smash, you have several choices that you can make to do the destruction. If you want to start the destruction slowly, just go with a mild weapon. But if things needed to be exploded in a massive amount, you are all free to use heavy methods like asteroids, missiles, and even lasers too.

It doesn’t matter how much urge you are to destroy a whole planet; Solar Smash will give you the opportunity in whole different levels, and even if you want to make some apocalyptic asteroid showers, you are good to go here. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 will be the best place for you to start the destruction in the best yet advanced way with better features.

Experiments and Configurations

You are just free to test with several configurations on this game, and you are good to check on what will happen right after you put something to the oceans or else. Solar Smash allows you to go with several types of settings to see how they will really affect your game, and you are free to create your fun and variety of playing in Solar Smash.

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