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Roblox is a successful and amazing app, really is. But a reason im thinking about taking a break from it: glitch. Every single time i join, after a while, my screen randomly slides down, so that i cant click the jump button. Please fix this, im getting really annoyed about it. Thank you! PS: This was happening on multiple devices, but only on my account.


This game give me a good childhood. There is a very small bugs that impact the game a little bit for mobile. I'm not gonna say it because some already did. The game has a really good system. A really easy way to find friends. Friends limit, resolution, lock screen, zoom, add friends, favourites, profile and many more. I really liked it. I hope you can add more features.


Great app. Gives good opportunity for people to create games for other people. Small problems, though. If I'm playing a game that requires me to drive, or fly, I need to shift my perspective view, which is hard enough on mobile already, and puts me at a disadvantage when getting out of the vehicle to fight other players. All up, though, its a good app.

Run Roblox on PC
Roblox is identified as a gaming platform by Roblox Corporation, and it makes you create and play anything that you want to be. This is a simulated gaming world that has so many things to be discovered, and it basically lets the users enjoy a diverse world with a global community. This virtual world allows users to be in a world created by them, and so many games are there to make you dive with adventure.

Unleashing Creativity
As we said, Roblox is a platform that anyone can use to take their imagined things to the real world. In this virtual universe, you are free to join with millions of other players, and by grouping, you are allowed to come up with your creativity. Even if it is the RPG, horror or mystery, anything is available here, and you can even chat with other players in the world of Roblox.
Roblox makes you explore your unique styles, and what you have in your mind can be customized and put up onto this world as an avatar. There will be a huge catalog of choice items; you can explore them all to make it a superior experience with your creativity. If you just want to sharpen the experience with Roblox on a PC, you have LDPlayer 9, as it comes with many options to make it a more smooth and more advanced experience.

Unlimited Freedom of Choices
Roblox is not just about the games because this platform allows all the users with their own created content. You are not bound for anything as you are free to fly. Be in a car race, dive into a technological world or anything. So many game modes and so much fun here with the custom-made choices, and this is just the exact world you need to explore for the things your mind is asking for.

The best Roblox games:
1. Adopt Me! (RPG)
2. Murder Mystery 2 (Horror)
3. Brookhaven RP (Town and City)
4. Pet Simulator X.
5. Build A Boat For Treasure (Adventure)
6. Jailbreak (Town and City)
7. Phantom Forces (FPS)
8. Car Crushers 2 (All Genres)
9. Work at a Pizza Place (Town and City)
10. Tower Defense Simulator (All Genres)
11. Space Sailors (Sci-Fi)
12. Piggy (Horror)
13. Prison Life (Town and City)
14. Natural Disaster Survival (All Genres)
15. Blox Fruits (Adventure)
16. Welcome to Bloxburg (Town and City)
17. Flee the Facility (Horror)
18. Outlaster (Adventure)
19. Tower of Hell (Adventure)
20. Emergency Response: Liberty County (Town and City)

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