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Great game. I have put in dozens of hours in playing with family. Some of the controls are a bit wonky and hard to get used to. Selecting specific amounts from a stack of items is random at best, jump attacks are near impossible to pull off, and controls are not customizable to any degree of personal preference. These issues are possible to become accustomed to, but the ability to customize your interaction button layout would make the game much better.


I was really enjoying the game quite a lot... even playing it on my phone. But then "they" decided to alter the available selection of touch control schemes... and everything is more difficult, now. Why wouldn't the original control scheme be one of the options available? This is rudimentary stuff in UI/UX. Why do companies keep screwing up such a basic concept? I don't care if the new control schemes are better, somehow. I was happily enjoying the game. AND spending money on it.


This game was really good and deserves a 5 star but the new update made the game frustrating to play. The buttons to jump and sprint are really small and its hard to press them when on mobile. The joystick is also really small and the placement is inconvenient when trying to run away from something in survival or just in general. I really like this game but if its possible could you make an option where you can reset controls to original?

Play Minecraft on PC

Mojan will make you dive into a world that you would like to build, and it is Minecraft. You are allowed to build everything here with an infinite world that you have ever imagined, and Minecraft is just a place to create what you want. Together you will survive, build as well as live, and this would be the home for every grand castle.

Different Game Modes and Different Areas to Explore

Minecraft comes with several types of creative modes, and you have so many things to mine and collect unlimited resources in the game. If you want to feel a little bit challenging, there is also a survival mode in the game, and you just have to create more, explore to the best, use many weapons, and do your best at mining.

There will be the latest community that you can use to expand the gaming experience in Minecraft, and there you will be able to have more skins, maps, and texture packs. If you want to summon more mobs, give some items away, or change the day, many things are possible here with different customization options. If you want the best gaming experience for Minecraft, the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, would be the best opportunity for gameplay.

Play with Friends

If you want our friends to be actively playing in the game, note that Minecraft is a cross-platform game, and you are free to play with up to 10 friends here. Wherever you are on the realms, you are allowed to have your own server, and an Xbox free live account will also be there to play with four friends.

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Recommended PC Configurations for Playing Minecraft on PC

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How to Download and Install Minecraft on PC

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