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Last Updated: 2022-09-14 Current Version: 1.47
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I love this game,I loooove the updates. I recommend it 99 %. But if you want this game just remember that A LOT of things in the game you have to pay for. Like for example: if you want to get a house, 0.99 or 1.99. Just saying. And what would be super cute was if there were in the skin options in the place where you make characters, that one of the skin options was vetilago I think that I would be so much cuter to add it and it would also match the new baby In the game.


Its an overall amazing game , I've bought many packs and it's worth it ! I wish there was a way for you you to be able to play it with friends ( multilayer) but I don't mind . The houses are really cool I just don't like how if you wanted to place a couch facing the TV on the wall your not able to but other than that I recommend buying some of the packs and yeah pretty good game to pass time


Toca Life World is a great and addictive game. I love the detail and how you have the freedom to do anything. You also receive many free gifts(clothes,food, ect)especially during special holidays such as Christmas. The only problem is the glitches. Sometimes the game would go bonkers and do it's own thing like making the characters NAKED and restarting by itself. I have learnt to deal with it but it can be annoying when I've done so much work then everything is gone.

Play Toca Life World on PC
Toca Boca gives you the chance to run your own world by Toca Life World, and this is the world where you can play any story that you would love. The hospital, vacation, city, everything is available here to be caught in one place, and whatever thing you want, Toca Life World gives you the possibility of making it into a reality. Every choice made in this game will solely be yours, and even if you want to have a haircut, visit a park, or anything, nothing is impossible with Toca Life World.

More Characters with More Locations
In Toca Life World, players are free to visit Bop city, and there will be over 8 locations to explore. These locations include apartments, a food court, and even some shopping malls where you have the freedom to build a personal world as per your will, and in addition to these locations, you are even free to buy more of them.
Several prices are coming for each location, and you decide if you want to put more or less. This is a world that is full of opportunities to make a life you want, and so many wild things are waiting here to be done by you. If you want to make this experience sharper, you can go with LDPlayer 9 as well.

Create Your Own World Have More Gifts
Toca Life World is a world that is full of your selections and your choices, and you are not supposed to have purchased here. All the items will be added to the game world each week with the best gifts, and you just have to build what you love; it is what the Toca Life World is for.

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