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Last Updated: 2021-03-22 Current Version: 6.0.58

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I wish I could give this a 6/5! This game is so much fun, it doesn't really have much ads! It has a average amount of charters and you can still get more! Theres just 1 issue, please fix the game so it let's us watch ads for the maps and let's us play for a couple of minutes


Wow! My whole family loves this app! It entertains everyone from toddler to teen and even mom and dad. There is a lot to do and interact with. We have this app downloaded on every tablet in our house so we can play it together, as well as other Pepi apps. Great job on this!!


I love this app, but there is a glitch, and something bad happened because of it. So I was playing, and no WiFi. So I connected to Wi-Fi, and then I went to The Witch's House. Then, one of my creatures I created was white, and I had nothing on it. And I couldn't touch anything. Then I cleared the game, and I went back in it, another one that was white with nothing on it, too. So, I had to reset the game. And all my plants eggs weapons and dresses were gone. Fix this problem Please! 🥺

Explore Pepi Wonder World, discover magic island and become a fantasy story maker with your favorite magic characters: princesses, dragons, pirates, knights, witches and dozens other.

Unleash fantasy and creativity - pretend-play the fairy tale story you love or create your own magic world of tales!


👑KINGS CASTLE – royal fantasy story in a medieval palace with its own dungeons, stables, lovely animals, kitchen, throne room, and many secrets to explore! In this fantasy palace island fans of folk tales will discover their beloved characters. Explore the palace, dress up your cute princesses and knights, cook royal dishes, and feast!

🏔DWARF MOUNTAIN – explore an island inspired by famous fantasy tales. This island hosts Dragon’s Treasure Cave, Princess Tower, Magic Garden, and Gnomish mines. Navigate deep tunnels, grow magic plants, make princesses dresses, craft gems, discover treasures and enjoy underground life!

🧙🏽WITCH HOUSE – discover a spooky Island, where Halloween is happening every day! Create your own story - dress-up cute witches, hold a music show, mix and brew potions to create spooky monsters and lovely fantasy stories!

🐉DRAGON PLAYGROUND – a fantasy Skyland just above the clouds is a perfect place for Dragons! Explore dragon land, create your own kid friendly dragons, charge their superpowers, play dragon ball and build cute draconic houses!

🏘️SKY SAILOR VILLAGE – discover a life simulator of crafty adventurers, pilots, sailors, and farmers. Enjoy peaceful village life simulator, take care of animals, or become a story maker – unleash creativity and make your own fantasy skyships, explore the clouds and fend off nasty pirates!

🐰BUNNY GARDEN – explore a lovely island of vibrant life. Take care of animals, in the garden grow your own fruits, flowers and discover a way to turn them into paint! Use this paint to colour items, eggs, and the Island itself! Oh, and be sure to say hi to the Bunny family!

🎅🏽SANTA'S WORKSHOP – Christmas might come once a year, but in the fantasy world, Santa’s village island gift wrapping stories never ends.

📖STICKER BOOK - collect four categories of stickers: Wonder Pets, Wonder Plants, Wonders of Fashion and Wonder Arms. Travel around the world, discover magic items, cute characters and collect your sticker book!


Pepi Wonder World is a cluster of interactive fantasy island worlds that inspire creativity. While travelling through the Islands kids may discover areas like playgrounds, gems workshops, kitchens, garden and hundreds of cute animals, characters with variety of clothing items and toys, that allow full character customisation, to create dynamic tales and lovely stories.


Pretend play games help to develop social, emotional, and thinking skills. Creating fantasy stories helps to expand vocabulary and boosts imagination. All these effects are strengthened when playing together with your child. Pepi Wonder World supports multitouch features making it easy to join your child in play.

👀200+ characters: everything from lovely princesses to fairies, from a gnome to a witch, from a bunny to a dragon!
📚Explore and collect all stickers in the lovely Sticker Book!
🗺Create your own world with cute characters, dragons, build ships and houses!
📢Lots of animations and sounds — use musical instruments, craft magic items, cook royal food. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy your fairy tale life simulator!
🗝Discover the hidden keys, spell books, and gems. Explore secret rooms to find more lovely toys to play with!
⛵️Sail a boat to carry characters, animals and items between fairy tale worlds.
🎮Play together — our pretend play game supports multitouch functionality for family playtime.
🎬Create, become a story maker and record your own fairy tale stories!

Download and try it yourself!

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