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Last Updated: 2022-08-09 Current Version: 3.90

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Great App so far. Manages to keep me going compared to some other Apps. I like that there's a leaderboard and the clean design of the App. I'm just at the end of the HTML Basics part and since I know all of this already, I first thought it was a bit repetitive, but after a while I understood their concept. The repetition is desired. It actually really helps you to internalize the syntax. After answering the same question for the 10th time, muscle memory started kicking in. Now off to #1


I tried to learn Pyhton few years ago through the traditional way with textbooks. I gave up. Maybe it wasn't the right time or I haven't had the right mindset. Now, I've been using Mimo since a couple of days. The basics are well explained, followed by some examples, and later some exercises to make the new learned content stick. For me, as a newbie, it's a great way to get into coding, especially the basics of coding. Though for someone more experienced it might not a good app. Recommend!


Great app for learning the basics of coding and making it a daily habit even when you don't want to spend much time on it. It is very well structured and motivating and the ads are not too annoying. Pro features might be worth it, however they are quite pricey with 60€/year. If the 50% offer you receive in the first 24h would still stand, I would get it. Oh, and a dark mode is yet missing.

Learn to code in different programming languages like Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and more. Learning to code has never been so easy! With Mimo coding app, you can practice and build code, advance your career or become a developer. The experts tailored Mimo's programming courses to fit any level. The learning paths are designed to help you learn to code with tons of practice and real-world projects. Learn coding and programming, the skills of the century, at your own pace, only a few minutes at a time.

🏆 Google Play's Editor's Choice

🏆 Best Self-Improvement Apps of 2018

Used by millions of learners, Mimo coding app is an accessible and effective way to learn to code in Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and CSS. Our programming lessons and practice coding exercises are suitable for everyone.

Even if you know nothing about coding but want to level up your skills, learn to code, and become open to all the opportunities available to those fluent in coding and computer programming languages, Mimo is a great way to get introduced to the coding world. Install Mimo and get access to free coding lessons in Python, Javascript, HTML, and more.

Mimo makes learning to code and diving into computer science as intuitive as possible. Our curriculum is built by experts and helps you learn by practicing on real-world projects in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and SQL.

With Mimo's Learn Coding and Programming app you'll be able to:
• Learn to code in the most popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL
• Solve bite-size coding exercises and challenges
• Run code and build real-world projects on the go thanks to our mobile IDE
• Build a portfolio of projects like websites or apps
• Learn to code easily and get a certificate to showcase your programming and coding skills
• Join a community of millions of coders

Explore the coding paths that we offer:
• Start the Python path and begin your learning-to-code journey with an in-demand and all-purpose language. Learn Python programming with 2,600+ bite-size exercises, 53+ Concepts, and 32+ Projects that will unlock as you keep expanding your Python skills.
• By choosing the Web development path, you’ll dive into building websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Start your Web Development journey with 13,000+ bite-size exercises, 87+ Concepts, and 62+ Projects.
• With the SQL curriculum, you'll dive into data science and learn to analyze data with SQL.

What our learners say:
•I love it! right now I'm learning the HTML basics I wanted to learn programming for fun, and it's addicting! Thanks to the Mimo app, maybe I can really start programming." Faxri Qurbanov
"If you ever want to learn to code and you don't know where to start from, I recommend this app. They are the best!" Peace Emmy

You’ll go through the coding classes and learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and SQL basics. You’ll build websites and apps by writing real code and building your project portfolio.

• Mimo's interactive curriculum and bite-sized coding lessons make it possible to learn to code at your own pace: coding tutorials and challenges are there for you to discover more, whenever you have a few minutes.

• Write real code on our mobile code editor that works like an IDE and helps you run code wherever you are, compete with Mimo's community, solve coding challenges, learn multiple programming languages, and do much more at your own pace!

TechCrunch and The New York Times agree that, with Mimo, everyone can learn to code:
• "This way you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime." – TechCrunch
• "The app's lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day." – The New York Times

We are happy to guide you along your coding journey. Join millions of coders who are already learning to code and program with Mimo.

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