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Too expensive!!!! The stories are great but it can easily cost you $50-$100 just to get through a single story with the outfits and choices. The ads for free diamonds are limited and just can't earn enough to make ALL the choices you want in each chapter which really sucks. Unless you're prepared to drop some serious cash I'd suggest just buying interactive novels elsewhere. Bummer :-(


Stories are good but it's WAAAAAAYYYYY too expensive to actually pick good choices and outfits. Also they leave you hanging with unfinished books that you have to wait for there to be more chapters. There's glitches that sometimes revert your character back to the default character and default name and there's no way to fix it so you finish the story as someone else :(


Very poor app. Not only do you have to watch 2 adds at the start of each chapter, I am now getting multiple adds randomly while reading a chapter. Each add is short, but it spoils the reading experience. Add to that how expensive some choices are, and the fact that if you reread a book it uses a ticket for each chapter, but does not allow you to earn a gem for reading it! The only reason I usd this app is that it bought out stories from the Stories app and I wanted to reread those.

Romance Fate: Story & Chapters

Do you believe in fairy tales?
Do you love reading books?
Are you looking for lingering romance?
Are you craving exciting adventures?

Choose an interactive story and start your own journey. Each choice matters - you'll make your own decisions and affect your own destiny in the story!

In Romance Fate, you can fall in love with your Mr. Right, encounter playboys or billionaires, explore a fantasy world with vampires, and be the sea's lost daughter, a mermaid! Now, join us and indulge yourself in our stories, choose different paths, and have fun!

✦Choose your favorite style for main characters!
✦Enjoy romantic, amazing, and breath-taking experiences in different stories!
✦Experience different ways of life and make friends with characters from various worlds!

Extraordinary books in Stories:

❖The Billionaire Neighbor
An act of kindness leads you to the new episode of your life, Damian Knight. He's an enigmatic billionaire, a powerful CEO. He's dominant, dark, and protective. He has everything, except the only thing he really wants - you. However, your dark past stands in your way when you're determined to chase love.

Can two different worlds manage to get their happy endings? Will he be your Prince or the Beast of your fairy tale? Make choices and choose your own path.

❖Forbidden Affair
You're about to embrace free life and a new job. The night before Day 1, you meet a hot stranger in the VIP club. He makes you want to do things you've never risked doing before. One reckless night before starting the internship in the company of your dreams. Nothing special, right? But what happens when you come to the office the next day and find out that the stranger you met last night is the CEO of the company... and your boss?!

Two gorgeous brothers: a dangerous mafia boss obsessed with you, and a brooding cop set on bringing him down. As you get involved in a triangle relationship with both of them, your life spirals into a web of desires and lies...

❖Love Practice
Mr. McDreamy moves next door for a special project. He was your crush back in high school, and now, he's asking you to be his exclusive volunteer to practice his wild plans. Are you ready to join his special sessions? Will you be healed by his love practices this time?

To enjoy more stories, please download Romance Fate and start your own reading journey now!

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