RAGNAROK : Poring Merge

Last Updated: 2022-02-16 Current Version: 1.5.5

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I've enjoyed this game for almost 2 weeks, however since yesterday it has been intermittent when I can play ads in order to obtain extra things, making it frustrating for a free to play to be able to do much. I hope this issue is correct soon. Aside from that I'm a long time RO player from when transcendence first was introduced to classic and I don't know what it is but the charm of the game convinces me to play some versions and this is one of them. ♡


Honestly it's cute, but it seems really buggy. Text vanishes when you scroll to view menus, text in text boxes often isn't there at all. It's relatively intuitive but there isn't a great deal of guidence - unless this was some of the text that wasn't visible? Cute, yes, but honestly because of a bunch of bugs it's been a relatively confusing experiance.


I played for about an hour before getting bored. It's a merge game with extra steps. The scouting will fail 99/100 times for a hero, and the rates aren't even available. The tutorial doesn't explain what lvl 11 porings do since merging two lvl 10 gives you a hero, not a lvl 11. And this is subjective, but the art is not good. The higher tier heroes look like stiff, uninspired bootlegs, which ruins any motivation to collect them. Overall, there are way better merge games out there.

Cute but powerful! The Porings' challenge begins!
Merge Porings, encounter new monsters, and join in the fierce battle!

Ragnarok's most adorable monster! The Porings' powerful battles begin!
Gather Porings to evolve them and collect the monsters of Ragnarok!

▶ An even stronger party with Poring units!
Form your unit in various ways using Poring heroes and unique skills!
Obtained Porings can be trained to become stronger in the Lab.

▶ Only one character per field? No longer true!
Enjoy more battles with the deployment system!
Deploy Porings to more areas and obtain more rewards.

▶ Enjoy the various battle systems!
Experience the numerous battle systems such as Dungeons, World Bosses, User Battles, and more.
Around 400 stages and adventurers from all around the world are waiting for you!

▶ Goodbye, complicated tutorials!
Check your battles with ease in once glance!
Enjoy the game using simple operations.

▶ No more annoying movements!
From battle situations to currency, hero info, missions, and Poring summoning!
You can view this all from the main screen at any time.
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